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EvoLux, Uber for Helicopters, is Crowdfunding on RockThePost

Per Seat on Demand Evolux

Seeking a Minimum $750,000 in Equity Crowdfunding. EvoLux Transportation, a vertical lift tech travel company, recently launched its equity crowdfunding campaign on RockThePost, quickly raising $250,000 of its $750,000 to $2 million goal to fund its helicopter charter services, establish a more prominent position in luxury travel and build stronger brand equity. Sikorsky Innovations’ Winner,… Read More

RockThePost Publishes Investor Trends Report


New York based equity crowdfunding site RockThePost has published an investor trends report looking back over the past few years in the Angel / VC scene.  The data was correlated via an online survey of 780 random investors between September and November of 2013.  There study reveals some interesting shifts in the investing landscape.  Some… Read More

RockThePost Powers CofoundersLab to Successfully Raise $680,000

CofoundersLab Big

CofoundersLab (a match.com type platform for entrepreneurs) has successfully crowdfunded $680,000 in equity on portal RockThePost. According to the platform this is the first offering to openly crowdfund in 80 years and is the first public offer on RockThePost.  Shahab Kaviani, CEO of CoFoundersLab, was an enthusiastic first adopter of allowing “general solicitation” for equity… Read More

Brief: RockThePost Hires Lead Engineer from Tumblr

Drew Butler

Equity crowdfunding site RockThePost has just announced a critical new hire to their growing team.  Drew Butler, previously from Tumbler, is their new Chief Technical Officer (CTO). Drew commented on his new position, As a firm believer in the power of crowds, whether in the funding or the networking arenas, I truly see this as… Read More

UPDATED: The Top 10 US Equity Crowdfunding Platforms


UPDATE: At least one crowdfunding platform has stepped forward saying they were left off the list. iFunding emailed Crowdfund Insider to clarify that they have raised about $3 million on their platform since launch. RockThePost has shared a top-ten list of equity crowdfunding platforms currently operating in the US. The post clarifies that the source isn’t being shared… Read More

Equity platform RockThePost Expects to be Well Positioned to Accommodate New Regulations

Alejandro Cremades RockThePost Founder

RockThePost CEO Alejandro Cremades contacted Crowdfund Insider with some thoughts on SEC proposed regulations which were released yesterday.  RockThePost is an equity crowdfunding portal which is not presently associated with a Broker / Dealer.  The platform has raised over $17 Million in accredited investor offerings since their launch.  They hope to move into the retail… Read More

SEC Vote Coming: Proposed General Solicitation Rules May Bring Big Changes


Yesterday general solicitation became legal for issuers opting to make use of the newly-minted Rule 506(c) of Regulation D. The option was added to Form D yesterday, which is available on the SEC’s web site. Some news outlets reported that Form D had to be filed 15 days before general solicitation could occur. That isn’t exactly… Read More

RockThePost Gears Up For Change in General Solicitation

Hail to the Job Creators ACA

RockThePost believes that openly fundraising can significantly help startups gain access to capital in an economic environment in which investors are looking for higher return investments.  They also believe it is their responsibility, as an equity crowdfunding platform to educate their startups on the requirements regarding general solicitation.  Even though RockThePost CEO Alejandro Cremades openly… Read More

RockThePost Takes SEC to Task on Proposed Rules for General Solicitation


In a letter posted in the comments section of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) web site, requesting feedback regarding forthcoming regulations addressing the change in rules impacting “General Solicitation” (Advertising), crowdfunding platform RockThePost takes the SEC to task for excessive regulatory zeal.  The missive politely, but firmly, states the SEC needs to better align… Read More

Rock The Post Partners With Braintree To Grow Crowdfunding In Ohio

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 11.05.32 AM

Rock The Post has teamed with Braintree Business Development Center to offer discounts to Northeast Ohio project creators who list on the Rock The Post crowdfunding platform. “Rock The Post has targeted Northeast Ohio as fertile ground for both projects and funders—and is actively working to develop more deals in the region,” says Bob Cohen,… Read More

Indiegogo, Other Crowdfunding Groups, Set to Testify Today at House of Representatives


Hearing on Crowdfunding to be Streamed Live at 10AM EST. Small Business Subcommittee on Investigations, Oversight and Regulations will be holding a hearing today at the Rayburn House Office Building on Capital Hill.  The hearing has been titled, “Financing America’s Small Businesses: Innovative Ideas for Raising Capital”, and features several prominent crowdfunding industry leaders including: Ms…. Read More

Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran Joins RockThePost Crowdfunding Site

Barbara Corcoran

 RockThePost, the investment crowdfunding platform that connects high quality entrepreneurs with accredited investors, announced today that Barbara Corcoran will be joining its Board of Directors. Via its services, RockThePost aims to be a resource for both entrepreneurs and investors by streamlining the capital raising lifecycle and providing the needed support during the fundraising process. The company’s… Read More

CrowdClear Launches New Regulatory-Compliant Platform for Crowdfunding Sites

CrowdClear Advantages

CrowdClear, a provider of technology, regulatory and compliance services to crowdfunding portals, today announced the launch of its highly scalable, regulatory-compliant technology platform. A division of Bendigo Securities, LLC, a registered broker-dealer, CrowdClear provides funding portals with all of the technology and services to offer Regulation D securities to accredited investors. Using CrowdClear, leading funding… Read More

RockThePost Launches Crowdfunding Platform for Accredited Investors

Rock The Post

After over two years in the rewards based crowdfunding space, having raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for startups and registering over 6,000 startups on their service, RockThePost is launching their equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors. RockThePost will be offering Regulation D securities to accredited investors via CrowdClear, a division of Bendigo Securities LLC…. Read More

RockThePost To Launch Investment Crowdfunding Platform

Investment Crowdfunding RockThePost

Since 2011, RockThePost has been running their reward crowdfunding model, successfully aiding businesses in raising thousands of dollars and gaining extensive media coverage. Now, on March 5th, 2013 at 11 am EST, RockThePost will unveil their new investment crowdfunding platform. Incorporated businesses will have the opportunity to raise anywhere from $100,000-$5,000,000 by selling a percentage of ownership… Read More

Why Startups Will Use Crowdfunding Instead


With a plethora of venture capitals, the issue of funding used to be just finding the right match. Now, Series A investments are in a crunch, with investors shying away from taking risks via internet companies seeking funds. Nicole Perlroth of The New York Times calls it The Facebook Effect, citing the megacorp’s public offering plunge as… Read More

5 Key Points To Know About Equity Crowdfunding

Rock The Post

In April 2012, President Obama signed the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act, aiming to revitalize opportunities for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses; e.g. America’s main job creators. Briefly, main benefits of the JOBS Act as it is now are as follows. The JOBS Act will enable entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses to raise funds… Read More