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Russian Journalist Vladimir Yakovlev Launches Kickstarter For Independent Media Project

Vladimir Yakovlev

Earlier this week, Russian journal and founder/editor-in-chief of the Kommersant Newspaper, Vladimir Yakovlev, turned to crowdfunding giant Kickstarter with a brand new project that will hopefully improve the media in his country. Explaining details about the campaign, Yakovlev stated: “Russia today is torn by hatred caused by a multimillion-dollar state propaganda machine. This is a real danger for… Read More

Russian Muslims Seeks Funds Through Boomstarter For Mobile Mosque in Moscow

Mobile Mosque 3

Ready to find an alternative to the four small mosques in Moscow, a group of Russian Muslims has launched a Boomstarter initiative to raise 850,000 for a mobile mosque. Explaining details about the project, the campaign’s organizer Alsou Hafiz shared that the two million Muslims in Moscow are forced to settle for just four current metropolitan… Read More

Suspended Kickstarter Areal Reveals Reasons for Shutdown


Claims of Russian Interference and Death Threats as Campaign is Re-Launched on Areal web site. Just a few days after Kickstarter pulled the plug on the bizarre crowdfunding campaign for West Games’ Areal, the video gaming studio reveals even more drama has been involved in the situation.  The game, created by senior ex-S.T.A.L.K.E.R. developers,  features… Read More

Questions Swirl Around GoBe Campaign As Crowdfunding Approaches $750K

GoBe App

We reported on the GoBe last week as the campaign was crossing $300,000 on Indiegogo. The campaign seeks to fund a new activity tracker that promises some really slick functionality, including the ability to read calories burned during exercise based on glucose levels in our cells. That claim in particular would have set this device apart… Read More

Global Entrepreneurship Congress, 17-20 March 2014, Moscow

Global Entrepreneurship Congress Moscow

The Global Entrepreneurship Congress is an inter-disciplinary gathering of startup champions from around the world-where entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, thought leaders and policymakers work together to help bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare. The 2014 Congress takes place from March 17–20, 2014, in Moscow, Russia with core sessions taking place at the Moscow… Read More

Fitness Tracker That Measures Calories is Over $300,000 on Indiegogo


Healbe GoBe Triples Goal of $100,000 in First Few Days of Crowdfunding Campaign. The GoBe launched their campaign on Indiegogo on March 5, 2014.  Seven days later the funding total has surpassed $321,000 with 35 days left on the campaign. Over 1790 backers have signed up to support this product to date.  There are plenty… Read More

Lightpack Raised Half a Million on Kickstarter, Now Shifts to Retail Sales


This is a pretty cool product that offered up a pretail crowdfunding camaign on Kickstarter almost a year ago.  Lightpack is an ambient backlight system for your display.  Best thing to do is watch the pitch video and you will get it, but in brief the developers created a series of integrated LED lights that… Read More

Crowdcult 2013: The Year of Crowdfunding in Russia

CrowdCult 2013

Eхpocenter, October 19th, 2013 from 11AM to 6PM Moscow, Russia 19/10/2013, 11.00 a.m -18.00 p.m Timetable: 11.00-13.00: Crowdfunding. Key takeaways of the year and possibilities of crowdfunding in Russia. 13.30-15.30: Crowdinvesting as a new form of venture investment. 16.00-18.00: Synergy. New forms and possibilities  of crowdfunding. 16.00-18.00: Stars of crowdfunding. How can you help your… Read More

Website to Crowdfund Startups in Russia and Former Republics

Firebird Speed

FirebirdSpeed will target startups in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) – former Republics.  Will offer crowdfunding or “Speed Funding” via hosted online events. B2B Speed-funding Program, Firebird Speed, will give qualified US investors the opportunity to interact, via on-line scheduled events, with Russian and C.I.S.-based startups as well as established companies seeking… Read More

Crowdfunding Project Satisfies Foreigners’ Curiosity about Russia

Peoples Omnibus

If you wonder why Russians don’t smile in the metro, what they really think about corruption, how many of them fought bears and how many of these brave souls were drinking vodka at the time, now you can satisfy your curiosity. A Moscow-based team of market researchers has recently launched a project on the crowd-funding resource Kickstarter that aims to provide just these kinds of answers… Read More

Arts top in Russian crowdfunding


Crowdfunding – collecting money online for artistic, business, social or charitable projects – is becoming more popular in Russia. The examples of the anti-corruption website RosPil and the Internet publication Colta.ru are inspiring budding businessmen and civil activists to search for supporters on the Net. The name makes the project Creative projects are the permanent… Read More

Putin moves to win over startup entrepreneurs

Vladimir Putin

In an attempt to boost his support among Internet audiences, Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for the creation of a state-run foundation to finance the most promising online startups of high social value. “Online resources instantly attract hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of users around the world,” Putin said at a meeting of… Read More

Director: Crowdfunding Marks a New Era for Artists

Gary Huswit

Independent American film director Gary Huswit spoke to a packed audience at the Polytechnic Institute on Monday about “crowdfunding,” the Internet phenomenon that is revolutionizing the media industry. Huswit used crowdfunding to finance his documentary films (“Helvetica,” “Objectified” and “Urbanized”) on design that were shown Monday and Tuesday in Moscow. Crowdfunding is the collective effort of individuals who come together and pledge varying sums of money in order to be a part… Read More

Soholoft Founder and Crowdfund Advocate Participates in All Russia Science Festival

All Russia Science Festival 2012

October 12, 2012 – Today in Moscow former Russian President and current Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will open the 7th All Russia Science Festival, appearing at the grand opening gala.   The Science Festival is organized by Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Moscow Government and the Lomonosov Moscow State… Read More

Crowdfunding Platforms Make Their First Steps in Russia

Young Russian film makers, musicians, fashion designers, game developers and tech innovators are now offered a new way to raise the early stage financing they need. Several Russian language crowdfunding platforms have been developed lately, allowing would-be creators and entrepreneurs to advertise their projects and secure financing based on Internet users’ micro donations. Backers are… Read More