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GAO Publishes Report on SEC Cybersecurity: Opportunities Exist to Improve Controls

SEC Blue

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has received a detailed report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) regarding controls over financial systems and cybersecurity. In November of 2015, the GAO identified “deficiencies” in the SEC’s internal controls over financial reporting. This new report is a… Read More

BeautyKind Announces: SEC Approves Of Regulation A+ IPO to Raise Up to $10M

BeautyKind 1

On Thursday, beauty website, BeautyKind, announced that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved of its Regulation A+ initial public offering (IPO). This offer is being conducted by WR Hambrecht + Co, which acts as the sole underwriter. The company is currently seeking a minimum of… Read More

Actual Prices May Vary. SEC Launches Tool to Estimate Registration Fees

SEC Registration Fee Estimator Image1

The Securities and Exchange Commission has announced the release of an online tool to help companies calculate certain Edgar registration fees. The new online application covers the “most common filings companies” used to register initial public offerings, debt offerings, asset-backed securities, closed-end mutual funds, limited partnerships,… Read More

Capital Markets Subcommittee Schedules Hearing on SEC

Scott Garrett

The Subcommittee on Capital Markets and Government Sponsored Enterprises, part of the House Financial Services Committee, has scheduled a hearing to take place next week entitled; “Continued Oversight of the SEC’s Offices and Divisions”. The hearing will examine the mission, operation, and activities of certain… Read More

Busted for Crowdfunding? It’s Rehab Time on Capitol Hill This Week!

Handcuffs Busted Arrested

  In my last article on Crowdfund Insider, entitled: “JOBS Act Crowdfunding Begins on May 16, 2016: Don’t Get Busted for Solicitation!,” I warned of one of the hidden dangers for companies embarking on a Title III equity crowdfunding campaign – which goes live on… Read More

Brief: P2Binvestor Forms Institutional Investment Partnership with MW Eaglewood Americas

Krista Morgan

On Monday, marketplace lender P2Binvestor (P2Bi) announced it has formed a new partnership with MW Eaglewood Americas LLC, an SEC-registered investment adviser. P2Binvestor is a commercial lending platform for SMEs that states it offers a better (IE lower rates) line of credit for borrowers. The marketplace… Read More

Report: SEC Has Received 30 Applications for Title III Crowdfunding Portals

Reg CF Title III

Title III crowdfunding will join the other two variants of investment crowdfunding, Title II and Title IV (Reg A+) this coming May to create a more vibrant capital ladder for companies seeking to raise capital using the internet. While no exemption is perfect, both accredited… Read More

Two Senate Democrats Delay SEC Appointees Hester Peirce & Lisa Fairfax

Hester Peirce and Lisa Fairfax

In a surprise turn of events, President Obama’s choices to fill two vacancies at the Securities and Exchange Commission have been delayed by Senators Warren and Schumer.  Hester Peirce, a Republican, and Lisa Fairfax, a Democrat, were both expected to pass through the Senate Banking… Read More

SEC Chair Mary Jo White Addresses the Challenges of Fintech, Pre-IPO Finance in the Heart of Silicon Valley

FIntech at the SEC

During the keynote address at Stanford’s Rock Center for Corporate Governance at the event entitled “The Silicon Valley Initiative: Protecting Investments in Pre-IPO Issuers”, SEC Chair Mary Jo White delivered a wide ranging speech on the challenges of operating in the internet fueled age of finance…. Read More

SEC Hammers Prominent SF VC: Steven Burrill Used Investor’s Money for Trips to Paris, St. Barts


The Securities and Exchange Commission has settled charges with infamous VC – G. Steven Burrill regarding a case where Burrill allegedly stole investor money to pay for private jets and trips to Paris and St. Barts. Burrill was sued last year in the Superior Court of… Read More

Former Fox Business Personality Tobin Smith Settles Fraud Charges with the SEC

Scarlet Letter F for Fraud

Former Fox Business Network contributor Tobin Smith has settled fraud charges with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Smith was terminated by Fox in 2013 for “sponsored investment research”.  Basically Smith was pumping penny stocks that he, along with NBT   Group (ironically as in the… Read More

JOBS Act Crowdfunding Begins on May 16, 2016: Don’t Get Busted for Solicitation!

Solicitation from Wikipedia by Kay Chernush for the U.S. State Department

  It’s been five months or so since the SEC published its long awaited investment crowdfunding rules.  Though Congress dictated that this task be completed by the end of 2012, the SEC missed the mark by nearly three years.  Now, with rules in hand, and… Read More

SEC Calls Fraud on Fund Manager Promising Pre-IPO Investment Opportunity


The SEC Enforcement division shut down an allegedly bogus operation run by John Bivona based in New Jersey. Bivona, via Saddle River Advisors and SRA Management Associates, raised money from unsuspecting investors promising access to pre-IPO tech companies in the San Francisco bay area.  According… Read More

Engine to SEC: Have You Checked Out How the Brits Define an Accredited Investor?

Should you be an accredited investor

Engine, an advocacy group based in San Francisco that promotes policy that supports all of the cool technology bubbling up from the most creative community in the world, has added their $0.02 to the debate regarding the definition of an Accredited Investor. The discussion regarding… Read More

Grilled: SEC Nominees Queried by Senate Banking Committee

Hester Peirce and Lisa Fairfax

SEC nominees Hester Peirce and Lisa Fairfax each had the opportunity to share their perspectives with the Senate Banking Committee this week as part of the confirmation process.  Appointed by President Obama at the end of last year, both Peirce and Fairfax received tough questions… Read More

StreetShares to Use Reg A+ to Provide Loans to Small Business. Receives $4.5 Million Series A Funding

Mark L. Rockefeller

StreetShares, an online lender providing access to capital for SMEs, has announced it has received SEC approval to leverage Regulation A+, enacted under Title IV of the JOBS Act, to deliver a crowdlending product. StreetShares described the qualification as “Historic” and a first for the… Read More