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SeedInvest CEO Ryan Feit Joins Jim Cramer on Mad Money (Video)

Ryan Feit and Jim Cramer

Ryan Feit, co-founder and CEO of SeedInvest, joined Jim Cramer on Mad Money yesterday to pitch his service and explain a company that is raising capital on the equity crowdfunding platform. Cramer gives SeedInvest a pretty strong endorsement noting investors may back highly vetted startups for as little as $2500 bucks.  Cramer notes that SeedInvest… Read More

Real Estate Crowdfunding Trailblazer, Patch of Land, Reflects on Many “Firsts”


Patch of Land, one of the growing legions of innovative real estate crowdfunding platforms, is an early player in the space.  The company’s CEO Jason Fritton was an early advocate of crowdfunding and the JOBS Act prior to co-founding his site.  Patch of Land was launched with the help of friends and family who believed… Read More

SeedInvest Sets Up Shop in Texas

SeedInvest Texas

Investment crowdfunding platform SeedInvest has set up camp in the Lone Star State.  SeedInvest has hired Marc Nathan to act Managing Director for the new crowdfunding Texas outpost.  The SeedInvest initiative is part of an extended strategy to expand their crowdfunding reach by having a localized brand.  According to the site a “Local investment and… Read More

Patch of Land Announces Public Fundraising on SeedInvest: CEOs Jason Fritton and Ryan Feit Comment

Patch of Land Growing Communities

Patch of Land, one of the fastest growing debt-focused real estate crowdfunding platforms, today announced that it is now publicly fundraising its seed round on SeedInvest, a leading equity crowdfunding platform with over 5,000 registered and accredited investors.  “SeedInvest continues to provide qualified investors with access to vetted startup investment opportunities and a few months… Read More

SeedInvest Receives Great Tech Award from British Consulate

Queen Elizabeth United Kingdom Britain UK London

Investment crowdfunding platform SeedInvest received a nice nod from our British friends having received a “Great Tech Award” at a ceremony this past week.  The British Consulate General and the UK Trade & Investment hosted the second event of its kind where seven different innovative companies were recognized.  The various categories included: Education, Finance, Health,… Read More

Equity Crowdfunding Site SeedInvest Forms Strategic Alliance with Gust

Gust SeedInvest Partnership

Partnership Expected to Create World’s Largest Angel Investor Base. SeedInvest, a leading equity crowdfunding platform, and Gust, a site where startups and investors connect, have formed a strategic partnership to leverage complimentary aspects of their services. Gust claims a user base that connects over 1000 investment organizations in over 80 countries.  Gust states that over 200,000 startups have… Read More

Angel Investing Helps Power Economic Growth (Infographic)


This is an interesting infographic designed by the creative team over at SeedInvest.  It depicts the importance of angel investing and gives the viewer some numbers to work with.  SeedInvest has been one of the leaders in the battle to save angel investing.  Paradoxically there are some people out there who believe angel investing should… Read More

Hearo.fm Tunes into SeedInvest for Crowdfunding Campaign: Tech Platform for Indie Music


Readers may recognize hearo.fm’s name from its two showcases and 40+ bands who played at this year’s SXSW.  Breaking into the music 5.9 Billion in annual revenue, hearo.fm has grown into a global music marketplace aiming to claim the indie artist segment of a realm dominated by iTunes and Spotify.  The startup not only boasts over… Read More

If It Ain’t Broke … SEC Investor Advisory Committee Tackles Non-Problem

Blasting Investment Featured

On July 10, thanks to the Dodd-Frank Act which mandated its reinstitution, the revived SEC Investor Advisory Committee met in a public forum to discuss certain securities law issues, including a subcommittee’s initial proposals on the definition of “accredited investor” (as defined in Section 501(a) of Regulation D under the Securities Act of 1933, as… Read More

SeedInvest Launches #SaveAngelInvesting Campaign

Startups Economic Growth SeedInvest

Equity crowdfunding portal SeedInvest has been at the forefront of championing the cause of investors and small business by battling the forces that want to deny many the opportunity to participate in certain offerings deemed only available for “accredited investors”.  As the definition stands today an individual must earn $200,000 to qualify ($300,000 if you… Read More

SeedInvest to SEC: “Increasing Accredited Investor Thresholds Would Be Disastrous for Small Business”

Sins of Excessive Regulations

On the day when the SEC’s Investor Advisory Committee is scheduled to discuss the definition of an “Accredited Investor”, SeedInvest – one of the leading equity crowdfunding portals in the United States- has posted a comment letter to the SEC stating their research indicates, “an increase to the accredited investor thresholds would be disastrous for… Read More

500 Startups Partners with Equity Platform SeedInvest For Investor Verification; Public Fundraising for $100M Fund III


500 Startups, an  active venture capital fund and startup accelerator program, has announced that it has filed with the SEC under the new rules allowing for general solicitation, and is now publicly fundraising for its third flagship fund, targeted at $100M. To facilitate this process, 500 Startups has partnered with SeedInvest, a leading equity crowdfunding platform, to… Read More

SeedInvest Closes on $4.15 Million in Self Crowdfunding


Equity based crowdfunding platform SeedInvest, has announced it has completed a $4.15 million Series A round the bulk of the amount financed via their own investment  portal. SeedInvest met its initial $3 million goal in only one week and accepted $1.15 million of additional commitments before ending its campaign just a week later. “We decided… Read More

FreeATM Backers Deposit over $805K into Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Tell a story freeatm

NewYork-based FreeATM has raised $805,000 on its equity crowdfunding campaign listed on SeedInvest ($770,000 Offline).  In FreeATM’s public campaign video, Co-Founder and CEO Clinton Townsend states the VC and crowdfunding goal of its 506(c) offering to be $1 million. FreeATM replaces replaces old ATM technology with digital advertising-enabled, surcharge-free ATMs coinciding with the national point-of-sale… Read More

Crowdfunding Now: Skylock Guards Your Bike & Let’s You Rent it Out

Skylock on a Bike

Created by ex-Boeing and Jawbone engineers, Skylock, from Velo Labs, is a unique connected device that locks your bike but also allows you to share it (for a fee if you want).  As our ever-connected world grows and a “sharing” ecosystem becomes an integrated way of life – it was inevitable that someone would move… Read More

Launch Angels Takes Off on SeedInvest, Seeking Funding for Women-Led Company VC Portfolio

Launch Angels Investing in Women

Launch Angels, a new investment platform based in Boston, is creating an early stage VC portfolio of women-led companies; the crowdfunding for the $500,000 first round has launched on SeedInvest, with a minimum of a $25,000 investment.  The minimum closing threshold is $250K. Launch Angels highlights its Investment Criteria on its SeedInvest slide deck: Women-led:… Read More

Virtuix, Creator of Omni Virtual Treadmill, Closes on $3 Million Investment


Led by Tekton Ventures and Maveron are among the chief investors, Virtuix, the developer of the anticipated Omni virtual reality treadmill, has announced that it has completed a $3 million seed investment round designed to expand production and distribution of the Omni.   The fundraising initiative was listed on equity crowdfunding portal SeedInvest.  Additional investors in… Read More

Scout Ventures Launches $30 Million Campaign for Fund II on SeedInvest; Over $7.5 Million Raised to Date

Scout Ventures Fund II

NYC-based early stage VC firm Scout Ventures seeks investors to raise $30 Million to fund its Fund II portfolio on SeedInvest.  To date, $7,555,000 has been raised for their second fund, with a $100,000 minimum investment. Scout Ventures targets entrepreneurs in the entertainment, media and commerce sectors to build solid businesses by providing the necessary… Read More

SeedInvest Self-Crowdfunding Campaign Grows


Sharing some news about its progress, New York based equity crowfunding platform SeedInvest announced it has already raised $2,850,000 out of its campaign goal, which recently kicked off.  Of that amount $850,000 was raised online. SeedInvest launched the campaign on its own platform to raise $3 million. The company has already raised $2 million so… Read More