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Crowdfunding & What You Should Know About Online Payments Before Launch

Photo courtesy Sean MacEntee on Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/smemon

Throughout 2013, PayPal and crowdfunding project creators repeatedly found themselves at odds. First it was Lab Zero Games, the company behind the hugely popular campaign for Skullgirls. Paypal froze Lab Zero’s account only to later release all but $35,000 of Lab Zero’s Indiegogo cash. It actually led Lab Zero to file a complaint against PayPal… Read More

Largest Crowdfunding Campaigns of 2013: Indiegogo & Kickstarter

Top Crowdfunding Campaigns 2013 Indiegogo Kickstarter

Bigger does not always mean better but we all find high profile, big money crowdfunding campaigns interesting and of note.  They may act as a barometer for new products, or services, and can distill future industry trends. The top rewards campaign for 2013, the Veronica Mars film, was a wake up call for the entire… Read More

Skullgirls to Release PC Version of Game on August 22nd

Skullgirls Breaks Out August 22nd

Successfully crowdfunded game Skullgirls announced on Twitter the PC version of their game will be released on August 22nd.  Skullgirls launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo earlier this year and raised over $800,000 for the globally popular video game.  The Skullgirls team continues to update their campaign page by sharing progress on characters and releases…. Read More

Lab Zero Releases Skullgirls PC Beta For Backers, Crowdsourcing Feedback

Skullgirls Thanks for Everything

Skullgirls has announced the release of a beta version of the game to backers of their wildly successful Indiegogo campaign. They’re also asking backers to be active participants in the testing of the game, encouraging the submission of bug reports via email. This all comes via the Skullgirls Twitter account on July 4th, 2013. [View… Read More

Crowdfunding Video Games

Popular Games on Kickstarter

The video game industry has  been permanently changed with the advent of crowdfunding.  The big name and high dollar success stories continue to roll in. Star Citizen raised over $9 Million by combining a Kickstarter and self crowdfunding campaign. The Kickstarter project acted as a pretail / marketing initiative as well as a fund raising… Read More

Skullgirl Studio LabZero hit with PayPal Freeze Out

Skullgirls Thanks for Everything

After a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Skullgirl creator LabZero was hit with an unexpected turn of events.  PayPal terrified of the possibility of chargebacks had frozen the account fearing the financial risk. Originally this series of events were reported on EventHubs which picked up on the strife on NeoGAF. It appears the concern is… Read More

Skullgirls Crowdfunding Campaign Ends at Just Under $830K

Skullgirls Thanks for Everything

Crowdfunding phenomena Skullgirls ended their crowdfunding campaign at $829,829.00 which easily surpassed their initial goal of $150,000.  As previously reported the Skullgirls crowdfunding initiative was a way to fund new characters for the video game.  As the interest and amount raised grew, new levels were added to the Indiegogo rewards packages with the highest level… Read More

Skulllgirls Keeps Hitting New Highs on Indiegogo


Fighting game, Skullgirls continues to reach new highs surpassing $450,000 crowdfunded on Indiegogo.  The Crowdfunding initiative originally targeted $150,000 but this mark was passed in the first 24 hours live on Indiegogo.  With 9 days remaining in their campaign creators Lab Zero Games are adding new reward tiers to keep the momentum going. Lab Zero… Read More

Skullgirls dev may license engine to Fighting is Magic team for free

Squigly from SkullGirls on Indiegogo

Skullgirls developer Lab Zero Games announced plans to provide former MLP: Fighting is Magic developer Mane6 with a free license of its Skullgirls engine should Lab Zero Games’ Indiegogo campaign reach $725,000. Lab Zero Games launched its crowdfunding campaign in late February to fund new characters for Skullgirls with an initial $150,000 goal that it… Read More

Skullgirls Crowdfunding Campaign is Growing Fast on Indiegogo

Mrs Victoria from Skull Girls

Crowdfunding on Indiegogo, Skullgirls – a multiplatform fighting game – rocketed to fundraising success out of the gate on Indiegogo.  With 30 days left in their crowdfunding campaign the project has already raised $140,000 of their $150,000 goal. We’ve now surpassed $100k in just over nine hours of starting the campaign. We’re all absolutely blown… Read More

Skullgirls developer hopes to release new content with a $150k crowdfunding drive

Mrs Victoria from Skull Girls

The developers of one 2012′s unique fighting games is looking to the community to help fund downloadable content. Developer Lab Zero Games is starting a crowdfunding campaign Monday to raise $150,000, according to fighting-game blog Shoryuken. That money will go toward the development of a new downloadable character named Squigly. The studio also has a number of stretch goals… Read More