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Clean Energy Investment Rises Above Oil Price Slump

Sun Solar Sunset Boat

Global investment in clean energy rose for the first time in three years, increasing 16 percent to $310 billion in 2014, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance in a recent article on Bloomberg. This growth comes after decreased solar-panel prices and sinking subsides in the United States and Europe damaged the industry in previous years…. Read More

American Solar & Roofing Partners with Mosaic

Solar Mosaic 2014 PutSolarOnIt

Scottsdale, Arizona based American Solar & Roofing has disclosed a partnership with Mosaic, a leading peer to peer lending platform for financing solar energy projects.  The agreement will assist American Solar in financing projects while generating a new deal flow pipeline for the young P2P platform.  Arizona is second only to California in the number… Read More

Brief: Solar Bond Offered on DuurzaamInvesteren

First Day of 2014 Solar Energy Sun

Relatively new investment crowdfunding platform DuurzaamInvesteren is seeking to carve out a niche in the renewable energy crowdfunding space. The Amsterdam based company has offered three wind energy projects and now they are offering investors the chance to participate in their first “Solar Bond”. Renewable energy firm Sunrock Investments, via SAB a Belgian subsidiary, is… Read More

Solar Crowdfunding site SunFunder Closes on $2.5 Million Series A

First Day of 2014 Solar Energy Sun

Khosla Impact, Schneider Electric and Better Ventures Join in Funding Solar Impact Platform. SunFunder, an emerging market solar finance company, has completed a Series A equity round with investments from Schneider Electric, Better Ventures, and a private family foundation based in Palo Alto. This follows the first stage of the round led by Khosla Impact and a group of… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Packed Pixels Extra Monitor, Sonic Decanter & Tespack Solar Power

Crowdfunding Mailbox October 26 2014

Three super practical products for this weeks #CrowdfundingMailbox.  We have the Packed Pixels “Extra Monitor” for your laptop when you are on the go, Sonic Decanter for all of the wine lovers out there, and Tespack solar panels that may be the solution to your charging problems when you need it most. So Packed Pixels… Read More

Entrepreneur & Author Lisa Gansky Joins Mosaic Board of Directors

Lisa Gansky

In a bit of a coup, solar energy peer to peer financing platform Mosaic has announced that Lisa Gansky will be joining its board of directors. Lisa is a noted entrepreneur and author of the book Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing which was published in 2010.  She was a founder at Ofoto,… Read More

Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Map (Infographic)

First Day of 2014 Solar Energy Sun

Democratization of energy and finance now go hand in hand, thanks to crowdfunding.  A growing number of platforms from all over the world are enabling people to contribute towards the environment themselves, while making returns that beat any saving account. For renewable energy project developers this also opens a world of opportunities, tapping into the… Read More

Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Conference Scheduled for October

First Day of 2014 Solar Energy Sun

With sites like Abundance and Mosaic (among others) pushing the envelope on financing renewable energy, it was inevitable that someone would come along and realize there is a growing movement of innovation coupling crowdfunding and renewables. Solarplaza has recently announced they are organizing a conference in London this coming October seeking to bring together the hundreds… Read More

SunFunder Launches 2nd Solar Empowerment Fund

Captiva Sunset Small

Since launching in 2012, SunFunder has sought to address the needs of off-grid communities by providing finance for solar energy.  SunFunder wants to “unlock the solar revolution” in emerging markets something that benefits both the community that receives financing and the rest of the world since it shifts energy from fossil fuels to renewable energy…. Read More

Mosaic Places Launched to Take the United States Solar. Everywhere

put-solar-on-it Mosaic

Solar Crowdfunding Platform Mosaic Creates Platform for Groups to Nominate Locations for Solar Energy. Renewable energy crowdfunding platform Mosaic that funds solar projects,  has launched Mosaic Places, a technology platform they hope will quickly and efficiently propel solar energy across the United States. Mosaic Places facilitates communities to nominate community centers, schools, libraries, places of worship and local businesses to… Read More

Solar Crowdfunding Platform SunFunder Join’s Power Africa’s Beyond the Grid

First Day of 2014 Solar Energy Sun

The US Government, under the aegis of the Obama administration, has formally launched Power Africa to increase energy access to those in need in sub-Saharan Africa.  SunFunder is one of the founding partners of the initiative and joins an august group that includes another solar crowdfunding platform Mosaic. Over an initial five year period, Beyond the Grid… Read More

Powering the Solar Home Revolution: Mosaic Loans Gain Traction

Mosaic Solar Panels in Home

Innovative solar crowdfunding platform Mosaic has been at the forefront of raising capital to finance solar energy projects.  Launched back in 2010, the peer to peer platform quickly caught the attention of many homeowners and developers interested in the possibilities of installing solar energy systems; saving money and making an energy statement simultaneously.  As the cost… Read More

Solar Roadways Crushes $1 Million Crowdfunding Goal

Solar Roadways

With only four days left in its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, the Solar Roadways project has crushed its $1 million goal, standing at over $1.4 million from more than 34,000 backers today. The fascinating project is looking to replace the U.S.’s concrete and asphalt roads with solar panels. This is a promising way to produce… Read More

SunFunder Closes Funding Round Led by Khosla Impact

Vinod Khosla

Khosla Impact, the personal investment vehicle of Vinod Khosla a founder of Sun Microsystems, has led an A round investment for SunFunder – a solar “impact investing” platform.  Khosla is a fund that seeks to invest in market based solutions for poverty and global development.  SunFunder has targeted off grid communities in the third world… Read More

SunFunder Hits 1000 Investor Milestone

First Day of 2014 Solar Energy Sun

SunFunder, the solar crowdfunding platform for impact investing, has announced a new milestone as they  now have 1000 investors from 41 countries participating on their platform.  Over the pas 22 months, SunFunder has captured $214,000 from non-accredited investors and 9 accredited investors who have added $450,000 to the amount via the Solar Empowerment Fund. SunFunder… Read More

Mosaic: Fighting Climate Change with Solar (Infographic)

PutSolarOnIt Mosaic 2014

Solar crowdfunding platform Mosaic has created an infographic on fighting climate change.  The below graphic sets a path to how you reduce dependency on our beloved fossil fuels and shift to renewables. Mosaic is in the business of financing solar projects.  They are allow individuals to invest in solar projects while capturing a decent rate… Read More

CrowdSun Launches Site For Solar Energy Investing

Solar Panels

As the crowdfunding craze catches on for thousands of companies, a new solar funding, CrowdSun.com, is now making solar energy investing easier than ever. CrowdSun is a crowdfunding site that is specifically geared towards investment-grade solar projects. The help solar project developers/owners gain critical access to funding. They also bring high-quality solar project directly to investors. The… Read More

Mosaic Touts Solar Investing on Earth Day

First Day of 2014 Solar Energy Sun

Mosaic, the leading solar investment crowdfunding platform, shared some interesting insight in their business this past week.  In an Earth Day missive, Mosaic co-founder and CEO Billy Parish, commented on the progress they have made in the advocacy and advancement of renewable energy; Between October 2013 and March 2014, 80% of the new electricity installed… Read More

Brief: SunFunder Has 5th Fully Repaid Project

Sunfunder's 5th  paid Project

SunFunder, a solar crowdfunding business based in San Francisco & Tanzania, is dedicated to financing emerging market solar energy.  The platform connects social investors to solar projects that improve the lives of low income communities in developing countries around the world.  Their first projects have been in Africa and more recently they announced projects in… Read More

SunFunder Expands into India

Lights on in India SunFunder

SunFunder, a crowdfunding platform that allows social investors to finance high impact solar projects in off-grid communities has announced their first project in India.  Previously all of their projects had taken place in Africa. In India alone 400 million people live without access to electricity.  This is equivalent to half of Asia’s total off grid… Read More