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FundFind wants to be South Africa’s answer to Kickstarter

FundFind South Africa

FundFind wants to be South Africa’s answer to Kickstarter, the US crowdfunding platform that’s helped musicians like Amanda Palmer and companies like Pebble, the company behind a smart watch project, by raising small amounts of money from large numbers of people. FundFind arose from founder Steve Larter’s own frustration at trying to get funding for creative… Read More

Why crowdfunding is far more about the crowd than the funding


Its an interesting one, crowdfunding. And over the last few years it has both made a big impact on how entrepreneurs, bands, artists and others are funded. It has also certainly divided opinion on just how viable the model of crowdfunding is. One thing that few people are admitting is that crowdfunding can be really hard… Read More


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Why hasn’t South Africa got a Real Estate Crowdfunding platform? Shouldn’t someone be considering it? It may seem unlikely that anyone will waver in favour of Crowdfunding whilst pondering investing in REITs/PLSs  right now, especially in South Africa since no such option exists, but already in the US, Real Estate Crowdfunding platforms have emerged. For… Read More