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Blogger Who Traced Flow of Arms to Syria Through YouTube Seeks Crowdfunding


The British blogger Eliot Higgins, who has played an important role in tracing the flow of arms to Syrian rebels through close analysis of video clips posted on YouTube from his living room in England, began an appeal for financial support from readers this week. In a statement explaining his campaign on the crowdfunding Web site Indiegogo,… Read More

Crowdfunding Site Indiegogo Shuts Down Canadian’s site raising money for Syrian family


The day after a B.C. woman raised more than $2,500 for her family in Syria, crowdfunding  site Indiegogo shut down her donation page citing U.S. sanctions against the war-torn country. “It’s wrong to punish innocent people living in a country that’s war-torn, especially when there’s so much generosity and people want to help,” said Julie Angus,… Read More

Crowdfunding Syria’s Rebels

Ever wanted to fund a civil war from your couch–and deduct it from your taxes? Well now you can! You can Paypal money for Syrian rebels to purchase arms through a US based non-profit called Syrian Support Group. Directly funding armed groups who are killing people is often forbidden, as it involves directly funding armed groups… Read More