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Lima “Brain of Your Devices” Marches Forward to Crowdfunding Fulfillment

Lima Files Everywhere

Lima, an integrated piece of hardware and software that was briefly called “Plug”, raised over $1.2 million on Kickstarter last fall.  Almost 13,000 backers came together to support a product that really is what iCloud aspires to be – but isn’t. Lima creates an environment where all of your files are seamlessly synchronized across all… Read More

Incorporating Crowdfunding Feedback Into Product Development

Canary on Desk

Four strategies for successfully harnessing customer insights to build a better product. When you crowdfund a product, you invite anyone and everyone to give you their unbridled opinions and ideas. You invite them to tell you what they love, what they hate, what you should change, remove, and add to the product. Essentially, you open… Read More

Brief: Indiegogo Updates their Playbook

Indiegogo Playbook Image

Running an effective crowdfunding campaign is a ton of work.  Not only must you have 30% committed up front but a successful campaign takes weeks, if not months, of planning.  Once a campaign launches you have to be on every day promoting, communicating and dealing with the inevitable unknowns that always crop up.  Of course… Read More

Pozible Pushes Social for Crowdfunding

Pozible Big Logo

Pozible is introducing some new social tactics to help crowdfunders on their platform.  In a recent statement the Australia based company have asked all “past, present and future” crowdfunders to use the #PoziPics hashtag on instagram and twitter for campaign photographs. Each Friday Pozible will sort through the many photos and pick the most creative… Read More

BackerKit Has Tools for Crowdfunding Success

Backerkit big logo

BackerKit, a maker of software tools for successful crowdfunders, has launched a beta of its Crowdfunding Partners platform, which makes it easy for fulfillment houses, e-commerce tools, and other services to build apps for crowdfunders. The platform gives businesses an API to plug directly into crowdfunding projects, enabling a wide range of possibilities. According to… Read More

Crowdsunite Leader Organizes Class on Rewards Based Crowdfunding

New York Crowdfunding Networking

Taking place on April 1st in New York City, Alex Feldman, CEO and founder of Crowdsunite, has organized a session to train individuals on how to operate a rewards based crowdfunding campaign.  The event is titled Reward Crowdfunding:  Everything You Need to Know for Success, and will also be taped by Reality Crowd TV.  So… Read More

Velocity Kick Wants to Boost Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Velocity Kick

Crowdfunding entrepreneurs may now have a new way to streamline outreach and improve the effectiveness of their crowdfunding campaigns. Velocity Kick, a new service that made its debut at the 2014 LAUNCH Festival in San Francisco, wants to dramatically reduce the time spent organizing contacts and prioritizing messaging, making it easy to undertake crowdfunding efforts…. Read More

Monetizing Web & Mobile Apps Using Crowdfunding: Is It Possible ?

Ghost Org Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding, we all know, is a very powerful tool to validate a business opportunity within a specific product application. As discussed in previous articles on the Startup Europe – Crowdfunding Network  site, we have seen that crowdfunding is particularly suited for web entrepreneurs who wish to develop a new web application. Nevertheless, the business of making… Read More

Crowdfunding – Why would an Irish SME do it?

Sians Plan

Editor’s Note:  Sian’s Plan is raising £100,000 on Seedrs representing 12.5% equity in the startup.  Fiona Swan is the COO of the company.  The Belfast based company supports healthy eating for busy families with their online tools.  Sian has already completed a first round of financing via VC’s and angel investors but they have decided… Read More

Kauffman Sketchbook: Slava Rubin on Crowdfunding (Video)

Slava Rubin Sketchbook

Courtesy of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin hands out some brief, practical advice on crowdfunding.  In this short video Slava continues on the theme of democratizing funding where anyone and anybody may find funding for projects  of merit, “fixing a massive gap in the market for access to capital”. To summarize… Read More

FPS Creator Reloaded Integrates with Oculus Rift

Orc Adventure fps creator reloaded

TGC Continues with Self-Hosted Pretail Funding. Coming from The Game Creators (TGC), a privately owned UK company, FPS Creator Reloaded (FPSC Reloaded) has announced their beta launch of Oculus Rift integration.  The game development tools studio sees integration as an important strategic move as part of their FPSC Reloaded product.  With a copy of FPSC… Read More

Kickstarter Now Allows Targeted Updates

I am backer on kickstarter

Team Kickstarter has updated their back end functionality to allow crowdfunders the ability to generate targeted updates. With over 600,000 updates having been posted from the over 130,00o projects launched (and that number is growing by the second), the campaign communication tools are vital to a successful crowdfunding campaign.  For my personal opinion, the commenting… Read More

Hucklebury Shirts Relaunches Already Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Hucklebury Shirts

Campaign Philosophy: Great Experience, High Quality while Redefining Menswear. We heard about Hucklebury shirts this past November when we featured the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in Mailbox.  The campaign for premium dress shirts, hand-crafted in the US but selling for wholesale prices, beat their crowdfunding goal.  Prior to the end of the campaign the organizers decided… Read More

Indiegogo Posts How to Run A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign (Video)

John Trigonis

Indiegogo hosted a first of a series of training sessions today using Google Hangouts.  John Trigonis, Indiegogo’s film specialist, guided this Hangout which featured Adam Poswolsky who crowdfunded Featuring Adam Poswolsky, a crowdfunder who raised funds for Quarter Life Breakthrough a book for millennials about his quarter-life breakthrough (as opposed to a crisis).  He successfully raised over… Read More

Hangout with Indiegogo Today, Learn How to Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Indiegogo Google Hangouts

Indiegogo has scheduled a series of Google Hangouts focusing on crowdfunding campaign tips.  Today’s Hangout, which takes place at 11AM PST (2PM EST) will be hosted by John Trigonis the Indiegogo team Film expert.  Each 45 Minute session will be followed by Q&A so ask away.  No worries if you can’t make one because Indiegogo… Read More

Indiegogo Hosts Hardware Bootcamp for Crowdfunders

Indiegogo Hardware Handbook

Indiegogo recently hosted a Hardware Bootcamp for crowdfunders looking to raise funds for their manufactured product.  Production and operations management is really, really hard.  Even if you have a solid background in operations and tons of experience organizing a supply chain it is a lot of work and preparation.  There have been more than a… Read More

Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin Gives Crowdfunding Advice

slava rubin

Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin was speaking earlier at the TechCrunch Disrupt Europe gathering and had a few pointers for prospective crowdfunders on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.  His insight is largely driven from the years of data the crowdfunding platform has captured. Many of his pointers have widely been covered in the media… Read More

ProHatch Announces New Crowdfunding Advisory Services

ProHatch New Logo 2

ProHatch, a strategic crowdfunding and consulting ecosystem for both donations based and rewards based crowdfunding, has released a new suite of Business and Crowdfunding Advisory Services. ProHatch’s Advisory Services team specialize in transforming commercial and social value into sustainable & investable opportunity. “While Crowdfunding and the JOBS Act may have catapulted the traditions of finding capital… Read More

Mimoona To Focus on Fashion Pretail Crowdfunding

Mimoona Logo

Israel based crowdfunding platform Mimoona has taken a dramatic shift and they are shooting for a growing crowdfunding segment:  Pretail. Company founders Nadav Trenter Moser and Arik Marmorstein shared a video explanation regarding the companies shift.  Having participated in noted New York City incubator program DreamIt, the founders are looking to leverage the growing strategy… Read More

Front Up Rugby Hits 121% of Target Raising Equity on Crowdcube

Front Up Rugby

Front Up Rugby, a rugby inspired fashion label for men, has grown into one of the United Kingdom’s leading and most respected clothing brands.  The company was started in 2008 by entrepreneur Jon Allen who saw a gap in the market for a youthful and fashionable rugby line of clothing.  He started the company in his back… Read More