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StereoVision Imaging Raises Capital on Crowdfunder, EquityNet

SterioVision Imaging SVI

Pasedena, California based SterioVision Imaging (SVI) is a 3D imaging company that has developed a patented system for binocular.  The company claims two “groundbreaking” products ready for commercialization including a wireless face recognition system with a range of 200 meters and a real time face image capturing system that converts 2D into 3D.  With the… Read More

Coin Delays Full Launch Until 2015

Coin one size fits all

According to several reports, Coin – the one card to replace them all- has delayed complete launch until next year. COIN released a wildly popular product as part of pretail crowdfunding campaign.  A witty pitch video, that went viral, described a product that most people quickly understood – and wanted.  A single credit card sized… Read More

Noitom’s Perception Neuron Quickly Raises Half of $250K Goal on Kickstarter

Perception Neuron 2

Project Perception Neuoron: Motion Capture, VR and VFX quickly raised over half of their crowdfunding campaign goal on Kickstarter as the professional community recognized the potential for the project. It is the goal of creating company Noitom to turn motion capture into a common tool even the smallest production company can afford. Their motion capture systems… Read More

goTenna Quickly Beats $50K Goal, Now Over 12X Campaign Target

goTenna in hand

goTenna, the off-grid communications device that enables you to use your smartphone to communicate without central connectivity (cell tower connection), easily surpassed its $50,000 pre-sales crowdfunding goal in under 3 hours.  The young company skipped the large crowdfunding platforms and offered goTenna to early backers on their own platform.  Of goTenna’s earliest sales, a majority… Read More

elemoon Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise $100,000 For its Tech Bracelet

elemoon 5

Seeking to bring its stylish technology to wrists everywhere, New York-based company elemoon launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter earlier this week for its new self-titled technology bracelet. Not only does the device change colors to make any outfit, it alerts the person wearing it of important calls/text and helps to find a missing cellphone…. Read More

Family Robot Jibo Nears $1.7M During Final Day on Indiegogo

Jibo 3

During the final 24 hours of its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, family robot Jibo closes in on $1.7M from almost 4,000 backers. Created Dr. Cynthia Breazeal, the Jibo is the perfect robot for every member of the family. Standing at 11 inches tall and weighing only 6 pounds, the interactive companion brings intelligence, helpfulness and… Read More

American Heart Association Launches Chicago Open Innovation Challenge

The American Heart Association 1

The American Heart Association announced today (August 11th) the launch of its first Chicago Open Innovation Challenge, a crowdsourced, crowdfunded and judged competition to uncover new innovative tools to prevent or manage heart disease and stroke. The top three finalists will receive grants from the American Heart Association totaling $25,000 and a chance to present at the… Read More

Sproutling Smart Baby Monitor,Created by Apple / Google Alums, Launches Preview Campaign


Sproutling is launching a preview campaign for its Sproutling Baby Monitor, that claims to be the “world’s smartest baby monitor”.  Sproutling is aimed at helping parents navigate this “new adventure” and better understand their baby’s well-being.  There are 130 million babies born each year around the world–with four million newborns in the US alone. Sproutling has… Read More

Jibo Hits $1.4M During the Final Days on Indiegogo

Jibo 1

Just 9 days before the closing of its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Dr. Cynthia Breazeal’s Jibo has reached $1,485,938 from over 3,000 backers. The device is considered the world’s first ever family robot and has continued to gain attention from news outlets all over the world. Standing at 11 inches tall and weight in at 6… Read More

Blink Co-Founder Don Shulsinger Interviewed (Video)

Blink Motion Detected

As part of the CNBC Tech Crowd series (and accompanying votes by the viewers), Don Shulsinger one of the creators of the Blink was interviewed regarding his device.  Blink is a product crowdfunding on Kickstarter and standing about $400,000 already raised.  The device is described as “one-of-a-kind home monitoring system” It boasts a “stylish, totally… Read More

Kickstarter Hit Bragi Dash Pushes Delivery Back


The Bragi Dash was a huge Kickstarter crowdfunding hit.  The campaign raised over $3.3 million on a goal of just $260,000.  The Dash is a pair of smart bluetooth headphones that are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible.  The project is the 12th most funded on the Kickstarter platform to date.  Almost 16,000 backers… Read More

TouchPico Hits $50,000 Crowdfunding Goal in 24 Hours on Indiegogo

TouchPico 5

Creators of the all-in-one gadget TouchPico launched its crowdfunding campaing on Indiegogo on Sunday (July 27th) to raise $50,000 for the innovative handheld projector that turns any surface into a giant 80” interactive touchscreen. Within one day, the project reached its goal and today (July 29th), its hit over $61,000 from close to 230 backers…. Read More

Crowdfunding Now: Top 5 Projects For Your Home


Every year, startups have been bringing many innovative and super cool products to the market. Most of these products are making their ways to the consumer house to create a new state-of-the-year environment. With just one push of a button, these products turn a home into a place of relaxation and fun. Below are five… Read More

Neil Young Helps With Save the Rainforest Kickstarter Campaign

Rainforest Connection 2

A little over four months since his Pono Music campaign on Kickstarter came to an end, famous singer Neil Young is once again making his way to the crowdfunding giant’s platform for another campaign but this time it is for the Rainforest Connection. According to Rolling Stone, the music legend has teamed up with the Rainforest Connection… Read More

Vessyl Cup Now Over $1 Million in Presales

Mille Vessyl (Limited)

Vessyl Cup, a project in the midst of a pretail crowdfunding campaign, has shared they have passed by the $1 million mark.  The smart cup project was announced this past June by San Francisco based Mark One with an original target of raising $50,000 in funding.  The cup is designed to automatically monitor your consumption… Read More

Family Robot Jibo Over $1M; Hits Indiegogo’s Top 15 Most Funded

Jibo 2

Less than 10 days following the launch of its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Jibo, noted as the world’s first ever family robot, has raised over $1,075,00 from more than 2,300 backers. Has reached the top 15 most funded ever on Indiegogo and has been recognized as one of the top 10 most funded tech projects…. Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: CaseCam, Android for DeskTop & The Shirt ReInvented

stain free shirt

A quick suggestion to crowdfunding campaigns that are interested in having Crowdfund Insider write about your campaign.  It is pretty difficult to keep up with the direct tweets so your best bet is to email us at Info@crowdfundinsider.com.  It’s tough to keep up with the email too but there is a much better chance someone… Read More

Family Robot Jibo Skyrockets Past $600,000 Within 72 Hours on Indiegogo

Jibo 3

Just three days after the launch of its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, innovative robot Jibo has received $622,923 from 1,318 backers. The initial goal of $100,000 was reached within the first day and within 48 hours, the campaign raised well over $400,000. As previously reported, Jibo is considered the world’s first ever family robot. He… Read More

Crowdfunding on CircleUp, Nomad Connects with Fluxmob: Grows Smartphone Accessory Brand to over $2 Million in Sales

Nomad Reinvention

Now Raising Equity, Nomad First Raised Funding on Kickstarter. Nomad, the designer and manufacturer of minimalist smartphone accessories, has listed its equity crowdfunding campaign on CircleUp.  Known for its NomadKey, the company has also introduced new products including the solid carabiner-sized NomadClip USB cable and NomadCard on the newly launched company website. Committed to product… Read More

Update: Powered Now Takes Just 12 Days to Raise £350,000

Powered Now iPad

Powered Now Raises Equity on Crowdfunding Platform Crowdcube. Tech start-up Powered Now, a mobile administrative app for tradesmen, has cruised by its equity crowdfunding target of £350,000 after just 12 days and is now overfunding. The additional capital will be used to further market and develop its app for tradesmen and field trade companies, simplifying… Read More