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Projection Watch Ritot Finishes Its Run on Indiegogo; Raises $1.4 Million

Ritot 2

It’s finally over! Ritot, the world’s first “projection watch,” closed its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo on Friday (September 26th) after spending two months on the platform. Originally set to close on earlier in the month, the project’s creators decided to extend its stay for another few weeks. As previously reported, the Ritot team wanted to create not only… Read More

Manchester-Based Company Turns to Indiegogo To Raise Funds For New Personal Cloud Sharing Device; Reaches £66,000 During First Week


Ready to introduce a new way to enjoy the online sharing experience, Manchester-based company Wedg has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for its self-titled personal cloud. Seeking only £71,000, the project has already received £66,000 during its first five days on the platform. Wedg is a self-hosted email and file storage solution that is… Read More

The Collapse of Kreyos and How Not to Run a Crowdfunding Campaign

Train Wreck Demise Collapse Disaster

This one is almost too painful to write.  As many people know the Kreyos Smartwatch was one of the most successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns of all time.  It is also probably one of the most spectacular crowdfunding failures ever.  Trust me – this one is pretty hard to top. We last visited the Kreyos campaign… Read More

Kickstarter-Success Projects Made Special Appearances at World Maker Faire 2014

Kickstarter World Maker Faire 2014

It’s been a busy weekend for Kickstarter! On Saturday and Sunday (September 20th and 21st), the crowdfunding leader was invited to participate in this year’s World Maker Faire, which was held at New York Hall of Science. Presented by Disney, the World Maker Faire is a family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of… Read More

Did Apple Pay Kill COIN?


Apple Pay was announced by CEO Tim Cook with much fanfare during his break out “one more thing” presentation delivering new iPhones and the much anticipated Apple Watch.  Apple Pay is no where near as sexy as new hardware but it exemplifies the expanding reach of Apple and the growing utility of their global ecosystem…. Read More

Tech Startup Beacon & Lively Cancels Crowdfunding Campaign 2 Days Before Close

Beacon & Lively 5

As its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter was taking a bad turn, the Philadelphia-based company Beacon & Lively announced it was officially canceling its project that combines jewelry with technology. Originally launched in July, the company set out to raise $120,000, but only  end up reaching $24,701 from 176 backers. According to Technical.ly Philly, CEO Dave Becker… Read More

Indiegogo-Success thingCHARGER Selected To Be Part of The Platform’s New Perpetual Crowdfunding Program

thingCHARGER 2

thingCHARGER is one of a select group of innovators chosen for a new pilot program that lets successful companies invite funding from the crowd even after their initial crowdfunding campaign ends. thingCHARGER’s breakout product is a patented mobile device charger that plugs – and aesthetically blends – into U.S. outlets, with interchangeable tips to charge ANY… Read More

Bragi Dash On Track to Ship in December, Founder Nikolaj Hviid Talks Crowdfunding in Interview (Video)

The Dash in Hand

The Dash by Germany based Bragi is one of the all time favorite crowdfunding hits on Kickstarter.  Coming in the 12th position for most funded, the Dash raised over $3.3 million from 16,000 backers for a super cool new concept on bluetooth, biometric headphones.  A working prototype did not exist at the time but the… Read More

Family Robot Jibo Finishes Indiegogo Run; Raises Over $2M & Becomes Most Successful Technology Campaign On the Platform

Jibo 2

Earlier this summer, the “first ever” family robot, Jibo hit crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Cynthia Breazeal’s project immediately hit the spotlight and has now been declared as the most successful technology campaign on Indiegogo ever. Originally seeking only $100,000, the project reached its initial goal in just a few days. On Sunday (September 14th), its campaign closed having… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Bike Cabs for Melbourne, Nomadix Towell & CyberGhost VPN

Crowdfunding Mailbox Featured 9.13.14

There is a growing amount of overlap between rewards based and investment based crowdfunding. A growing number of small companies are using crowdfunding to promote and boost their business.  Or to simply test a new product.  Of course there is an increasing amount of startups that are seeking initial seed capital on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Pozible… Read More

Perception Neuron Claims Most Funded Project From China on Kickstarter

Perception Neuron

Kickstarter staff pick, Perception Neuron has “sailed” past their $250,000 crowdfunding goal and now stands at over half a million dollars on the final day of its crowdfunding campaign. Organizers pointed out that Perception Neuron now is the largest crowdfunding campaign from China ever – on Kickstarter. Crowdfund Insider covered this project when it launched… Read More

Lift Labs Ran Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo, Now Acquired by Google

Liftware design

Lift Labs, the creator of Liftware; a device that actively stabilizes hand tremor, ran a small crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo this past March to help fund a purchase of the technology for people in economic hardship.  People who have Parkinson’s Disease struggle daily with effects of the disease struggling to achieve basic daily tasks.  Liftware… Read More

Blink Home Monitoring & Alert System Finishes Its Kickstarter Run; Raises Over $1M


Earlier this week, Andover, MA-based company Blink close its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its wireless home monitoring and alert system. The project originally sought to raise $200,000 but successfully reached $1,069,386 all thanks to 6,879 backers. Blink has been dubbed the first ultra-affordable smart home monitoring system that is battery-powered, making it truly wireless,… Read More

EMR Detector Company “Sensory Perspectives” Lists Share Offer on Crowdcube

EMR Detecting Device

Sensory Perspective Ltd, is offering 25% equity in the small company for £1.15 million on equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube.  The offer, only recently launched, has so far captured the interest of 23 investors -with the single largest coming in at £75,000. Sensory Perspective has developed a consumer, handheld device that can detect, and measure electromagnetic… Read More

Soen Audio Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its Mountable Transit XS Bluetooth Speaker

Transit XS 1

Soen Audio, producers of stunning sound from amazingly small spaces, launches their truly portable and mountable Transit XS pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker available today on Kickstarter. The ultimate solution for portability in audio, the Transit XS packs high quality sound in a one-inch thin speaker. Transit XS travels with you, not in your bag, and is… Read More

Wristband Reemo Launches $50,000 Crowdfunding Campaign

Reemo 1

Creators of the Reemo, the bracelet that does EVERYTHING, recently made its debut on Indiegogo to raise $50,000.  Imagine, being able to turn on or off any appliance with just the flick of your wrist. Now the Reemo, you are in control of what goes on around the room without having to move. According to… Read More

GNS3 Technologies Raises Over $600,000 on Tilt Open


GNS3 Technologies has to announces that their crowdfunding campaign on Tilt Open has achieved record breaking status. GNS3’s modest $35,000 goal was surpassed by 1400%, raising over $600,000 from 13,000 contributors from more than 80 countries. The funding will help to further develop the GNS3 software, a technology that provides virtual testing, design and configuration… Read More

TouchPico Extends Its Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo


Giving backers another chance to contribute more funds, the creators of TouchPico’s Indiegogo campaign have extended its time crowdfunding on the platform. Originally set to close this Tuesday (August 26th), the project reached its initial $55,000 goal within the first 24 hours. As previously reported, TouchPico is an interactive Android PC that has a projected… Read More

COIN Issues Apology to Disappointed Backers

COINED Backers club

COIN, the one card to control them all, experienced a bit of a marketing stumble this past week as they announced the full launch of the COIN card would be delayed until 2015.  In the lightening speed space of technology many backers were quick to question the products viability and strategic approach. In a statement… Read More

StereoVision Imaging Raises Capital on Crowdfunder, EquityNet

SterioVision Imaging SVI

Pasedena, California based SterioVision Imaging (SVI) is a 3D imaging company that has developed a patented system for binocular.  The company claims two “groundbreaking” products ready for commercialization including a wireless face recognition system with a range of 200 meters and a real time face image capturing system that converts 2D into 3D.  With the… Read More