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iProperty Company Wants to Disrupt Real Estate Listing Sector & They Are Equity Crowdfunding on Seedrs

iProperty Real Estate listing

The combination of real estate and the internet is a perfect storm. The traditional approach continues to be labor intensive, and time consuming, for both sellers and buyersn and is truly in need of a big update.  iProperty is one of these new, innovative firms, that is pushing to disrupt established processes, creating efficiencies for… Read More

Chapel Down Easily Beats Goal on Seedrs, Adds Ordinary Shareholders

Chapel Down Beer

Chapel Down, the first publicly traded company to raise capital via equity crowdfunding, has filed a brief announcing an additional share placement in the amount of £0.44 million.  This additional amount was in conduction with the placing of over 1.5 million ordinary shares, at 28 pence each, associated with their equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs…. Read More

Seedrs CIO Talks Chapel Down Equity Crowdfunding Offer (Video)

Thomas Davies

Seedrs Chief Investment Officer, Thomas Davies, took to the studios of Bloomberg to talk about the Chapel Down share offer that is the first publicly listed company to go the equity crowdfunding route. Davies explains the strategy behind Chapel Down doing the very public listing on Seedrs by stating  there were two main reasons for… Read More

Thomas Davies, CIO of Seedrs Talks Convertible Securities (Video)

Thomas Davies

Pan-European equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs just announced this week they were offering a new type of security on their young platform. Convertibles have joined straight equity and crowdfunding funds as another option for both listing companies and investors.  Thomas Davies, CIO of Seedrs, hit the studios of CNBC to share Seedrs’ perspective as to why… Read More

Investors Can Take Punt On Start-Ups With Crowdfunding

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Investors can take a punt in high-risk, high-reward start-up companies through ‘crowdfunding’, a well-attended conference heard in Croke Park. Thomas Davies, the owner of London-based FSA-regulated Seedrs, outlined the innovative new concept, which is becoming much more popular in the UK market. Crowdfunding aims to match small investors looking to invest in start-ups with high-potential… Read More