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An Evening with Hermann Hauser

This event is for SyndicateRoom investors and people interested in investing in early stage private companies. The premise of the evening is for you to listen to experienced investors, in this case Hermann Hauser, and meet like-minded people. The format is relaxed and there’s plenty of time for networking. About Hermann Hauser Hermann is a speaker who… Read More

P2P Global Boosts Share Issue Due to Strong Demand

I love Peer to Peer Lending P2P

P2P Global Investments, the first peer to peer lending investment trust to trade on the LSE ever, has stated the C share issue, announced earlier this month, has been increased due to solid demand. P2P Global Investments seeks out investment opportunities in P2P assets.  P2P Global trades under the appropriate ticker symbol “P2P“. P2P Global… Read More

Peer to Peer Lenders & RBS Join Forces to Fund UK Businesses; Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne Welcomes P2P Partnership

Royal Bank of Scotland RBS

The Royal Bank of Scotland has struck an arrangement with leading peer to peer lenders Funding Circle and Assetz Capital that should give UK small business a boost.  RBS announced it will now formally refer small business borrowers to P2P lenders.  The strategic shift is expected to give “thousands of small British Businesses greater access… Read More

FCA Advocates Consumers Look at Alternatives to Bank Savings Accounts. P2P Lenders Pick Up the Call.

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These days it may make sense to keep your money under your mattress as opposed to placing it in a bank savings account. After you get through the miscellaneous fees, a savers rate of return can easily go negative.  At least the mattress won’t charge a fee. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK… Read More

ArchOver: Ignorance & Risk Aversion Impede SME Investment

Peer to Peer Blue

Peer to peer lending platform ArchOver recently signed up Wriglesworth Research to dig into consumer awareness and the acceptance of crowdfunding. From November to earlier this month (January) 500 adults were polled as to their opinion regarding new forms of investment.  The results, provided by ArchOver, were described as indicating “crowdfunding ignorance, combined with huge public aversion to… Read More

Raizers Targets Ambitious Pan-European Equity Crowdfunding

Raizers Featured

  The 28 countries of the European Union are a very long way from offering a homogeneous regulation environment for crowdfunding. This is particularly true of equity crowdfunding which touches on multiple heavily regulated areas of finance such as investment advice, securities trading, retail banking and corporate finance. Few European countries have, like France, issued… Read More

UK Start Up Loan Program Funds 25,000th Business

startup loans Nicola Weeks

The UK government has announced the 25,000 loan provided to a small business as part of its Start Up Loan program.  The program provides capital and mentoring for small businesses.  The Start Up Loan initiative was created in 2012 and since that time it has provided almost £130 million for small firms creating an estimated… Read More

Crowdcube Hires CFO: Former Ask.com & MySpace Exec Bill Simmons Joins Equity Crowdfunding Leader

Bill Simmons

Exeter based Crowdcube has just boosted its executive bench with the hire of Bill Simmons. The new Chief Financial Officer will be assisting the young company in managing its growth as it looks towards the crowdfunding future. Simmons actually quietly came on board at the tail end of 2014.  Crowdcube stated  this is the first of several… Read More

HSBC Tackles Retirement Planning & Finds it Lacking. Again.

British Pounds Money £10

Global banking firm HSBC has published its 10th version of the Future of Retirement report. Started in 2005, the annual revisiting of why everyone needs to save more “or else” has become a predictable tome of financial nagging.  The fact that across the globe too many people save too little money in preparation for their… Read More

Trillion Fund Equity Offer is Overfunding on Seedrs

People Planet Profit Trillion Fund

Trillion Fund, a renewable energy and social investment crowdfunding platform, has pushed into “overfunding” mode on Seedrs. The investment site launched an equity crowdfunding round last year seeking a raise of £500,000.  As of today 246 investors have committed to just over £536,000.  The offer is for a 10% ownership stake in the company. At… Read More

Clean Energy Investment Rises Above Oil Price Slump

Sun Solar Sunset Boat

Global investment in clean energy rose for the first time in three years, increasing 16 percent to $310 billion in 2014, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance in a recent article on Bloomberg. This growth comes after decreased solar-panel prices and sinking subsides in the United States and Europe damaged the industry in previous years…. Read More

Louise Beaumont: UK Economy Suffers Due Two Failings of Credit Eco-System

10£ Queen Elizabeth British Pounds

Outspoken finance executive Louise Beaumont has taken the UK finance sector to task once again.  Beaumont is the founder of Platform Black (now part of GLI Finance), an invoice trading site. At a recent event she criticized the current environment as stifling for SMEs.  She is of the opinion that SMEs are too often under the… Read More

Funding Circle Partners with Herefordshire Council to Boost Local Economic Growth

Funding Circle Herefordshire

Funding Circle, a business oriented peer to peer lending platform, has signed onto a new partnership with local government Herefordshire Council to launch a “pioneering” agreement.  The new partnership is designed to boost local economic growth and job creation via improved access to business finance.   Herefordshire Council has committed to lend £50,000 directly to… Read More

FundingKnight Says Demand Pushes them to Raise Loan Limit to £500,000

Graeme Marshall

Southhampton based FundingKnight has increased its loan limit to £500,000 to match demand, according to a company statement.  FundingKnight is a peer to peer lender that targets the business segment of the industry.  The increase is effective immediately. The decision to raise the limit was described as reflecting “borrower demand from the market place and will… Read More

For Most Firms, Old-Style Banking Isn’t Coming Back

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Let’s start with what won’t happen in business lending. Politicians and pressure groups love to opine that we need a return to branch-based local ‘Bank Managers’, who knew each customer personally and made lending decisions on a firm handshake. However attractive this nostalgia, most small firms are not willing to pay for a personal touch… Read More

Healthy Ice Cream Producer Oppo Becomes Seedrs’ “Most Overfunded” Campaign

Oppo Ice Cream Fastest Ever

Ice cream producer Oppo rose to record crowdfunding campaign heights as quickly as a beachside gelato melts on a hot summer day: fast. UK crowdfunding platform Seedrs today noted that London-based Oppo reached 324 percent (at press time, 339 percent) of its target investment in just a few days, becoming Seedrs’ most overfunded campaign. Given that… Read More

Prospectus for New Share Offer from P2P Global Investments is Published

P2P Word Cloud Boost

P2P Gobal investments announced last week they were initiating a new funding round to raise £200 million in a C share offer.  The company has now published the prospectus for the offer. This is following a successful 2014 as P2P Global became the first fund to target the P2P lending industry.  P2P global invests across… Read More

Equity Crowdfunding Platform Crowdcube States 246% Growth for 2014 as Over £35 Million is Raised

Crowdcube Billboard

In a company statement UK based investment crowdfunding platform Crowdcube shared it assisted 105 businesses raise £35.9 million in funding for 2014.  This represents a 246% increase compared to 2013 and means Crowdcube maintains the title of UK’s largest equity crowdfunding site.  Registered investors jumped from 65,000 to approximately 122,000 as investor interest increased.  The… Read More

Zopa Expects £550 Million in Loans for 2015

Zopa Money Trees

UK peer to peer lending platform Zopa experienced an 81% rate of growth for 2013, according to a report in the Telegraph.  The ten year old platform is booming as total loans stood at £268 million for 2014, a number that is predicted to jump to £550 million for 2015 according to the report. Since… Read More

British Motorsport Wheel Company Dymag Seeks Capital on SyndicateRoom

Dymag wheel

The company that invented the first carbon composite wheels for high performance vehicles, Dymag is offering shares in the company view equity crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom.  The small company is seeking a minimum raise of £500,000 representing 26.18% equity in the firm.  As of today £186,000 has been secured from 5 investors. Lead investors include Envestors,… Read More