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Social Lending Awards

Social Lending Awards

The Social Lending Awards On the 22 January 2015 the social lending community will come together to recognise and celebrate the successes of the teams and individuals who have delivered excellent service and innovative approaches  in the rapidly evolving sphere  of crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending. The Awards will highlight the importance of the contribution that… Read More

Assetz Capital: “Peer to Peer Market Set for Growth Challenges Ahead”

Stuart Law

In response to the much anticipated Nesta report that was published today, CEO and founder of Assetz Capital Stuart Law has commented on the challenges ahead for crowdfunding and the peer to peer lending sector. Stuart Law commented on the report; “It’s easy to get carried away by big figures but what’s important about this… Read More

Nesta: Alternative Finance More than Doubles for 2014

Average Growth of Crowdfunding by sector 2014

Nesta, a  UK based innovation charity and staunch proponent of entrepreneurship and creativity, has published an update on the alternative finance industry in the United Kingdom.  The report is a joint effort between Nesta and the University of Cambridge.  The report notes this new financial sector, that includes crowdfunding, peer to peer (P2P) lending, and… Read More

Scotland Police Investigate Delayed Kickstarter Project

Police Safety Emergency Risk Enforcement

One of the most challenging aspects of rewards based crowdfunding are the all too frequent delays in product deliver.  There is a blurry line where backers, frustrated by extended delays and potentially lost funds, assume fraud versus a struggling young company attempting to hit unrealistic goals. vrAse, an Edinburgh, Scotland based startup, ventured into the… Read More

NurtureMoney: UK Peer to Peer Loan Comparison Service Launched


The booming UK peer to peer industry now has a way to easily compare loans between the various competing platform.  NurtureMoney claims to be the UK’s first independent and impartial crowdfunding comparison service covering 51 different platforms. The service is free to use for both investors and borrowers and states the transparency will aid the… Read More

Movie On CrowdBnk Wants to Become Largest Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Ever for UK Film

Black Flash Film Players

Black Flash Seeks £3 Million in Equity Crowdfunding Re-do Hoping to Top the £1.6 Million Raised in Previous Round. The film Black Flash launched a successful equity crowdfunding raise earlier this year on CrowdBnk  topping £1.6 million from 11 investors.  Following the crowdfunding round, producers decided the amount wasn’t sufficient taking a different path by… Read More

Crowdcube Hurdles 100,000 Investors (Infographic)

Luke Lang Darren Westlake

Equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube has rocketed past the 100,000 investor mark.  Crowdcube recognized Vincent Carrie of London as becoming the 100,000th person to register on the site to participate in the listed companies.  Carrie will receive a gift basket that includes plenty of good stuff from Crowdcube funded companies. To help celebrate this milestone, Crowdcube… Read More

UK based Equity Crowdfunding Platform Seedrs Moves Into US with Acquisition of Junction Investments

Seedrs and Junction Investments

UK based investment crowdfunding platform Seedrs has announced the acquisition of Junction Investments located in California.  This strategic acquisition positions Seedrs to expand their reach beyond the borders of Europe.  Junction founders Adam Kaufman and Brian Goldsmith will be joining the Seedrs team and assisting with the next phase of Seedrs growth.  The acquisition closed… Read More

Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Conference

renewable energy crowdfunding conference

Crowdfunding has become a serious source of capital to kick-start new ventures. It is also proving to be a powerful method to quickly raise capital for renewable energy projects worldwide, be it based on a steady ROI for a multitude of investors or a community effort to empower a shared building. The Renewable Energy Crowdfunding… Read More

UK Project Innovate: Call for Input Feedback Statement (Document)

10£ Queen Elizabeth British Pounds

Embedded below is the published report by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regarding feedback to their “Project Innovate”. Project Innovate was established to support industry innovation by  opening the FCA doors to businesses (large and small) who are developing innovative approaches that can benefit consumers in financial services markets. The FCA proposed to build an… Read More

UK Financial Conduct Authority Launches Innovation Hub. Encourages Change in the Interest of Consumers.

FCA Commitment to Supporting Innovation Martin Wheatley

Meanwhile the SEC Stalls on Pushing Forward to Facilitate Title III & Title IV Crowdfunding. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the UK regulatory body similar to the SEC, has announced the opening of their Innovation Hub as they embrace change and creativity in financial services.  In a speech by Martin Wheatley, Chief Executive of thee… Read More

Intelligent Crowd TV to Launch Weekly Equity Crowdfunding Show

Shane Smith Announces IntelligentCrowdTV

Described as “crowdfunding meets Dragons Den & X-Fractor, last Friday, UK based Intelligent Crowd TV announced the launch of a weekly show to bring together entrepreneurs and investors, nationwide. The website goes live today (www.intelligentcrowd.tv) for Entrepreneur auditions, and the first episode is scheduled to air in January 2015. The show will be hosted by… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Packed Pixels Extra Monitor, Sonic Decanter & Tespack Solar Power

Crowdfunding Mailbox October 26 2014

Three super practical products for this weeks #CrowdfundingMailbox.  We have the Packed Pixels “Extra Monitor” for your laptop when you are on the go, Sonic Decanter for all of the wine lovers out there, and Tespack solar panels that may be the solution to your charging problems when you need it most. So Packed Pixels… Read More

The London Investor Show

The London Investor Show is owned and organised by Investor Conferences (UK) Ltd. Launched in July 2010 by Lisa Campbell, Investor Conferences is dedicated to supporting private investors and traders by providing independent training and education, and facilitating access to the companies supplying relevant products and services, and potential investment opportunities. Investor Conferences organises the… Read More

PWC & Funding Circle form UK Partnership

Funding Circle and PWC

UK based peer to peer lending platform Funding Circle has announced a partnership with global consulting firm PWC to support more UK businesses access capital.  PWC will now funnel small business clients seeking funding to Funding Circle.  This is similar  to the agreement Funding Circle revealed this past summer where global banking firm Santander will… Read More

Zopa: “Peer to peer ISAs will be Game Changer”


The peer to peer lending industry sees the light at the end of the tunnel as the UK government nears the day when retirement funds, in the form of Individual Savings Acccounts (ISAs) will be able to invest in P2P loans.  Last week the UK government announced a new consultation paper on the subject and… Read More

UK Innovation Vouchers Pay for £5000 of Expert Advice for Small Business

Innovation Vouchers

The UK has a program to incentivize startups to seek the advice they need to get, or keep things rolling.  Frequently young companies skip over direct professional advice as it is costly for lean startups.  Innovate UK is a program where a business can receive a voucher for up to £5000 for a small business…. Read More

UK P2PFA Comments on Peer to Peer Lending Inclusion in ISAs

Christine Farnish

The Peer 2 Peer Finance Association (P2PFA), an industry advocate group for UK P2P platforms, has jumped into the scrum regarding the forthcoming inclusion of P2P lending assets in Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs).  Chancellor of the  Exchequer George Osborne announced earlier this year that ISAs would be open to include P2P lending in the near… Read More

How Not to do Crowdfunding – London

We are a young industry, but fast moving, and with more than 9 million members across all the different crowdfunding platforms in the UK, and more than 600,000 projects and businesses already successfully funded, between us we have already learnt a lot about what works and what doesn’t work so well in the world of… Read More

Trillion Fund: Records in Renewable Energy (Infographic)


Trillion Fund is a crowdfunding platform for renewable energy.  One of the leaders in the space,  Trillion Fund allows people to invest in projects that generate renewable energy from solar and wind projects.  The motivation is kind of cool – you get to support something you believe in while generating a decent return on your… Read More