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Lunar Mission One Set to Voyage to the Moon After Successfully Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Lunar Mission One Kickstarter

Kickstarter staff pick and space fan favorite Lunar Mission One successfully hit its crowdfunding goal raising over $1 million with the support of over 7200 backers.  Called the “most inspirational mission to the moon since the Apollo landings” the crowdfunded project hopes to send a unmanned craft to the South Pole of the Moon exploring… Read More

Nesta: 2015 Will See a High Profile Blow Up in the World of Crowdfunding, P2P Lending

Photo courtesy http://www.flickr.com/photos/zigazou76/

  The highly respected innovation charity Nesta, has published its annual list of predictions for 2015.  We all know that predictions are easily given and quickly forgotten.  More fun than fact that hopefully gives a good read while providing some perspective.  This year the soothsayers at Nesta are predicting a “blow up” in crowdfunding and… Read More

Zano Zooms! Now Over $1.3 Million Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Zano and iPhone

I have come to the conclusion we will all soon own our own personal drones.  No longer the realm of futuristic films, smart drones (or somewhat smart drones) are now a reality.  Attending WakeStock this past summer I was impressed to see the aerial acrobatics all captured up close with a remotely controlled camera in… Read More

Report from Landbay: Lending to Buy-to-Let landlords Offers a Low Risk Alternative to Other P2P Platforms

Landbay research on mortgages

Landbay, a peer to peer lending platform that targets the buy-to-let market (or rental real estate sector), has commissioned a research report provided by Wriglesworth Consultancy to review their market niche.  The publication titled Democratizing Mortgage Lending has just been released. The published results, as shared by Landbay, state that for the cautious saver looking… Read More

Luke Lang: “Banks will continue to fail SMEs”

Luke Lang Crowdcube

Crowdcube CMO and co-founder Luke Lang has distributed a list of predictions for 2015.  These largely apply to the market in the United Kingdom but the there is much overlap as the themes have merit around the globe.  First and foremost is the simple fact that existing financial institutions have failed in their mission to… Read More

P2P Lending Platform Proplend Approved for Pension Funds

British Pounds Sterling

Peer to peer lending platform Proplend has stated they are now approved for inclusion in pension funds.  Proplend is a direct lending platform that targets the secured commercial mortgage market.  In a company note, management states it has recently been approved by pension providers to accept investments from holders of Self-Invested Pension Plans (SIPPs), Small Self-Administered… Read More

Peer to Peer Lender Lendable Raises £2.5 Million in Seed Round

Lendable logo

UK based peer to peer lending platform Lendable has raised approximately £2.5 million in a seed round. Lendable states their new platform, only launched at the beginning of 2014, can  deposit funds in your bank account in “minutes” – once a quote is accepted.  The company’s objective is to “make borrowing as swift and painless… Read More

FCA Bans Former Blackrock Employee for Skipping Train Fares

London Underground Tube Metro

The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published a release stating that former Blackrock employee Jonathan Paul Burrows has been banned “from performing any function in relation to any regulated activities for not being fit and proper”. Tracey McDermott the FCA’s Director of Enforcement and Financial Crime, said: “Burrows held a senior position within the… Read More

Seedrs Term Sheet for Convertible Investments

Seedrs Bringing Convertibles to the Crowd

Seedrs, a leading investment crowdfunding platform, announced this past summer the feature of allowing companies to raise capital by using convertible securities.  In the VC and Angel world offering convertible securities allows a company to push back the date of applying a valuation on a young company.  Giving a value to a company with little… Read More

Sensory Perspective Extends Round on Crowdcube, Sees EU Directive Aiding Investment

Sensory Perspective Devices

Sensory Perspective, a young company that develops and manufactures devices that detect and protect individuals from electromagnetic radiation (EMR) – a concern for some in a world populated by growing number of devices, such as mobile phones, that generate EMR.  Sensory Perspective states that exposure to EMR has become a health risk. The equity crowdfunding… Read More

Peer to Peer ISA Revolution (Infographic)

I love Peer to Peer Lending P2P

The below infographic depicts some data points correlating with the forthcoming inclusion of peer to peer assets in ISAs.  With the comment period closing on the UK Consultation regarding this change expectations are for final parameters to be announced sometime in early 2015.  Both savers and P2P platforms should benefit from this policy shift.  P2P… Read More

Deadline Hits for Comments on Treasury Consultation on Peer to Peer Inclusion in ISA’s; P2PFA Calls for a New ISA Category


The UK Treasury officially announced the inclusion of peer to peer loans in Individual Savings Accounts (ISA’s) back in October 2014. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne included the announcement in the 2014 Budget presentation.  ISA’s were adjusted in July of 2014 slightly increasing the annual savings limit to £15,000.  Money may be invested in… Read More

Hooptap is First Euro Denominated Offer on Seedrs

Hooptap CEO

UK based investment crowdfunding platform Seedrs announced the ability to list offers in Euros this past October.  Yesterday the company announced that Hooptap, based in Valencia, Spain, has taken advantage of the Seedrs service and has offered equity in its company on the platform. Seedrs states they have been “working with a number of European… Read More

Bitreserve Crossborder Equity Crowdfunding Shows Growing Power of Raising Capital Online

Bitreserve Change the World

Bitreserve, based in Charleston, South Carolina, is offering shares in a cross national listing on both US based Venovate and UK based Crowdcube.  The equity crowdfunding opportunity stands at over £5.2 million (or about $8.1 million) from 69 investors – including at least one institution. While the company was founded only last year the pre-money valuation… Read More

Trillion Fund Drops Valuation for Equity Offer, Announces White Label P2P Lending

Julia Groves and Theresa Burton Trillion Fund

Trillion Fund recently launched an equity crowdfunding round on Seedrs and to date the campaign has raised £180,000 on a goal of raising £500,000.  The valuation of the company was lowered from a previous pre-money amount of £ 6 million to £4.5 million today thus the half million pounds now represents 10% ownership in the… Read More

Mill Residential REIT Fully Funds on Syndicate Room as Platform Tops £15 Million in Crowdfunding

Syndicate Room Co-founders

Mill Residential REIT, the very first Real Estate Investment Trust to publicly crowdfund, has fully funded on Syndicate Room.  The offer sought to raise £2.1 million for the funding round. The offer has now closed having raised £2,225,520 from 72 investors.  Investors using the Syndicate Room platform could participate at a minimum level of £1000…. Read More

UK Financial Conduct Authority: “To Regulate Effectively We Must Evolve Too”

Martin Wheatley

FCA Announces New Strategic Approach & Sharper Focus on Regulatory Challenges. The FCA intends on confronting regulatory challenges by reviewing their process and approach. Following this internal review the financial regulators have revealed their new strategy in tackling the fast changing realm of securities and markets. Representatives of the FCA state that the number of… Read More

Build Backer Believes Crowdfunding is the Future of Property Investing

Construction Skyscraper Real Estate

Build Backer announced last month they were accepting early bird registration for their platform that investors to access opportunities in property for as little as £500.  The company recently stated that their platform is now open to investors but still not fully live.  The site states go live is scheduled for sometime in December.  The… Read More

Brief: P2P Platform Landbay Offers Lenders £50 Christmas Bonus

Landbay Merry Christmas

Peer to peer lending platform Landbay is incentivizing “savers” this Holiday season by offering up a £50 “John Lewis”voucher for any new or existing customer who deposits £2000 or more in their Landbay account by December 19th.  Presently all lending on Landbay is into buy-to-let mortgages offered to “experienced buy-to-let landlords, secured on heavily-vetted UK… Read More

Funding Circle: £132 Million Will Be Invested Into UK Small Businesses via KLS Diversified Asset Management

Funding Circle How it Works

New York based KLS Diversified Asset Management has agreed to invest £132 million in loans to small business originated via peer to peer lender Funding Circle.  The loans will be from a private fund managed by KLS and will provide a “further injection of much needed funding into British small business sector”.  KLS will invest… Read More