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7th International Banking and Finance Forum – London

IBDE Forums in this series are firmly established as providing most value to our members and industry practitioners, bringing together consistently the most senior industry leaders, regulators and policy-makers. Confirmed speakers, amongst others, include: Sir Win Bischoff, Chairman, Financial Reporting Council, Chairman of JP Morgan Securities plc… Read More

1st Annual Conference on European Alternative Financing & Marketplace Lending – London

IMN is pleased to announce the 1st Annual Conference on European Alternative Financing & Marketplace Lending will take place 28 May, 2015 at One Great George Street, London. Alternative Financing & Marketplace Lending encompasses a range of innovative and diverse financing tools and products evolving as a… Read More

GrowthFunders Receives FCA Approval for Crowdfunding Platform

FCA Approved

GrowthFunders, part of Growth Capital Ventures, has just received official approval from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to operate their investment crowdfunding platform.  GrowthFunders has been operating since March 0f 2014 using a provisionary status in association with Linear Investments. The process took GrowthFunders approximately… Read More

LendInvest Celebrates 2nd Anniversary by Topping £300 Million in Loans

Birthday Cake

  It was just 2 years ago that UK based peer to peer lending LendInvest launched in partnership with its sister firm Montello to provide short-term bridge loans.  Today LendInvest claims the title of worlds largest P2P marketplace for mortgages having surpassed £300 million in… Read More

P2P Lender LandlordInvest Raises Capital on Seedrs


Seedrs has carved out a nice little niche in becoming the crowdfunding site of choice for crowdfunding platforms.  Seedrs recently added another funding platform to their growing list; LandLordInvest. Described as the UK’s first “near prime property peer to peer lending” LandlordInvest is hoping to… Read More

Crowd2Fund launches Crowd Exchange to Grow Liquidity in Crowdfunding Market

Crowd2Fund Flexible

Crowd2Fund, a regulated “five model” crowdfunding platform, has announced the launch of the Crowd Exchange, a new site that will a holders of debt or equity in private companies to sell their investments to other individuals online.  Crowd2Fund states the primary objective of the exchange… Read More

Lawrence Wintermeyer in as New CEO of Innovate Finance


Lawrence Wintermeyer has been selected as the new Chief Executive Officer of Innovate Finance while founding CEO Claire Cockerton exits. Innovate Finance was launched with much fanfare in 2014, along with the verbal support of Chancellor George Osborne, in the recognition of the UK’s growing role… Read More

Angels Den Raises Capital for WhiskyInvestDirect, Whisky Crowdfunding Platform

Bourbon Barrel Whiskey

Angels Den is raising capital for a new niche crowdfunding site, WhiskyInvestDirect. The live investment offer for the new funding portal wants to capitalize on a consumable that has seen an average annual return of 5% since 1980. WhiskyInvestDirect was founded by Paul Tustain and Rupert… Read More

It’s Official – the FinTech Revolution has arrived, according to The Economist!

Economist Fintech Revolution

Is this a defining moment? For many I suspect it will be – although to judge by the comments, some of them who clearly think that the trust that the banks squandered long ago is still in place, other who clearly see the old order… Read More

Why is Big Data a Big Deal? – London

Data is everywhere. We produce it through every single digital transaction we make- from emails and GPS sensors to digital pictures, YouTube videos, Google searches and mobile tweets. Every digital step we take leaves a data footprint. We call all of this information ‘big data’… Read More

RateSetter Hires New Head of Lending Operations. Sets Site on Institutional Money

Colin Hodges

RateSetter claims the title of UK’s largest peer to peer lender by monthly volumes.  The platform has lent over £173 million in 2015 alone.  The direct lender is looking to boost those numbers by targeting institutional funds and they have hired Colin Hodges to lead… Read More

BrewDog Crowdfunds £5 Million in 20 Days. Drops “Fat Cat Bankers” from Helicopters Over the City (Video)

BrewDog James Watt Martin Dickie

Iconoclastic brewery, and financial innovators, BrewDog easily raised £5 million in just 20 days making the point that equity crowdfunding is an effective path to raise capital. The established independent brewery, based in Scotland, is looking to raise £25 million in total as part of its… Read More

ShareIn Receives $1 Million Investment as it Pivots to Crowdfunding Software Provider

ShareIn Jude Cook Andrew Picket

ShareIn, a crowdfunding software provider, has received a $1 million investment and will triple its management team following the capital boost.  The new investment was announced as the company pivots from an equity crowdfunding platform to  a provider of services. According to a company report,… Read More

Claire Cockerton, Founding CEO of Innovate Finance and Chairwoman of Entiq, Talks FinTech Innovation

Claire Cockerton Speaking

  Web search results for “Claire Cockerton” will have her bio featured on one of Europe’s largest technology accelerators, financial services conferences or a listing of women in fintech (to name a few) – providing a snapshot of what her LinkedIn profile confirms: Claire is a serial entrepreneur and… Read More

Louise Beaumont: UK Elections Reflect Support of Economic Policy


The UK has differentiated its economy, and much other policy, from the mainland Europe.  While many EU countries experience disappointing economic growth, the UK has performed better.  Policies and pronouncements from the Cameron government, now preparing for round two at Number 10 Downing, have resonated… Read More

InvestUp Executive Touts 3 Priorities for Incoming UK Government to Boost SMEs

One Pound UK £

As all of the UK awaits final election results, James Tuckett, Managing Director of investUP, has highlighted his top priorities to boost SMEs for the next UK government. Today there are over 5 million small companies in the UK, as with much of the world, small… Read More

UBER & Zopa Hook Up to Help Drivers Purchase Cars

UBER loves Zopa

Zopa, the first peer to peer lender in the UK, has partnered up with another innovative firm UBER. The now (almost) ubiquitous ridesharing / cab replacement company is entering into a new service.  UBER and Zopa have created a new marketplace that will assist UBER drivers… Read More

SyndicateRoom Comments on Speedy Self-Crowdfunding Round

Syndicate Room Co-founders

SyndicateRoom, a UK based investment crowdfunding platform, easily funded  their own company to the tune of £1.2 million last week.  The offer was previewed to registered investors on the platform allowing the portal to measure interest prior to the offer launch.  Shares in the company… Read More

Microsoft Executive Joins P2P Mortgage Lender LendInvest

Bart Boezeman

Indicative of the dramatic shift occurring in finance today, LendInvest has announced the appointment of a former Microsoft executive to join the fast growing peer to peer lending platform. Bart Boezeman will be LendInvest’s new Chief Marketing Officer.  Previously Boezeman was Director of Global Brand… Read More