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John Smedley’s Pixelmage Pulls the Plug on “Hero’s Song” Kickstarter


Last week, former Sony president, John Smedley, and his new studio, Pixelmage, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $800,000 for the new video game, Hero’s Song. Hero’s Song is described an as open world rogue-like fantasy game done in 2D pixel style. Pixelmage… Read More

Kickstarter Alum “Mighty No. 9″ Delays For the Third Time

Mighty No. 9 2

And the wait continues… Keiji Inafune’s Kickstarter project, Mighty No. 9, has been delayed for the third time. On Monday morning, Inafune revealed: “To the fans eagerly awaiting the release of Mighty No. 9, “Unfortunately, we have an announcement that will be very disappointing to all… Read More

Former Sony President John Smedley Opens New Studio & Launches “Hero’s Song” Kickstarter


Following his departure from Daybreak Games this past summer, former Sony president, John Smedley, has unveiled a new studio called Pixelmage Games. As part of the company’s launch, Smedley has debuted a Kickstarter for its first game, Hero’s Song. Hero’s Song is described an as open… Read More

Double Fine’s Tim Schafer Discusses “Psychonaut 2’s” Future During Reddit AMA

Tim Schafer Double Fine

Earlier this week, Double Fine boss, Tim Schafer, took to Reddit to discuss the future of the developer’s highly anticipated video game, Psychonauts 2. The game captured $3.8 million through its crowdfunding campaign on Fig. During AMA chat, Schafer stated: “The story for Psychonauts 2 is something… Read More

Harmonix Addresses “Amplitude” Code Issues

Amplitude 2

Earlier this week, Harmonix launched its Kickstarter success Amplitude in both North America and Europe. While most backers were excited about the release of the highly anticipated game, others grew frustrated over code issues. Just a few days after Amplitude’s debut, Harmonix updated backers about… Read More

Brief: Kickstarter Alum Infinium Strike Set to Hit XboxOne

Infinium Strike 3

Infinium Strike, a Kickstarter-funded strategy-action hybrid video game from former members of Ubisoft now forming Codex Worlds, is set to launch on Xbox One in addition to the previously announced PC, Mac and Linux releases. Infinium Strike takes place in the middle of an intergalactic war… Read More

Gary Oldman on Crowdfunding: The Government Will Get Wise to Something Like This

Gary Oldman 1

Taking a break from his work on Star Citizen,  57-year-old actor Gary Oldman sat down with Vulture to discuss the highly anticipated video game, its companion single-player spaceflight sim, Squadron 42, and crowdfunding. When Star Citizen surfaced in 2012, it immediately hit the spotlight and became one of the… Read More

Video Game Channel GINX TV Nears £575,000 on Crowdcube


With less than 48 hours until its Crowdcube campaign comes to an end, video game channel, GINX TV, has surpassed its initial £540,000 goal and is now nearing £575,000 thanks to 210 investors. The initiative was originally set to close at the beginning of December,… Read More

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis Backs Twin Galaxies’ #Right2Game Indiegogo Initiative By Offering Her “True Lies” Dress as a Perk

Jamie Lee Curtis

Earlier this month, community and social video game platform Twin Galaxies launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $250,000 for its #Right2Game movement.  The company shared: “As a video game enthusiast or someone who knows video game players, you have likely encountered the pervasive, negative… Read More

Double Fine’s “Psychonauts 2″ Secures Over $3 Million on Fig

Psychonauts 3

Less than one month after launching its crowdfunding campaign on Fig, Double Fine has officially captured its initial $3.3 million from over 18,000 backers for its new game, Psychonauts 2. The description of the new game reads: “The original game follows the story of a young psychic named… Read More

Fig Co-Founder Tim Schafer Discusses Kickstarter Experience & Video Game Crowdfunding

Tim Schafer

This past summer, Double Fine’s Tim Schafer, inXile’s Brian Fargo, and Obsidian’s Feargus Urquhart, launched Fig, which focuses exclusively on games. The platform allows the reward-based component as a way of “proving out a market, de-risking investment, getting investors more excited.” If investors see fans supporting a… Read More

Kickstarter RPG “Project Phoenix” Pushes Back Delivery Date: Now Scheduled For 2018


Just a little over two years after Project Phoenix secured over $1 million on Kickstarter, the creators of the highly anticipated game, CIA Inc.,  announced that its delivery date has been pushed back… from late 2015 (now) to 2018 (five years after the campaign’s launch). Project Phoenix… Read More

Update: “Psychonauts 2″ Nears $2M in 4 Days on Fig

Psychonauts 4

Just four days after launching a crowdfunding campaign on Fig for its highly anticipated video game, Psychonauts 2, Double Fine has successfully secured nearly $2 million from over 12,000 backers. The company turned to the funding method to raise $3.3 million towards the project. The description of… Read More

Yu Suzuki Shares New Details About Kickstarter Success “Shenmue 3″

Shenmue 3 4

Continuing to build excitement about the highly anticipated Kickstarter, Shenmue 3, creator Yu Suzuki revealed more of the game’s story in the latest update. While sharing details, Suzuki stated: “There are eleven chapters that make up the story of Shenmue, and those chapters are the basis for… Read More

Horror Equity Fund Seeks $750,000 on Crowdfunder to Grow Horror Genre Entertainment Investment Platform


Horror Equity Fund, Inc, an investment platform for solicitation and sale of funding solutions for pre-screened and professionally vetted Horror genre entertainment projects, announced on Thursday the launch of its new funding campaign on Crowdfunder to raise $750,000. Horror Equity Fund is not a production company. It offers… Read More

Double Fine Hits Fig to Raise Funds For New Project “Psychonauts 2″

Psychonauts 3

This week, video game developer Double Fine launched a crowdfunding campaign on Fig to raise $3.3 million for its new project, Psychonauts 2.  Back in 2005, Tim Schafer and his team launched the original Psychonauts. Its description reads: “The original game follows the story of a young… Read More

Harmonix’s Kickstarter Success “Amplitude” Set For PlayStation 4 Release


Great news, Amplitude Kickstarter backers! Harmonix’s highly anticipated reboot video game is set to hit PlayStation 4 consoles this upcoming January for $19.99. Amplitude is a rhythm music action game. It was first released in early 2000’s on PlayStation 2 and became one of the most popular… Read More

Video Game Platform Fig’s Second Campaign Fails to Meet Funding Goal

Justin Bailey

Last month, Scribblenauts and Run Roo Run developer, 5TH Cell, teamed up with new video game crowdfunding platform, Fig, to launch a new campaign for its new game, Anchors in the Drift. Anchors, is described as a Free to Play Action RPG with a unique twist that gives players the… Read More

Brief: Video Game Industry Veterans Launch New Crowd-Publishing Platform “BrightLocker”

Bright Locker

BrightLocker, an Austin, Texas-based crowd-publishing platform that was created by a group of video game industry veterans, has recently unveiled its Beta website that is dedicated to help backers participate in the funding, creation, selection and development of games. Ruben Cortez, CEO of BrightLocker, Inc., stated: “In… Read More

Creators of Kickstarter Alum “Armello” Announce House Rules, Quick A.I., & New Items Update

Armello 3

League of Geeks has released the first major post-launch update on Steam for Kickstarter success Armello. The PlayStation 4 and DRM-free versions of Armello will get the Armellians Roar update on Tuesday, Nov. 10. In response to requests from players and the press, the Armellians Roar… Read More