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Bitcoin Crowdfunding In Beta Now: BitcoinStarter


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is particularly popular amongst libertarian-minded individuals because of it’s decentralized, open-source nature. For a quick primer on what bitcoin is and how it works, check out this presentation by Robert McNally. A Wild Day For Bitcoin The currency made a lot of news today after some wild swings in value…. Read More

Coming soon, the gun you can download: U.S. start-up plans to share 3D printable firearms for FREE over the Internet

Anyone in the world could soon have access to a 3D printable gun through the internet thanks to¬† a U.S. start-up which plans to distribute schematics for the weapons free of charge. Defense Distributed, a company which wants to extend the U.S. Second Amendment rights to the entire world, hopes to test prototypes of the… Read More