Hayduke Labs Offers White Label Crowdfunding Solution


Here come the developers.

Hayduke Labs has announced an affordable white-label crowdfunding platform for accredited investors.  Pricing stands between $1000-3500 for your own crowdfunding web site.  Hayduke was started by Florida-based Ruby developer Mike Pence, who was an original team member at Kickstarter.

From Hayduke Labs:


We can build a crowdfunding site for you.

Coming 1Q 2013 — support for equity crowdfunding with accredited investors!

Hayduke Labs is a technology company that focuses on providing best-of-breed custom and white label solutions for people who would like to have their own crowdfunding site. Its software platform powers great crowdfunding sites like Medstartr, which was recently featured on The Wall Street Journal,ForbesTechCrunch, and in Nature.

I’m Mike Pence, a well-known figure in the Ruby on Rails software development world, and the founder of Hayduke Labs. I had the privilege of being a member of the original team that set Kickstarter in motion back in 2008, and I recently returned to the world of crowdfunding in 2012, building Sprigster, a site that aims to use crowdfunding to put our veterans back to work running their own franchise businesses.

I built Sprigster in a matter of weeks with a small development team, leveraging some great open source technology. The experience left me realizing that having your own crowdfunding site can be a difficult and expensive proposition. Where was the WordPress of crowdfunding? I was inspired to create a better solution.

That was the impetus of what I call Saguaro (suh-gwar-oh), our platform for crowdfunding sites. Saguaro are those giant cactuses we all saw on Road Runner cartoons, and Hayduke Labs is named after George Washington Hayduke, a fictitious character created by the amazing Edward Abbey. Everyone asks. :)  You can find out more if you visit the Saguaro page.


This news comes on the heels of Lockitron releasing their own open-source crowdfunding solution called Selfstarter.  Lockitron is responsible for the nifty phone-operated door lock.  They opted to create their own offering web site and it appears that they have now released the code as open source on Github, which would allow any startup with a capable developer to skip the approval processes and fees of Kickstarter and the like.

So there are at least two solid options for crowdfunding without using one of the typical portals… one allows you to crowdfund your own offering, one for starting your own portal.  More may be on the way.



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