Haunts’ Kickstarter failure highlights the risks of crowdfunding

Many people seem to treat Kickstarter pledges as a kind of advanced preorder system, a way to register intent to purchase an intriguing project when it’s still in the incredibly early stages of development. But investing in a Kickstarter project is really more like buying into a crazy dream that might not actually come true. That risk was highlighted this week with the unraveling of the development for Kickstarted multiplayer horror game Haunts.

Over 1,200 backers helped Rick Dakan and the development team at Mob Rule Games raise nearly $29,000 through Kickstarter this summer, enough to help recoup some of the $42,500 already invested to that point. But that money apparently wasn’t enough to get Haunts across the finish line. As Dakan notes in a detailed Kickstarter update, the two main programmers on the game have been forced to move on to full-time jobs and will have minimal free time to devote to the final debugging and polish needed to get the game from its current threadbare version to a releasable state. Coding the game in the relatively obscure Go programming language means there’s a limited pool of new programmers who could be brought in for that final push as well.

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