Crowdfunding IVF: A new way to afford fertility treatments?

Up until a few days ago, I never considered that I could play a role in getting another woman pregnant. My parts just don’t work that way. Through the powers of Facebook, however, I bumped into Cherie MacLean, a friend of a friend who has turned to Indiegogo to fund in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments.

For nine years, Cherie and her husband Josh have been trying to have a baby. After numerous doctors told them to “just keep trying,” and treatments of various sorts, the Utah couple finally got an answer. Cherie can’t conceive naturally because of damage to her fallopian tubes sustained during a car accident in high school. IVF is the only way.

Finally, an answer! But how does a couple pay for the procedure after insurance bails out? As Cherie explained their case to me in an email, “They will pay for stuff to diagnose you, but once one doctor says you’re infertile they are done with you. Which is so ridiculous, my fertility doctor says it should be the same as any other disease or aliment.”

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