Deal Focus: Crowdfunding the Oldest Swiss Watch Factory

Crazy and Very Exciting.

That is how this Swiss firm describes their own effort in Crowdfunding.  I am going to agree.  This Deal Focus is  very different becaus DuBois, a reknowned Swiss Watchmaker established in 1785, has not used Kickstarter, CrowdCube or some other international portal. They did it all on their own.  They probably will win the prize for oldest company to Crowdfund – if one existed.

In a letter on their website posted by Thomas Steinemann, President of Philippe Dubois & Fils SA, he pitched the offer to the crowd which since it is the internet – the world.  All you need to do is contact [email protected] and express your interest.

Their script is as follows:


In a new and exciting project, PHILIPPE DUBOIS & FILS SA offers to watch lovers to become part of one of the oldest Swiss watch brands and the oldest Swiss watch factory.

1751 the DuBois Family founded a small watch factory in Le Locle, in the heart of the Swiss watch industry. 1760 Philippe DuBois took over the company from his father Moise. 1785 his 3 sons joined the company and they changed the company name to PHILIPPE DUBOIS & FILS SA. Today a team is working on a repositioning of the brand and develop a complete new DuBois et Fils product line.

Do you want the experience how an old Swiss watch brand wake up and starts a new, successful story. Be part of the new chapter of DuBois et Fils after more than 225 years history.

Reports indicate DuBois has already raised over $300,000 via packages from Suisse Franc 500 up to 10,000.  Over 150 shareholders from 14 different countries have subscribed to date.  So for anyone claiming Crowdfunding is just for Start Ups or New Businesses.  It is not.  Crowdfunding is for any business.  Any size without limitations.

While the SEC and other interested parties are working out the details – please do keep this example in mind.  Crowdfunding works.





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