Crowdfunding: it’s us or the banks

Only in the UK would crowdfunding be withheld from starting a revolution of finance, as it did in the US. Will crowdfunding break through to us? It’s up to you.

Some things in life are about as predictable as death and taxes. One of these is that the UK’s FSA would oppose crowdfunding if it so much as showed it’s nose over here. After all, it’s an innovation.

Crowdfunding proved wildly successful in the USA in helping get projects off the ground that people actually want to see happen. It’s a new, successful, kind of democratic capitalism.

Platforms such as Kickstarter have provided a new way for people to come together and support projects that interest them at a level – usually a very small level of $10 to $100 or so – that they are comfortable with. Sometimes they get a reward (such as a copy of the product if/when it appears, or a T-shirt etc.) and sometimes just the knowledge that they did their bit towards something they believe in.


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