CYBER MONDAY: 10 Cool Products Being Crowdfunded Now

In the spirit of Cyber Monday, here are 10 crowdfunding campaigns that you can contribute to now to support innovative new products.

Puzzlebox Orbit: Brain-Controlled Helicopter

A toy helicopter you can control with your mind?  A toy helicopter you can control with your mind!  The Puzzlebox Orbit can be controlled from your smartphone, or you can opt for the NeuroSky MindWave Mobile EEG headset and control the copter’s height with your focus.  It is the perfect gift for yourself, so you can convince all of your friends and family that you are some kind of crazy soothsayer.

Price: $89 to $300
Campaign ends: December 8th, 2012
Chances of funding: Already fully funded


AdTrap: Hardware-Based Web Ad Blocker

For those of you that hate web ads with a burning passion, here is your solution.  AdTrap is a tiny, Linux-based piece of hardware that sits between your modem and router to block ads before they have a chance to hit your network.  The result?  An ad-free internet that loads faster.  It also sports a Micro SD slot, so it is hacker-friendly.  Do with it what you will.

Price: $120
Campaign ends: December 8th, 2012
Chances of funding: Extremely likely


Lumawake: The first SMART dock for all iPhones

We’ve got plenty of info on this campaign in an earlier post, but if you’re just joining us… Lumawake charges all iPhones, lights up automatically when you’re trying to find it in the dark, wakes you up in a better mood, and will even turn your TV off if you forget or start a pot of coffee in the morning.  Now, if only it paid the bills and made dinner…

Price: $149
Campaign ends: December 19th, 2012
Chances of funding: Good


Pintofeed: Feed Your Pet from Your Phone

Feed Your Pet from Your Phone with Pintofeed. from Pintofeed Inc on Vimeo.

Does your crazy schedule leave your pooch without food for long periods of time?  Avoid the wrath of PETA and get Pintofeed, an internet-enabled pet feeder.  Pintofeed will monitor your pet’s eating habits to help create a schedule, or you can simply feed your pet from your smartphone by tapping a button.  It’ll also alert you when Fido’s been fed via SMS, Email or your favorite social network.

Price: $99 and up
Campaign ends: December 15th, 2012
Chances of funding: Flexibly funded, so Pintofeed just gets whatever is pledged.  No hard goal.


TaskOne: The serious tool for your iPhone

Final release – TaskOne product video from Addison Shelton on Vimeo.

If you’re caught out and about without a swiss army knife or multitool there is no app for that, but there is TaskOne.  TaskOne is an iPhone case with a multitool built into the back.  It has 16 tools and covers the essentials: screwdrivers, bottle opener, various knives and cutting tools, allen wrenches and more.  It also protects your phone, and all of this comes without a huge amount of bulk to carry in your pocket.

Price: $75 and up
Campaign ends: December 26th, 2012
Chances of funding: Still early, long way to go


The EZ-EV Open-source Electric Kit Car

Gary Krysztopik is that uncle you wish you had.  He built a kit airplane, and when he needed a hangar to do final production he built the hangar from a kit too.  Now he wants to produce kit EVs, which you can reserve through his campaign for $10,000.  The campaign is off to a slow start, but it would only take 10 eccentric millionaires with an interest in electric cars and lots of free time to buy 10 rolling chassis kits.  (Crowdfunders, can I get a cheap Locost 7 kit?  Please?)

Price: $7,500 for a frame, $10,000 for a rolling chassis kit
Campaign ends: February 14th, 2013
Chances of funding: Flexibly funded, no hard goal.  Chances of receiving $100K?  I’d take the under.  Hope I’m wrong.


Wallet TrackR: Never Lose Your Wallet Again

From a group including the man that brought you Lady Gaga’s meat dress (I can’t make this stuff up) comes the Wallet TrackR, a small bluetooth-enabled device that signals where your wallet is at all times.  Losing your wallet is frustrating and getting it stolen is downright infuriating.  Now you can pop this card in your wallet and track it from your iPhone.  The TrackR folks will even ship it with a stylish new wallet made for the card.  The card’s battery lasts approximately 18 months and is easily changed.

Price: From $29 for device only to $140 including wallet
Campaign ends: December 8th, 2012
Chances of funding: No hard cap


NODE Chroma, a Real Life Wireless Color Picker for iPhone

This is my selfish pick, because I do open Photoshop from time to time and Apple’s Mac OSX color picker is a terrible software travesty.  See a color you like?  Want to use it in a graphic project or paint your walls to match?  Use Chroma to capture the specifics.  This is built on the NODE platform, which was previously Kickstarted successfully and is astoundingly cool.  Read more about NODE here.

Price: $150 and up, or $75 if you already own a NODE
Campaign ends: December 7th, 2012
Chances of funding: Already fully funded


GrOpener: A One-Handed Bottle Opener

Sticking with the bottle opener theme, we have the GrOpener.  Not every new product has to be some computer-based technological marvel.  The GrOpener looks like it could have been designed in a beginner CNC course, and that simplicity is what makes it so awesome.  It enables you to open a bottle with one hand, and even makes opening cans easier by providing a tool to grab underneat the tab.  Every bartender is going to want one of these, and it is hard to pass up with a starting price of $16.

Price: From $16
Campaign ends: December 11th, 2012
Chances of funding: Already fully funded


Misfit Shine: An Elegant, Wireless Activity Tracker

Americans are a notoriously sloppy bunch, and the Misfit Shine can help get our collective asses in gear.  It is an activity tracker that is about the size of a couple of quarters.  It tracks activity and syncs with your smartphone easily.  All you have to do is set the device on the screen.  Magic!  Better yet, it can go 6 months on a battery.  The Misfit Shine is set to seriously disrupt the emerging activity tracker industry.

Price: From $79
Campaign ends: December 27th, 2012
Chances of funding: Already fully funded



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