Is Crowdfunding Your Album on Kickstarter Insulting and Wrong?

almostfundedkickstarterI do a monthly Kickstarter round-up on Art Attack because I really do think that crowdsourcing is a great way to get projects off of the ground that might otherwise never see the light of day. Some wonderful independent video games, for example, exist because of crowd-funding, and it is certainly the only way that awesome-looking film Goon is going to get made because no studio in their right mind is going to finance it since it will almost certainly not make very much money.

One thing I see a lot is bands wanting to raise money to record albums, and frankly every time I do I get a little angry, not least because they seem to want an ungodly amount of dough to lay down an LP — $8,000 and more in some cases for local bands. What the hell kind of music are you recording? Full orchestral scores?

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