Watch These Two Excellent Crowdfunding Pitch Videos

In advance of my “crowdfunding speed consulting” session with the film students I talked about in my previous post, I did a bit of homework hoping to help students work through an issue they encountered: How do you make a great video pitch about your film without giving your plot away? I found two great spoiler-free examples on Indiegogo of projects.

1. Both fully followed the fundamental rule in crowdfunding of leaving no question unanswered.
2. Both managed to give the audience a powerful sense of the look and feel of their film.
3. And both took a “meta” approach to fulfill 1 and 2.

Not only did 3 work famously, but it also went a long way to demonstrate the personality, wit and storytelling savvy of both project creators:

HELP KENNY GEE NOW from Kenny Gee on Vimeo.

The Ascent Pitch from Tom Murtagh on Vimeo.

Have you checked out the actual projects yet? Go. I’ll wait.

Surprised? I was. I’d actually stumbled on “The Ascent” last fall while the project was still running. I immediately fell in love with the video and contacted the creators to ask why they thought they were doing so poorly. I never received a response.

On the other hand, “The Body” was a featured project on Indiegogo a couple of weeks ago, which happens only when you have a high Gogofactor. With about two weeks still to go Gee, a Singaporean filmmaker, has already exceeded his $20,000 goal by about 30%.

So what lessons are there to be learned here?

My heart wants to assume the unsuccessful campaign ran into unrelated roadblocks —a great paying gig that could not be passed up, for example—and the campaign had to be aborted.

My head says that crowdfunding success is a careful, thorough and relentless orchestration of all the elements of your project. That you can’t rely on one piece of the puzzle to get you to the finish line. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

This was reposted with permission from The CrowdFundamentals. Thanks to Rose Spinelli for contributing!

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