Why Crowdfunding Has Surpassed the VC industry

Inocente OscarFor the first time in a digital and human history, a film funded by the people (a.k.a. crowd) has won an Oscar. Inocente had the help of 294 backers who donated over $52K in total via Kickstarter, the leading crowdfunding platform which utilizes contribution (donation) model. The beautifully done story is truly moving and got me into tears when I watched it at the Films Academy screening here in Los Angeles.

But this was just one out of almost twenty thousand projects of 2012 which their creators were able to get off the ground — thanks to the financial support from the online communities. Kickstarter reveals some enlightening data and information on the best funded projects of 2012 such as:

• 10 percent of the films at Sundance were Kickstarter-funded;

• 63 Kickstarter-funded films played in more than 1,200 theaters;

• Crowdfunded opera premiered at the Kennedy Center;

• A Kickstarter funded open-source underwater robot for exploration and education “could change the future of ocean exploration.” (New York Times)

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