Crowdfunding Projects For The Savvy Beer Drinker

Two crowdfunding projects for savvy beer drinkers are making a lot of noise on Kickstarter and Indiegogo right now.

TapIt Cap – Turn A Beer Growler Into A Mini Keg

For those of us that can’t drink an entire growler of high-quality beer in one sitting (which apparently doesn’t include some of my friends) Robert Scott of Denver, Colorodo is offering preorders of his product on Kickstarter. Called the TapIt Cap, it is essentially a tap for growler bottles. It pressurizes the contents and keeps the beer fresh longer so your growler can sit in the fridge for days without going completely flat. Growlers are also a more eco-friendly way to consume beer because they’re reusable, so this campaign should strike a cord for the concious consumer too.

According to the Kickstarter project page, Scott was inspired to create the TapIt based on his experiences as a homebrewer.

I had the idea when my homebrew partner told me his father had quit using growlers because the beer went flat too quickly. Buying craft beer in growlers is less expensive, but the value decreases when the beer isn’t consumed in one evening and goes flat after 12 hours. A capped growler can sit for a week or longer depending on how carefully it was filled. But after the first beer is poured from a growler, air flows in to replace the beer. Oxidation leads to bad flavors in the beer just a few hours after opening and the beer becomes flat. I realized that I, too, had begun to purchase fewer growlers. The TapIt Cap has changed the way my friends and I buy and brew beer.

The reactions of beer drinkers who have used the TapIt Cap prototype have been very encouraging. Their excitement over my design has been a huge motivation and has inspired me to bring this product to the market. The first time professional brewer Bill Eye (shown in the video) saw a prototype, he asked the price and when he would be able to purchase the TapIt Cap. I didn’t have to tell him what it was, he recognized the function and potential immediately. Everyone in the beer industry who has seen the TapIt Cap knows what an important addition this device will be to the craft beer industry.

Other companies have unsuccessfully tried to create products that do what the TapIt Cap accomplishes. My design works with the readily available glass growler, which thousands of craft breweries use every day.

The project will almost certainly be successfully funded with only a couple thousand dollars to raise and 12 days to go. You can preorder a TapIt Cap for $40 and delivery is estimated for October of 2013.

Breathometer – Portable Breatholyzer

So now that you’re successfully drinking wonderful craft beer from a pressurized growler, it may be a good idea to make sure you can still drive home from your friend’s house without risking a dreaded DUI. The Breathometer is a portable breatholyzer that plugs into your smartphone’s headphone jack and allows you to measure your blood alcohol content quickly from anywhere. It is compatible with any devices running iOS5+ and Android 2.3+, so it should work with most modern smartphones. Stretch goals are set and one has already been met. Reaching $100,000 in funding means that the Breathometer team will implement one-click calling for friends and local taxi cabs from within the app itself. This is a great device for those that want to make sure they aren’t over the limit before they hit the road.

The project does carry some risk as the team is in the early stages of development, but they are transparent about their situation. From the Indiegogo page:

We’ve been developing the smartphone breathalyzer for the past 6 months now and are at a stage where we need your help. The Breathometer device that you see in the video is a real, working prototype but innovation is costly.

While we’re close to entering production, your support will help fund:
• Production tooling
Large component order
• Support marketing efforts and raise awareness

You can preorder a device for as little as $20 and delivery is estimated for January of 2014.

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