Second Amendment Supporters Finding A Home On RocketHub

Second amendment enthusiasts are happily contributing to four RocketHub campaigns for AR-15, AR-10 and 1911 lower receivers, or “lowers.” All four campaigns are either already fully funded or well on their way.

Lower receivers are components used to assemble full firearms and are becoming increasingly difficult to source.

Most of the lowers offered on the platform are 80% lowers. The percentage references the level of completeness of the lower. As far as how much work is required to complete these lowers, Fealty Arms explains in their campaign…

What work is necessary to render the 80% lower receiver complete?

Being that the receiver is only 80% complete; the eventual owner would need to complete the remaining 20% of the work. The only work necessary to complete a fully functional 80% lower is drilling 3 holes and minor milling. Here is a link to a thorough walk-through of the process Here. You can also find a tutorial Here.

Since the lowers referenced here are not complete, a federal firearms license is not required to accept delivery of the products. They are not deemed firearms by the ATF in this stage of production.

Citizen ownership of assault rifles has long been a hot button issue, and this has been exacerbated recently by the shootings in Sandy Hook. Adam Lanza used an AR-15 variant manufactured by Bushmaster in the attack.

For now “assault rifles” are still legal to own while some lawmakers push for reinstating a ban on these types of guns.

The most notable instance of firearms in the crowdfunding space would have to be the Defense Distributed WikiWeapon project, which was pulled from Indiegogo after garnering a huge amount of media attention.

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