UPDATED: Dunkin’ Donuts Joins Indiegogo Campaign In Supporting Employees Subjected To Racism

UPDATE: The campaign has met the $10,000 goal and should result in a nice starter fund for the educational aspirations of both of the victims in this crazy story. It’s a must read. Details below…

A woman named Taylor Chapman took her revenge about 5,000 steps too far following an unfortunate mixup at a Dunkin’ Donuts location involving a missing receipt.

Like many food establishments, Dunkin’ Donuts has a policy that allows a customer to request their order be filled a second time if a receipt isn’t provided after the first transaction. Chapman, apparently fuming upon her secondary visit to the restaurant, approaches the counter seeking reimbursement. She insists on videotaping the encounter and proceeds to go on a racially-charged tirade while constantly reminding the employees of the store that she will be posting the video to social media.

Backfire. Major, major backfire.

Chapman has now been featured in The Smoking Gun, Business Insider, Gawker, The Consumerist and many many more outlets. A Google News search of her name stands as a case study in how not to go about settling your grievences.

Video is embedded below, but be forewarned that it contains racial slurs and other things that risk sapping any and all hope for the human race. NSFW

In an attempt to reinstill a little bit of that aforementioned faith in the human race, a stranger by the name of Carl J Speed II has launched an Indiegogo campaign seeking as much money as possible to be split between the two subjects of Chapman’s malice. He wants to funnel the funds to the two victims of the tirade (Abdid Adar and Nithi) in an effort to help them pay for their schooling.

I read that Abid is 18, recently graduated, and has aspirations of being a doctor. I haven’t seen what Nithi’s aspirations are, but I wanted to counterract this swarm of negativity that happened to these these two, by giving them a foot up in pursuit of their education and careers.

There are no rewards associated with the campaign. The campaign simply aims to do something nice for these two young people.

It isn’t the first time just such a campaign has been launched on Indiegogo. The most famous campaign of this sort was probably the campaign for the bus aide that was berated by students on her route. That campaign would go on to raise over $700,000 for the bus monitor Karen Klein.

Dunkin’ Donuts has since voiced support for the way the employees handled what must have been a very difficult situation via the company’s Twitter feed…


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