WATCH: Aaron’s Last Wish Results In $500 Tips Across America

Aaron Collins died in July of 2012 at the age of 30. In his will, he left a message that would change his brother Seth’s life forever. He asked him to leave a huge tip for a waitress. $500 for a pizza.

So he did. Better yet, he began asking people to donate money so he could continue to do so. He launched an Indiegogo campaign and set up a website accepting donations via Paypal. $50,000 later he’s touring the country giving a waiter or waitress $500 once a week, and he says he will continue to do so until he’s out of cash.

The best part? Every single one of these is being put on YouTube. Here are just a few:

Um, I have something in my eye…

For more on the campaign check out the following resources:
Aaron’s Last Wish on Facebook
Aaron’s Last Wish on Twitter
Seth Collins’s YouTube Channel
Aaron’s Last Wish on Google News
Aaron’s Last Wish Indiegogo campaign (closed)

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