Crowdfunding Mailbox: Looking for George Clooney, Sigmo Language Translator & Nuclius Portable HDTV

crowdfundinsidermailboxAnother week in the world of crowdfunding and while things do slow down a bit in August crowdfunding moves forward.  This past week saw the Crowdfunding Professionals Assocation (CfPA) hold their annual event and we expect to receive some interesting reports from this gather this coming week.

While true equity crowdfunding has not yet hit the masses in the United States it continues to show promise and growth where it allowed.  Presently we must just imagine how equity crowdfunding will impact rewards based crowdfunding until that time.

As always thank you to those of you who submitted your projects to our site.  We recommend that all crowdfundings check out our Guide to Crowdfunding for tips and advice as to how to create a successful crowdfunding campaign.  If you would like to submit your crowdfunding campaign for including in mailbox please email us at [email protected]

First up this week we have a cheeky film from two capable ladies entitled Looking for George Clooney.  Well I don’t quite understand the allure in chasing this guy but watch the trailer and it will quickly put a smile on your face.  I wonder if they will be able to get a cameo perhaps?

Next up we have the Sigmo.  Ok – we have the Scanadu “tricorder” like device – now we have a device that supposedly translates languages via audio on the fly.  The tech of Star Trech takes another step towards reality.

Finally we have a self crowdfunding campaign for a hardware device that is supposed to replace cable and satellite TV.  I don’t quite understand how this things work but anything that can cut the cable bill (or at least allow me to stop paying so much for digital garbage) sounds good to me.




Looking for George Clooney

Looking for George Clooney – Indiegogo

When her marriage breaks down bored housewife Poppy leaves London and sets off to LA in search of her ultimate dream man George Clooney in this kooky romcom!

When her marriage irrevocably breaks down, bored English housewife Poppy Wakefield decides it’s time to take action and go out in search of her true soul mate… George Clooney!

To Poppy, George is everything her husband isn’t; suave, sophisticated, funny and charming. Alas in the wise words of Michael Buble, he “just hasn’t met her yet!” So Poppy decides to remedy that.

But little does she realize that her quest to becoming the future Mrs. Clooney will introduce her to a whole host of crazy along the way and she is quickly sidetracked by real life…or whatever they call it in Hollywood!

Sigmo Audio Language Translator 

SIGMO – talk and understand in more than 25 languages – Indiegogo

It’s a voice translating device that will revolutionise the way you are able to communicate and understand other languages.

SIGMO – is a voice translating device that will revolutionise the way you are able to communicate and understand other languages.

  • Would you like to communicate with foreigners without any problems during vacations, business trips or wherever you are?
  • All these things become possible with the help of SIGMO!

Forget about bulky dictionaries and awkward, slow translations on your mobile. Now with SIGMO at the touch of a button you can instantly translate the words you need into any chosen language and hear the results of your translation instantly! Contemporary design, intuitive and portable SIGMO will be a must have for any traveler.

Nuclius Portable HDTV

Nuclius Ursa HDTV Revolution Kick-Starter! – Self Crowdfunding

Tired of Your Cable and Satellite Provider? DO Something About It! Back the Nuclius HDTV Takeover!

Transform ANY HDTV Into a Mind-Blowing Experience

Everyone can join the Nuclius Revolution regardless how old their HDTV is. If your HDTV or HD-Ready Home Theater system has HDMI, Component (Red/Blue/Green), Composite (Red/White/Yellow) or Digital Audio (Orange) connections on it, then you are ready for the Nuclius experience. Just plug, play and enjoy.

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