Encrypted E-Mail Client Mailpile Fully Funded On Indiegogo

A small development team from Reykjavík, Iceland has raised over $100,000 on Indiegogo for Mailpile, an encrypted email client.

Edward Snowden’s recent leaks were a wake-up call, confirming what many had long suspected, that the troves of e-mail stored on our behalf by Google, Microsoft and others are irresistable targets for those who would like to invade our privacy, be they criminals or overzealous government organizations like the NSA.

We first reported on Mailpile shortly after the campaign launched. The team aims to build an email client that will run on a variety of machines while keeping emails encrypted. Emails can be accessible from anywhere by “using port forwarding or a tunneling service like PageKite.”

With three weeks left of our campaign, we have already reached our goal of $100,000 USD! This is absolutely fantastic and we are deeply grateful to all of you for believing in us and supporting our vision with your hard earned cash. It’s now very likely that we will over-shoot our goals and raise more money than we initially planned for. This begs the question: how do we turn extra money into code?

The team is currently debating what to do with the extra funding. RIght now they’re leaning toward keeping a rainy day fund, hiring some contractors to help build the application and doing some travel to promote.

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