On Indiegogo: Two Ridiculous Campaigns Mock Crowdfunding

The ability to laugh at yourself is important from time to time, and I do believe this is the case for crowdfunding as well. Two campaigns on Indiegogo right now embrace that ethos in trying to fund ridiculous ideas. Indiegogo is a very open platform, so both of these campaigns are fair game!

Fund a Kickstarter Campaign

A comedic campaign on Indiegogo seeks funding to fund a professional Kickstarter campaign. It’s very meta.

Some of the rewards include the right to your own name. You can also get Diamonds for $25. (OK, they won’t actually send you diamonds… but they will make sure you can spell it correctly.)

So why should you contribute? Project creator “Baron Von Husk” explains point-by-point…

Your Contributions Matter Because It Makes…

A. Successful campaign 

B. Successful campaign pays for creation of pretty good Kickstarter production. 

C. Pretty good Kickstarter production makes for successful Kickstarter campaign. 

D. Successful Kickstarter campaign makes our brilliant idea become reality. 

If you can’t pledge money to the campaign, don’t worry… there are other ways you can help. The campaign creators encourage those interesting in lending a hand to “Send the campaign to someone you don’t like.”

Just Give This Guy Money

I plan to do absolutely nothing with any monies raised except perhaps waste it on frivolity.

Comedian Ray Davis (@bongomondo) has launched an Indiegogo campaign seeking money for something. That something happens to be whatever he feels like spending it on. He has seeded the campaign with admittedly “worthless” rewards including a “surprise” (he won’t say what it is) and a personal Twitter thank you.

He has done precisely nothing in setting up the campaign,

(in a true tribute to the lazy I have of course not formatted this pitch, provided a video despite advice that it increases contributions by 114%, a web site and even started sentences in lower case and with a connective – in essence I’ve done all I can to provide an empty petri dish)

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