#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 13, 2013

Real Business | The regulation of crowdfunding

In this opinion piece by Simon Deane-Johns, he explores the recent effort on the part of the FCA in the United Kingdom to regulate various forms of crowdinvesting. In his words, “the proposals still do not strike the right balance between protecting consumers and fostering innovation and competition.”

gofundmeBrokelyn | New trend: People crowdfunding their New York City dreams

This NYC-focused article explores a handful of campaigns on GoFundMe aimed at funding efforts to move to the Big Apple. The piece ends with a bit of snark that captures the general tone: “How shitty must it feel once you realize that people are willing to pay to make you go away?”

Huffington Post | Aren’t We Over Kickstarter Yet?

This cynical piece shares some of the long-standing problems people have with rewards-based crowdfunding, although it is interesting that author Aly Walansky frames some of this from the project creator’s perspective. It’s a perspective that may not get the focus it deserves.

skycarPaleofuture | 17 Better Ways to Waste Your Money Than On This Crowdfunded “Flying Car”

Terrafugia is crowdfunding an effort to bring a market-viable flying car to the masses. So is Paul Moller, who has turned to Indiegogo seeking close to a million dollars for his flying car concept. This Paleofuture piece rips Moller, pointing out “The notorious Moller has spent the last 40 years losing ridiculous amounts of money for investors in flying car schemes that don’t work.” He has also apparently been targeted by SEC litigation. Of course, all is fair on Indiegogo.

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