Star.21 Fitness Band Reaches ¥300,000 on Pozible


With less than two weeks until its Pozible crowdfunding campaign comes to an end, Oaxis’ Star.21 Fitness Band has officially hit¥311,014. The project originally set out to raise ¥100,000.

OaxisThe Star.21 Fitness Band helps its users “kickstart” their healthy lifestyle and cultivate long last healthy habits through a unique gaming experience. Based on the “21 Days Habit Formation” concept, the wristband’s Lifebalanz App guides users through the first 21 days with progressive milestones.

By achieving the actives, the user starts developing healthy habits that turn into a reflex behavior. This is due to the fact that the human brain is capable of rewiring itself in 21 days to establish new neural pathways through repetitive actions, hence long-lasting habits can be formed.

The 21 Days schedule has the following tasks:

  • Day 1 to 7: Users require constant reminders to keep to their resolutions, the resulting behaviors are deliberate and unnatural. The initial novelty of wearing the fitness trackers allows users to overcome this period easily.
  • Day 8 to 21: Users require conscious control to steer away from urges and temptations; behaviors become deliberate but natural at this stage.

If the user decides to continue past the 21 days, from Day 22 to 91, users behaviors become unconscious and natural, users no long require reminders and conscious control.

Star. 21’s key features are the following:

  • Bluetooth Wireless Synchornization: Consists of a fitness band and a mobile application that works on both iOS and Android. The band measures and records motions, which is transmitted to the smartphone via Bluetooth BLE.
  • Daily Steps Counter: The all-day step tracker lets users understand how active they are throughout the day, keeping the daily goals within sight. It also helps the user to stay inline with the goals, achieving one goal at a time.
  • Star21 2Sleep Pattern Monitor: Keeps track of sleeping patterns and provides insights to the quality of the user’s sleep. This, in return, helps them develop better sleeping habits.
  • Calories Consumption: Provides users with insights to their calories consumption that they exhaust throughout the day and taking into consideration of the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).
  • Gamification: This built-in game helps user visualize the milestones; tracking on progress to ensure users achieve goals that are inline with the 21 days habit formation plan. The incremental goals layout in the game allows attainment of the easier goals before moving on to harder ones.

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