CineStill Launches Kickstarter to Raise $360,000 For Medium Format Film; Quickly Leaps to $44,000

Earlier this week, Hollywood-based company CineStill’s hit Kickstarter to raise funds for a new medium format film, 800Tungsten with a crowdfunding campaign. Within days, the campaign reached well over $43,000 thanks to nearly 450 backers.

CineStill Film 1According to its campaign, the 800Tungsten is “a high speed color film created for still photography in low light.” The film is already available in 35mm and, due to its continuous success and demand, CineStill is looking to the filming crowd to invest.

The CineStill team stated, “Currently, photographers have very limited options when shooting in artificial continuous light. CineStill 800T is the only high speed color film currently made that is compatible with incandescent/tungsten light. No other still photography film produces such natural color and fine grain when shooting in tungsten light.”

“This opens up a whole new world of shooting possibilities for photographers, allowing them to shoot the cameras they love in limited available light or in the studio with continuous hot lights, similar to those used on the set of a motion picture film. The unsurpassed quality and cutting edge technology used in cinema film gives 800T amazing exposure and color latitude, allowing extreme flexibility when shooting in mixed light or even in daylight without any filtration, producing excellent color and tonality in nearly any lighting situation!”

Key benefits of having CineStill 800T in medium format include:

  • CineStill Film 4Tungsten balanced for a wide range of lighting situations (no more mirky yellow/orange photos when shooting indoors under available light)
  • Compatible with standard C-41 lab processing or at home
  • Amazing resolution and fine grain at high ISO
  • That unique “cinematic” look!
  • Shoot your favorite medium format cameras: Hasselblad, Contax, Pentax, Rollei, Mamiya, Holga/Diana and other vintage and toy cameras!
  • Expands and sustains the analog still and motion picture film markets
  • Opens the door for future new medium format films for photographers
  • Improved and more efficient production of existing CineStill 135 format films resulting in better quality and wider availability.
  • Availability WORLDWIDE!

In regards to where the funds are going, the team shared, “Your support will fund the constructing of newly engineered machines and the retooling of existing equipment to be able to modify wider format materials at a capacity to supply 120 and 35mm film to the world. A small-scale production line that is flexible and collaborative will begin manufacturing necessary photographic materials. This sort of production will guarantee a more efficient and consistent process, which will increase quality and productivity, where large-scale industrial operations are not flexible enough to adapt to fluctuating market behavior quickly, and would be forced to discontinue or become extremely wasteful.”

CineStill Film 5U.S. Supporters of the campaign will have the opportunity to start shooting with this coveted film in 120 format before its worldwide release. The team noted, “Your backing enables us to bring it to setup manufacturing and marketing of this new film at an affordable retail price. The goal is to have it cost you no more than any other premium quality, high speed color 120 film. Hopefully between $10 and $12 USD.”

For international supporters, the team added, “It may actually cost us as much as we raise to fulfill a single roll internationally, so we have reserved international fulfillment for pledges of $75 or more. (NEW: A single roll benefit has been added for international fulfillment. Sadly, the shipping companies will raise more money than us with that fulfillment.) Additional shipping charges may apply for all intentional benefits, but we will use the most affordable option. So make your money go further, and if you can, pledge more!”

The campaign is set to close on November 4th.


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