Crowdfunding Mailbox: SONICable Charges Your Phone Twice as Fast, Sugr Cube Wireless Speaker & iCamPro Tracks Intruders

Mailbox GermanyThree hardware campaigns for this week’s Crowdfunding Mailbox with one of them scheduled to end tomorrow (so you better hurry).

Amaryllo International, based in the Netherlands, has a crowdfunding hit on their hands.  Their iCAMPro “intelligent security robot” was set up to raise $1000 on Indiegogo and it stands at over $227,000 today. So this is straight pretail. You sign up for the Perk and receive the product a couple months down the line.  Why so much enthusiasm from crowdfunding backers?  For $149 you can receive your very own home security robot that detects motion and captures video in your home, office or elsewhere.  iCAMPro sees, hears and tracks (180 degrees) moving objects – in the light or at night.  The real time tracking is described as “military grade”.  The iCamPro Tracking ThievesiCAMPro recently hit the showroom floors of CES and was showered with accolades like “coolest robot” and “best gadget of CES”.  Check it out for yourself below.  This one ends tomorrow on Indiegogo.

We are all tied to our smartphones today using Apps and communication tools to manage just about everything.  If you are like me I constantly try and keep my iPhone charged and carry a back up battery just in case.  I tear through the lightening cables as they have an unfortunate tendency to degrade, fray (or disappear) over time with heavy use. Well SONICable has paired super high quality with a sleek feature that allows you to charge any device – in half the time.  SONICable comes with a lifetime warranty too.  You can spend $19 Sonicable with Logoon a lightening cable or $27 on a SONICAble that will last as long as you need it.  Android compatible versions are available as well.  This campaign on Indiegogo has raised an incredible $130,000.

Sugr Cube is a super stylish wireless speaker that has incorporated a unique set of controls and social integration.  Sugr is not the typical plastic speaker but is constructed of wood which gives it a cool design spin plus enhances the accoustics.  A super modern looking speaker that has been created without buttons but responds to touch and motion instead.  Tap Sugr and it will pause what it is playing.  Touch and hold and you can share the current song you are playing on Facebook or with your favorite friend. Snooze?  Just rotate it once.

Sugr cube speakerThe core team members who developed this speaker were previously engineers from the Microsoft Center for Hardware (MACH) in Shenzhen,  China. Sugr Cube is their very first product and they plan more to deliver the “best streaming and social media devices.  Crowdfunding now on Kickstarter and about half way to their $40,000.



The First Domestic Robot That Tracks Intruders! – Indiegogo

Meet iCamPRO FHD, world’s first intelligent home security robot.

Unlike any other home security devices, iCamPRO is the first robotic home security camera that can actually see, hear, sense, and track moving objects, all while communicating with you. “In today’s world of clever thieves and Industrial Saboteurs, the iCamPRO will record every movement in perfect detail so you can identify security threats or common thieves and protect your business and family,” commented by David Rodwell, one of the campaign contributors.

SONICable,The World’s Most Advanced Charging Cable – Indiegogo

Charging Cable with advanced features for iPhone & Android. Charge any device twice as fast
SONICable is the World’s Most Advanced Charging Cable
It charges any device in just half the time of a regular USB cable.

Sugr Cube – Touch to Stream and Share Music – Kickstarter

A Wi-Fi speaker to directly stream online music. Intuitive control with touch & motion. Simultaneous listen with friends anywhere.

Sugr Cube is a powerful Wi-Fi speaker to stream online music. Use touch and gesture to control music playback. Share music with remote friends and listen simultaneously.
Sugr Cube is designed without any buttons. Playback control is achieved with touch and motion. It feels natural when you touch on the glossy wood surface. It delivers the best music to you with perfect sound quality.

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