Crowdfunding Mailbox: BuddyGuard Home Security, Brease Personal Cloud Storage & Mellow Electric Skateboard

Mailbox Baden Baden GermanyA few weeks back Kickstarter announced German crowdfunding campaigns.  The campaigns just started going live this past week and so we are happy to be featuring two projects from German creators.

I travel quite a bit so I am constantly swapping between desktop, laptop and iPad. Using iCloud is great, and it has gotten much better in the past year or so, but it does not take care of everything.  Sure I have a DropBox account but there are limitations with that too.  A few years back a promising digital storage concept was crowdfunded on Kickstarter called Lima, but years later most backers have nothing to show for supporting a concept that did not have a working prototype. Now there is Brease, a simple cloud storage device that you control and manage on your own network.

Brease storageCreated by a team in the Netherlands, Brease is hoping to raise $90,000 on Kickstarter to manufacturer their product. Brease lets you use your own physical drives as cloud storage – accessible anywhere you have an internet connection.   Similar to DropBox, you can share specific files with friends and family or even allow others to use a portion of your own storage as long as you like.  Brease is expected to ship with 8 GB of internal storage but you can add up to 8 TB yourself.  That’s a lot. Everything is secured using military grade 256 bit encryption. Price is right too at only $79.  My only complaint is that it is scheduled to ship in February of 2016.  I need this now.

Mellow Board DriveThere have been a few electric skateboard crowdfunding campaigns (and at least one or two hover boards). Mellow may be the best yet since it allows you to pick the board and add the drive.  Watch the video below this one is pretty cool.  Designed in part by a former BMW electric car engineer, Mellow is an electric drive that fits under every skateboard.  With one of these your current ride becomes a high tech electric board in minutes.  Mellow has great specs too; 15 kilometer range, top speed of 40 kmh and if you need to go further the battery is easily swappable. This slick device comes with a handheld remote that is simple and intuitive.  Crowdfunding on Kickstarter by a team in Hamburg, Germany, this one is a bit expensive.  But this may be one where you get what you pay for.

BuddyGuard KickstarterHome Security products have been a very popular category on rewards based crowdfunding platforms. It is a combination of demand and opportunity to disrupt high priced alternatives that have incentives innovators into the space.  BuddyGuard may be the most feature rich and intuitive home security tech yet.  This is one that you can set and forget. Keying off of your smartphone, BuddyGuard knows when you are at home and when you leave.  When you are out of the house it automatically activates. When you return – it turns itself off.  No more frantically punching in key commands to turn off a blaring device. The flying saucer like device is tiny but packs a punch.  Less than 5″ in diameter, included in the BuddyGuard is; HD Camera, Motion Detector, Accelerometer, temperature sensor, microphone, speaker, siren 3G module, WiFi and of course a battery. What else do you need.  Oh you can also use voice commands or face recognition too. The is project is from a team in Berlin and is hoping to raise $89,271 on Kickstarter to bring this to market.


BuddyGuard: Smarter Home Security. Easy and Affordable – Kickstarter

BuddyGuard’s Flare is a complete, independent Home Security System in a single device. It protects you and your home all by itself.

A complete home security system in a single device: BuddyGuard’s Flare brings the best functionalities of home security together in a single device. At the same time, it is our goal to make home security as easy and non-intrusive as possible.

Brease – All your storage. Accessible anywhere – Kickstarter

Brease turns your local storage into cloud storage and makes it accessible on all your devices. Your personal cloud is here.

Brease is an easy to set up cloud hub that turns the storage you already have into a cloud of your own.

Just connect your external hard or flash drives and your personal cloud increases with the size of these drives. Brease makes these drives accessible on all of your devices. Just like regular cloud storage, but with no size limitations and completely private and secure.

We spent more than a year testing and creating several hardware prototypes to ensure the best private cloud experience possible. We are ready to show you what we’ve got. There’s only one more question…

Mellow – The Electric Drive that fits under every Skateboard – Kickstarter

The first mountable electric drive that turns any normal skateboard into an electric skateboard – within minutes.

From the Mellow headquarters in Hamburg. After years of dreaming, engineering and prototyping we are now proud to launch Mellow – The Endless Ride. Mellow is a state of the art compact electric drive that fits under any skateboard. It turns any normal skateboard into an electric skateboard – within minutes.

We are boardsports enthusiasts. And like many others we miss the feeling of freedom we get from surfing and snowboarding when we are back home in the city. Inspired by the invention of the first skateboards 50 years ago, we now want to take the asphalt surf to the next level. In terms of flexibility, riding pleasure, quality and sustainability.

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