Green Light! Seed&Spark’s Hometown Heroes Crowdfunding Rally Presents Finalists

Fifteen filmmakers advanced today to the finals of Seed&Spark’s Hometown Heroes Crowdfunding Rally, moving on to pitch their local feature film to Mark and Jay Duplass, who will executive produce up to five of the movies as well as provide up to $25,000 in no-interest loans. The rally launched in mid-September with 73 participating films launching their crowdfunding campaigns.

“This is the power of crowdfunding — to collectively support diverse projects that may not have the  traditional avenues to funding but that audiences are craving,” commented CEO & Founder Emily Best via email. “As the only film-specific crowdfunding platform, we discovered the exciting and unique capability of helping filmmakers anywhere turn their crowdsourcing work into Hollywood opportunities through partnerships like this with the Duplass Brothers and more to come.”

All campaigns closed on October 13. More than $860,000 was raised across all rally projects, who also amassed a total of 63,000 followers in the 30-day period. The finalists will submit their pitches to Duplass Brothers Productions October 26, and, keep posted, the winners will be announced live on November 4.

The finalists are (in alphabetical order):

This is the power of crowdfunding — to collectively support diverse projects that may not have the traditional avenues to funding but that audiences are craving, commented CEO & Founder Emily Best.Click To Tweet
Seed&Spark Hometown Heroes Independent Film Finalists Announced!Click To Tweet

“You might not look at the names of the cities where these filmmakers are working and think  ‘Film Hub!’, but with the hard work of these incredible teams, investing in their own communities, you now someday might,” Best told Crowdfund Insider.

Seed&Spark and Duplass Brothers Productions announced the Hometown Heroes Crowdfunding Rally in June 2017 to empower storytellers and filmmakers from all over the country to tell stories that have never been told from wherever they are. Seed&Spark established its niche within film industry crowdfunding, raising over $7M for film projects since launching in 2012 under the helm of CEO & Founder Emily Best. Crowdfunded films can be streamed here or watched via AppleTV or Roku.