Suffolk University Student Entrepreneur Launch New Round of Ventures Through Crowdfunding Course


On Wednesday, Suffolk University announced that some of its students have launched some ventures through its crowdfunding course. The ventures made their debut on December 6th, with two dedicated to the people of Haiti.

The University stated that is Sawyer Business School introduced the crowdfunding course in Fall 2016, which requires students to launch campaigns to fund their own startup companies through crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Management and Entrepreneur professor Jenni Dinger, who co-teaches the course, stated:

“Crowdfunding continues to enjoy tremendous growth worldwide. Given that crowdfunding is still a relatively young capital source we are continuously learning what works and what doesn’t. What has not changed is that the process of creating and preparing a campaign acts as an accelerator of sorts, prodding nascent entrepreneurs to take action.”

The ventures are listed below: