Republic to Work with Carta

Carta, a digital platform that helps companies manage their cap tables, create valuation estimates, issue digital securities, and more, has partnered with Republic.

Republic is one of the largest securities crowdfunding platforms in the US that continues to launch a growing number of verticals in the online capital formation sector.

In an email, Republic stated that:

“Founders will be able to raise from their community while streamlining their cap table and consolidating investors into a single line item in summary through solutions provided by Republic and Carta. By working together, this strengthens Republic’s ability to offer a world-class experience for high-quality, venture-backed companies.”

Shareholder management is a lingering challenge for some investment platforms. Once a digital offering is completed, more work needs to be done. A securities crowdfunding offering is not a set it and forget it service. Carta currently assists more than 23,000 companies with shareholder management and other securities services.

Carta also has a VC segment of its business. A partnership here would make sense too, but no announcement yet.


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