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The People’s Node: An Open Letter to Libra

The world stands at a crucial juncture when new DNA will be created that will form and influence our civilizations for generations to come, determining what our future looks like. The world is now in a position to build global public infrastructure. Who owns this… Read More

Report: Crowdfunding Delivers More Cash to Business than UK Startup Loan Scheme

The Crowd Data Center is out with a report stating that seed crowdfunding is more effective in delivering more money to businesses than the UK government’s program: 40% more funding in 2016 than the government funded Startup Loans scheme. The Crowd Data Center has collected… Read More

UK Crowdfunding Week: Crowdfunding is Much Better at Seed Funding & Innovation (Infographic)

The Crowdfunding Centre in the UK has released an infographic on the state of crowdfunding in advance of UK Crowdfunding Week, which is scheduled for next week (November 16-22nd).  The platform tracks rewards based crowdfunding projects and has created an interesting compendium of projects from… Read More

Crowdfunder UK Launches Community Shares to “Revolutionize” Community Funding

Crowdfunder UK has just launched a new concept in crowdfunding on their platform: Community Shares. A type of hybrid mix between charity and ownership, investors in these organizations own part of an entity they believe in supporting. Community shares are only possible for co-operative societies and community… Read More

PwC Warning: Banks Gotta Change … Or Else

PwC Rings Warning Bell as Banks Face Possible Demise. “We are surely looking at the end of the market and banks as we currently know them”.  As part of a report from a recent Peregrine Perspectives panel, an event that was organized in advance of… Read More

Crowdfunder UK Issues New Report: Grants, Loans and Crowdfunding – The Future Funding Mix (Infographic)

While enterprise start-ups, creative projects and charities have raised millions of pounds using crowdfunding over the last five years or so *(£9 million in the first three months of 2014 alone), councils have so far been very slow to harness its power for the public… Read More

UK’s The Crowdfunding Centre Update: For the 99% or the 1%?

According to The Crowdfunding Centre, “It’s taken the entrepreneurship, business and creative worlds by storm; it’s enabled start-ups and established businesses alike to market test their products and get funded at the same time; and the UK is a world leader and the world’s fastest growing… Read More

FCA Accused of Gagging Social Media Use with Equity Crowdfunding

  According to a release by the CrowdfundingCentre, a briefing and submission to Ministers handed to Treasury officials documents how the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) is abusing legislation created before the social web existed to gag its use with equity crowdfunding. The report states the… Read More

United Kingdom Crowdfunding Debate at Westminster (Video)

Yesterday, December 18, 2013, a debate was held in Westminster Hall regarding crowdfunding.  Labour MP Barry Sheerman led the discussion and described the opportunity as a bit of a Christmas present as this was the first ever debate on the innovative form of financing. The… Read More

UK Government Promises FCA will Not Stifle Crowdfunding Growth

As the consultation period on crowdfunding regulations comes to a close, a debate was held today at Westminster where MPs promised it would not allow FCA regulations to stifle growth of the burgeoning crowdfunding industry.  Various MP’s spoke in support of the innovative industry which… Read More

Members of Parliament Set to Debate Crowdfunding at Westminister

Debate Takes Place as Consultation Period Nears End. Members of Parliament (MPs) will be debating the future of crowdfunding at Westminster tomorrow,  Wednesday, December 18, 2013.  The Westminster Hall Debate has been initiated by Barry Sheerman MP, a leading proponent of crowdfunding. Mr Sheerman, chair of… Read More

Time to Show a Red Flag to the Financial Conduct Authority

Green Light the new freedoms of the digital age. The idea of a man having to walk in front of each car on the road waving a red flag to ensure that they didn’t scare the horses has often been the object of a mixture… Read More

Crowdcube Management Meets with HM Treasury, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Crowdcube Equity Crowdfunding Platform has Raised Over £12 Million to date for 64 Busineses. Crowdcube founders Luke Lang and Darren Westlake ventured off to Downing Street today to meet with British authorities to discuss the equity crowdfunding revolution and realities of today.  Representatives from HM… Read More

First Crowdfunding Conference to be Held in UK

Labeled Crowdfunding: Deep Impact, the Crowdfunding conference will be held at the University of Herfordshire Business School located North of London.  The daylong event is scheduled for Tuesday, February 26th, 2013. The event is being organized by the Social Foundation which describes themselves as “Makers… Read More

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