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Portal Focus: Spanish Crowdfunding site Goteo

Crowdfund Insider recently spoke to Enric Senabre Hidalgo, Projects Coordinator & Community Manager at Goteo.  Goteo is a successful crowdfunding site based in Spain which is managed by a non profit organization – Fundacion Fuentes Abiertas (Open Source Foundation).  Their source code is readily available on GitHub.  Goteo… Read More

Innovation from Spain: The platform “” enables Crowdfunding for common goods

(Staff Translation) Water, knowlege, culture: Who will have access common goods if everything is being privatized? What forms of financing allow an equal distribution? One answer to that question is the Spanish platform Goteo: Whatever is being financed here becomes common good. Olivier Schulbaum, one… Read More

5th CrowdCamp of the European Crowdfunding Network Focusing on Sustainable Finance

In mid-June the 5th CrowdCamp of the European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) took place virtually from Prague in cooperation with Deloitte. For three days, crowdfunding platforms and representatives of the European institutions, such as the European Investment Bank, exchanged views on the topics of sustainable financing… Read More

European Crowdfunding Association Publishes Report on Blockchain – DLT Use Cases

The European Crowdfunding Association (ECN), the leading advocacy group for online capital formation in Europe, has published a report on blockchain – distributed ledger technology (DLT) and use cases in alternative finance. The report adds a new acronym “BDLT” thus representing the combination of the… Read More

European Crowdfunding Network Announces 2019-2021 Non-Executive Board

The European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) recently announced it has welcomed its new non-executive Board for the period 2019-2021. The organization revealed that after the 4th ECN CrowdCamp: Exploring Blockchain for Alternative Finance, the ECN General Assembly of members convened in Berlin to explore strategic options for… Read More

Europe Wants Crowdfunding to Grow, Desires Single Framework (Video)

 Earlier this month a workshop on crowdfunding was held at the European Commission.  Many different crowdfunding leaders participated in this event including executives from Seedrs, Babyloan, Ulule and others.  President of the European Crowdfunding Network, Oliver Gajda, was also present participating in a panel on… Read More

Creative Industries in Spain Turn to Crowdfunding

As confidence in banks and the economy by Spanish residents continues to plummet industries within the creative space are turning to crowdfunding as an alternative to traditional financing to provide much needed investment in projects.  Small businesses have woken up to the bleak reality in which they can… Read More

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