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PayPal Responds to MailPile Freeze Out on Indiegogo Campaign

In light of our coverage (among many others) on the PayPal freeze out pertaining to the very successful MailPile crowdfunding campaign, we received a statement from a PayPal representative regarding their position. We have reached out to MailPile and the limitation has been lifted. Supporting… Read More

Mailpile Successfully Funds on Indiegogo, Then PayPal Freezes Their Account

Mailpile Posts Update Account is Unfrozen … for Now. These shenanigans have happened in the past.  Skullgirl Studio – Lab Zero – experienced a PayPal freeze out in April 2013.  GlassUp experienced something similar just several weeks ago in August.  Now encrypted email developer Mailpile… Read More

Encrypted E-Mail Client Mailpile Fully Funded On Indiegogo

A small development team from Reykjavík, Iceland has raised over $100,000 on Indiegogo for Mailpile, an encrypted email client. Edward Snowden’s recent leaks were a wake-up call, confirming what many had long suspected, that the troves of e-mail stored on our behalf by Google, Microsoft and… Read More

Mailpile Crowdfunds to Create an Encrypted Mail Client

With all the revelations in the press about our friends at the NSA reading our email hosted on the likes of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft it is no surprise there is a growing rumbling about alternatives to these widely used platforms.  There have always been… Read More

Crowdfunding & What You Should Know About Online Payments Before Launch

Throughout 2013, PayPal and crowdfunding project creators repeatedly found themselves at odds. First it was Lab Zero Games, the company behind the hugely popular campaign for Skullgirls. Paypal froze Lab Zero’s account only to later release all but $35,000 of Lab Zero’s Indiegogo cash. It… Read More

Balanced CEO Matin Tamizi Responds To PayPal’s Crowdfunding Hiccups

PayPal has been a frequent subject of crowdfunding news recently for freezing and unfreezing payments for a host of successfully-funded crowdfunding campaigns. These include but are not limited to: Sigmo, Mailpile, GlassUp, Skullgirls and more. We recently came into contact with Balanced, an online payment… Read More

PayPal On A Roll, Freezes Successfully Funded SIGMO

Even as PayPal claims to be addressing the shortcomings in their payment platform, the roster of crowdfunding campaigns which have been impaired by PayPal continues to grow.  The latest campaign to experience a “PayPal Freeze Out” is from SIGMO – a voice translation device which… Read More

Despite Rhetoric, PayPal Continues To Scare Crowdfunders By Freezing Funds

PayPal has recently made headlines for freezing the funds of successfully funded Indiegogo campaigns like MailPile and GlassUp. Both decisions were eventually reversed and accompanied by statements from PayPal admitting an error. In the MailPile case, PayPal was insistent that the company is committed to… Read More

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