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Amanda Palmer: “My Kickstarter Was Terribly Budgeted”

Taking some time away from her career and mother duties, former Dresden Dolls songstress, Amanda Palmer sat down to discuss her experience with the crowdfunding method. Back in 2012, Palmer hit Kickstarter for not only her first solo studio album, but also a tour and… Read More

Amanda Palmer: “Funds From My Patreon Campaign Will Not Go Towards My Baby”

Hoping to clear the air of recent accusations concerning her Patreon campaign, former Dresden Dolls songstress, Amanda Palmer is ready set the record straight and put an end to the gossip. Back in 2012, singer and songwriter Palmer hit Kickstarter for not only her first… Read More

Singing Sensation Amanda Palmer Talks Label Breakup & Crowdfunding Success

Last month, singer and songwriter Amanda Palmer launched a crowdfunding campaign on Patreon to raise funds for her upcoming projects, which consists of making new art and traveling to Berlin, Germany to record an album in German. The new projects surfaced just two years after she captured… Read More

Kickstarter Alum Amanda Palmer Launches Patreon Campaign For New Music Project

Back in 2012, singer and songwriter Amanda Palmer hit crowdfunding giant Kickstarter for not only her first studio album, but also a tour and art book. Originally seeking $100,000, Palmer took home over $1 million thanks to nearly 25,000 backers/fans. Now, Palmer is back to… Read More

Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer Talks The Ups & Downs of Her Crowdfunding Campaign

In 2012, Dresden Dolls bandmate, Amanda Palmer, took to Kickstarter to raise $100,000 for a new record; her new book, The Art of Asking; and a tour. Not only did she surpass the initial goal, by the end of her crowdfunding campaign’s run on the platform, she… Read More

Kickstarter Darling Amanda Palmer On The Art Of Asking

Amanda Palmer famously raised almost $1.2 million on Kickstarter, the biggest music crowdfunding campaign in history. Recently she gave a TED talk that outlined how her experiences as a street performer taught her the art of asking. It can be a daunting thing to reach… Read More

What Andrew Sullivan and Amanda Palmer have in common: a fanatical devotion to users

Both Andrew Sullivan — the conservative blogger who recently announced that he is going independent — and former Dresden Dolls singer Amanda Palmer are taking the same approach to media: connect with your fans, and then ask for help. In many ways, conservative blogger Andrew… Read More

Amanda Palmer: You Need the Crowd Before the Kick

Amanda Palmer is rewriting the script of business as usual for hosts of creatives in the newest iteration of connectedness. She has the artillery to deliver: 37,697 tweets have been shot off from her iPhone toward her army amassing 754,297 Twitter followers — with new… Read More

With Kickstarter crowdfunding, Amanda Palmer sees dreams through

Amanda Palmer made an album, and she needed $100,000 to promote, mix, manufacture and distribute it. She ended up with nearly $1.2 million. Palmer, co-founder of punk cabaret duo the Dresden Dolls, got the money not through traditional financiers, but through The money is… Read More

Kickstarter Hits New Milestone: Funds 25,000 Music Projects

Kickstarter’s first head of music, Molly Neuman, announced on Friday it hit a new crowdfunding milestone. The portal has helped 25,000 music projects successfully secured their funding targets. According to Neuman, 22,702 independent creators behind the projects have recorded albums, funded tours, founded labels, premiered… Read More

Kickstarter Names A2IM Interim President Molly Neuman First Head of Music

Crowdfunding giant Kickstarter announced on Monday that it has named American Association of Independent Music (A2IM) interim president, Molly Neuman, its first head of music. She is known for her work on various music crowdfunding projects, including Amanda Palmer’s 2012 campaign. Kendel Shore, VP of Communities… Read More

Crowdfunding Site Patreon Gets Hacked. Personal Data Accessed but No Credit Card Info Taken

Patreon, a rewards-based crowdfunding platform that focuses on musicians and other content creators has been hacked. CEO and founder Jack Conte posted a notice on the site this past Wednesday that hackers had breached the site, including the database that held user data.  Fortunately, no… Read More

Crowdfunding Platform Patreon Acquires Video Subscription Service Subbable

On Monday crowdfunding platform, Patreon, announced the news that it has acquired Subbable, which was founded by YouTube sensation Hank Green and his brother John Green, who wrote The Fault in Our Stars. According to Forbes, the big merger consolidates two funding platform. With their artists… Read More

Wusk: Crowdfunding Content on YouTube

Wusk is a new crowdfunding / micro-donations site that allows fans to contribute to any content on YouTube.  The startup just launched this past March at SXSW with their service and they  believe fans should support great digital content and the creators should be able… Read More

TED Interview: Crowdfunding Creative Projects (Video)

Recently TED corralled a group of crowdfunding cognoscenti including Yancey Strickler, Amanda Palmer, Tim Schafer (Double Fine), Ivan Askwith (Veronica Mars), Neil Gaiman, Max Temkin and several others to talk about crowdfunding their creative projects. This is an interesting discussion as each participant shares their… Read More

Watch: TED, Skype Host Epic Roundtable On Creative Crowdfunding & Kickstarter

Meet Frank Bell. The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter is trying to blaze a path to success, and for artists like Bell that path increasingly includes crowdfunding. As part of a joint effort between TED and Skype, Bell recently had the chance to ask questions of a panel… Read More

UPDATED: Kickstarted Documentary Meets Funding Goal

UPDATE: Funding successful! The documentary was fully funded overnight and the project is a go. Kickstarted, the Kickstarter documentary crowdfunding on Kickstarter, is teetering on the edge of missing a funding goal with less than 24 hours left in the campaign. We first reported on… Read More

Crowdfunding the Commons

What do Amanda Palmer, a book on storytelling in Africa, and particle physics have in common? That’s what I’d like to find out. My name is Nic Suzor, and I am a researcher at QUT School of Law and the Centre for Creative Industries and Innovation in Brisbane, Australia. I… Read More

Documentary Crowdfunding on Kickstarter Features Crowdfunding Revolution

Just launched on Kickstarter is a crowdfunding project for a documentary film entitled “Kickstarted“.   In a poetic fashion the film is chronicling the meteoric rise of crowdfunding and the revolutionary change this innovation is bringing to entrepreneurs everywhere.  Organized by filmakers Jason Cooper and… Read More

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