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tZERO, Real Estate Crowdfunder NYCE to Digitize $18M Equity

Blockchain services and digital asset services company tZERO is working with real estate crowdfunding platform NYCE Group to digitize approximately $18 million of equity interest in NYCE. The process will begin should approvals be given in its upcoming Reg A+ offering. NYCE was founded by… Read More

Chatter: Investment Crowdfunding Platform Crowdfunder May Restructure as Company Struggles

US-based investment crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder (not to be confused with the UK based Crowdfunder) may be in trouble. Recently, CI viewed a copy of an email that appears to indicate that the company will restructure soon. According to a Dear Fellow Shareholders email, while certain shareholders… Read More

Crowdfunder UK Set to Launch Crowdfund Scotland Program

Crowdfunder UK, along with the support of nine Scottish LEADER areas, announced on Monday it is now supporting crowdfunding projects across Scotland through the new Crowdfund Scotland program. According to Crowdfunder UK, Crowdfund Scotland will provide coaching and support for projects in the nine participating… Read More

BrewDog USA Launches Equity For Punks Round on Crowdfunder

Less than a month after announcing the extension of its Equity for Punks campaign on Bankroll, BrewDog USA launches new crowdfunding round on Crowdfunder, seeking a minimum of $10 million. As previously reported, BrewDog has more than 30 bars in the UK as well as 16… Read More

New Crowdfunder PatrocinaM Partners with Crowdcube Spain: Supporting the Arts

PatrocinaM, a Barcelona-based crowdfunding platform which connects cultural projects seeking funding to individuals and companies ready to fund them, has partnered with Crowdcube Spain to take its platform to the next level, nationally and internationally. The platform has already raised more than half its €100,000… Read More

Crowdfunder Lists First ICO: Augmate Aims to Raise $32M

Augmate expanded its initial coin offering onto Crowdfunder, reportedly the first ICO on the crowdfunding site, and a milestone for both companies. The offering, structured as a security token in a nod to recent Securities and Exchange Commission guidance on ICOs, gives investors a chance… Read More

UPDATE: What the Revised SEIS / EIS Guidelines Mean for Crowdfunders?

  We recently published an article from John Auckland, from TribeFirst, about HMRC’s new SEIS / EIS guidelines. Since we released this, the crowdfunding platforms met with HMRC to discuss the potential limitations these guidelines might present for companies looking to raise money through crowdfunding, so… Read More

Crowdfunder UK’s Phil Geraghty Reveals More Details About the Crowdfunding Platform’s Latest Funding Round & Future Plans

Last month, reward-based crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder UK completed its latest equity crowdfunding round on Crowdcube with more than £1.2 million in funding from nearly 1150 investors. This campaign was launched just a couple of years after the funding portal raised £1.3 million through its first Crowdcube… Read More

Crowdfunder UK Teams Up With Propel By Deloitte For New Support Exporting Businesses Initiative

On Monday, Crowdfunder UK announced it has teamed up with Propel by Deloitte for a new initiative that supports exporting businesses. The crowdfunding platform revealed that it and Propel are looking to offer five businesses that are currently exporting, or looking to do so in the future, the chance to… Read More

Crowdfunder UK Completes Latest Crowdcube Round With More Than £1.2 Million in Funding

On Monday, reward-based crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder UK closed its equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube. The funding portal successfully secured £1.2 million from nearly 1150 investors. As previously reported, Crowdfunder boasts a community of more than  600,000 users and has worked with more than 80,000 projects since launch…. Read More

Broody Acquires 5% Stake in Crowdfunder UK the Leading Rewards Platform in Britain

Broody, a business incubator, has picked up a 5% equity stake in Crowdfunder – the leading rewards based crowdfunding platform in the UK. Broody is supported by London based advertising agency Mother. Crowdfunder is nearing the close of an equity crowdfunding round on Crowdcube. With… Read More

Crowdfunder UK Celebrates Crowdfund Plymouth’s £1 Million Funding Success

On Monday, Crowdfunder UK, along with the Plymouth City Council, announced Crowdfund Plymouth has successfully raised £1 million for projects in the City. According to the duo, Crowdfund Plymouth has distributed more than £130,000 of its City Change Fund to support local projects that benefit… Read More

Crowdfunder UK & M&S Energy Announces Winners of £300,000 Community Energy Fund

On Friday, Crowdfunder UK and M&S Energy announced the winners of the M&S Energy Fund. The projects involved in the fund vote involve energy efficiency, hydro projects, solar PV projects, and storage of energy. Speaking about the fund, the crowdfunding platform reported: “Twenty-five renewable community energy… Read More

Update: eyeCam Attracts More Than $5 Million in Reservations Through Crowdfunder

On Thursday, California-based eyeCam, Inc. announced it has attracted more than $5 million in reservations through equity crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder. The company is currently seeking funds to build the prototype of its eyeHand, which is described as a standalone wearable smartphone that turns hands and… Read More

Overfunding: Crowdfunder UK’s Second Crowdcube Campaign Secures £750,000 Funding Target

Just days after announcing an extension of its second equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, reward-based crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder UK has successfully secured its initial £750,000 from more than 750 investors. Founded in 2014, Crowdfunder UK describes itself as the UK’s number one rewards-based crowdfunding platform. The… Read More

Crowdfunder UK Partners With Propel by Deloitte & Voom To Give Away £1,000 to Five Different Business Ideas

On Monday, Crowdfunder UK  announced it has teamed up with Propel by Deloitte and Voom to give away a share of £5,000 to five different business ideas that are currently exporting or looking to export in the future. According to the reward-based crowdfunding platform, this new… Read More

Update: Crowdfunder UK Extends Second Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on Crowdcube

Crowdfunder UK announced on Friday it has extended its second equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube. The crowdfunding platform launched the funding round last month, seeking £750,000. As previously reported, Crowdfunder UK was founded in 2014 and describes itself as the UK’s number one rewards-based crowdfunding platform. The… Read More

Crowdfunder UK Announces New Partnership With The Design Council For Spark 2018 Initiative

On Tuesday, Crowdfunder UK announced it has formed a partnership with the Design Council to support and encourage UK businesses to design innovative new products and get them to market through the Spark 2018 initiative. The crowdfunding platform revealed that as part of the Spark partnership The Design… Read More

Crowdfunder UK Welcomes 700,000th Community Member As Crowdcube Campaign Surpasses £550,000 in Funding

On Thursday, reward-based crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder UK announced it has welcomed its 700,000th community member. This news comes just after the funding platform’s new equity campaign on Crowdcube surpassed £550,000 in funding. It was revealed: “Last week we welcomed our 700,000’th member to our rapidly growing… Read More

Crowdfunder UK Has Distributed More Than £100,000 of the Santander Changemaker Fund

Earlier this week, Crowdfunder UK announced it has now distributed more than 100,000 through its Changemaker Fund, in collaboration with Santander. The fund was launched last fall and is dedicated to social enterprises and community projects across the UK. As previously reported, fund is open… Read More

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