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Modular Contemporary House Design nHouse Secures £495,000 Crowdcube Funding Target & Announces Powervault Partnership

nHouse,  a new modular housing brand designed by architect Richard Hywel Evans, has successfully secured its £495,000 equity crowdfunding campaign target on Crowdcube. The company launched the funding round last month and sought the funds in order to finish its prototype and secure its global intellectual property rights…. Read More

Powervault to Close Latest Crowdcube Round With More Than £1.5 Million From Over 1200 Investors

UK-based Powervault is set to close its fourth Crowdcube campaign with more than £1.5 million from over 1200 investors. The campaign, which originally sought to raise £750,000, was launched last month and quickly secured its initial funding target and was extended. In the campaign’s latest update,… Read More

Powervault’s Fourth Crowdfunding Campaign Nears £1.3 Million During The Final Days on Crowdcube

With its latest equity crowdfunding round set to close on Crowdcube next Wednesday, Powervault has secured nearly £1.3 Million from more than 975 investors. Founded in 2012, Powervault aims to enable customers to make smart use of their energy by gathering freely-generated solar energy and off-peak electricity. Powervault’s… Read More

UK Angel Investment Awards: Powervault Wins Best Angel Crowdfunding Investment, Digital Fineprint Wins Best Fintech Investment

  This past Thursday at the Dorchester Hotel in London, the UK Business Angels Association’s (UKBAA) annual UK Angel Investment Awards took place. Fourteen awards were  presented by Emma Sinclair MBE, the youngest person in the UK to have created a public company. Jenny Tooth OBE,… Read More

Powervault Extends Fourth Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on Crowdcube

Just days before its fourth equity crowdfunding campaign was set to close on Crowdcube, UK-based Powervault announced it was extended the funding round for another 16 days. The Powervault team revealed in a recent update: “Powervault has seen a great deal of interest in its campaign, receiving… Read More

Powervault Closes In On £1.1 Million During the Final Days on Crowdcube

With less than a week until its latest equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube comes to an end, UK’s Powervault is now closing in on  £1.1 million thanks to nearly 800 investors. The initiative was launched in May and quickly raised its initial £750,000. Founded in 2012, The… Read More

Update: Powervault’s Latest Crowdcube Nears £1 Million From More Than 600 Investors

With its fourth equity crowdfunding campaign set to close on Crowdcube in less than two weeks, Powervault is close to securing 1 million from more than 600 investors.  The home battery system company, which was founded in 2012, currently has a pre-money valuation of more than £8… Read More

Update: Powervault Surpasses £750,000 Funding Target Through Latest Crowdcube Campaign 

Just a little over two weeks after launching its latest equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowedcube, UK-based Powervault has successfully secured its initial £750,000 thanks to more than 440 investors. As previously reported, this is the fourth Crowdcube raise that Powervault has launched. The home battery system… Read More

Powervault Returns to Crowdcube Offering Practical & Affordable Solar Energy Storage Systems

Powervault has proven that successive raises on Crowdcube can be very successful.  In the middle of the UK company’s fourth raise, the home battery system with a pre-money valuation of £8,083,548 aims to enable customers to make smarter use of their energy by harnessing freely-generated solar energy and off-peak… Read More

Powervault Extends Third Crowdcube Campaign: Has Raised Over £1.2M From Nearly 700 Investors

Last week, UK-based Powervault announced that it has decided to extend its third Crowdcube campaign for two more weeks. This news comes after the energy company successfully secured £1 million. The company announced in a recent update: “We have decided to extend our campaign until 10th June…. Read More

Powervault’s Campaign Nears £1M During the Final Week on Crowdcube

With just seven days until its third Crowdcube initiative comes to an end,UK-based energy company Powervault has secured nearly £1 million from over 480 investors. Powervault’s product reportedly reduces electricity bills and helps customers during black-outs. According to the company, the government says that energy storage is a game-changing… Read More

Update: Powervault’s Third Crowdcube Initiative Smashes £750,000 Goal in Less Than A Week

Success! Less than a week after launching its third Crowdcube initiative, UK-based Powervault successfully secured its £750,000 goal. As previously reported, Powervault’s product reportedly reduces electricity bills and helps customers during black-outs. According to the company, the government says that energy storage is a game-changing technology which could save… Read More

Powervault Returns to Crowdcube: Scores Nearly £650,000 in Less than a Week

Earlier this week, UK-based Powervault launched a Crowdcube campaign to raise £750,000 for its already award-winning home energy storage product. Powervault’s product reportedly reduces electricity bills and helps customers during black-outs. According to the company, the government says that energy storage is a game-changing technology which could save the… Read More

Crowdcube Celebrates: £27 Million Invested on the Equity Crowdfunding Platform Between April & June

Ending June on a great note, Crowdcube announced a total of £27 million was invested on its equity crowdfunding platform between April and June. The funding portal revealed on Twitter the exciting news. BOOM! A whooping £27m invested on @Crowdcube between Apr-Jun with successes including: @VitaMojo… Read More

The Top UK Investment Crowdfunding Campaigns of 2017

OFF3R, an alternative investment aggregator in the UK, has put together an interesting list of the top investment crowdfunding campaigns for 2017. We have replicated the OFF3R list below (with a few adjustments). Several of these companies have raised capital crowdfunding several times. Landbay has… Read More

Crowdcube: First UK Crowdfunding Platform to Raise £200 Million

On Monday, Crowdcube announced it was the first UK crowdfunding platform to raise £200 million for more than 430 businesses. This news comes just after lingerie and nightwear brand, Bluebella, secured over £1 million through the funding portal from more than 600 investors. The equity crowdfunding platform stated:… Read More

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