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Pono Beats Veronica Mars to Become 3rd Most Funded Campaign on Kickstarter

Neil Young’s Pono Music Kickstarter campaign has bested one of the most popular crowdfunding campaigns of all time. Pono knocked-out Veronica Mars with 5 days left in their funding project.  Pono has now raised an astounding $5,756,176 from just under 17,000 backers.  The Pono Music… Read More

Pono Music Player Climbing Kickstarter’s Rankings, Now 4th Behind Veronica Mars

The Pono Music campaign continues to ascend Kickstarter’s all-time most funded list. The “end-to-end ecosystem for music lovers” has garnered nearly 15,000 backers at the time of writing and had raised just short of $5 million. Thanks everyone for all of your support. It has… Read More

‘Veronica Mars’ Kickstarter Backers Angry at Rewards

Some Veronica Mars fans who helped make the movie version of the short-lived TV series break numerous records on crowd-funding site Kickstarter – including most project backers in the history of the site and all-time highest-funded film – are reportedly getting some of their money… Read More

The Critics Don’t Matter Here… Veronica Mars Is A Success

It’s Veronica Mars day. Related: A Fan History of Veronica Mars [Kickstarter] Director Rob Thomas joined CNBC on Wednesday to take a look back at the campaign. Consider that when the film launched on Kickstarter, the largest Kickstarter campaign ever had raised just short of… Read More

Watch: 2 Minutes Of Veronica Mars Leaked As Countdown To Release Continues

The countdown is on. Veronica Mars hits theaters and will be available to backers on March 14th. In anticipation of the film’s release, Rob Thomas and company have released the following clip of the first two minutes of the film. Not much is revealed, so no… Read More

Where And How To Buy Veronica Mars Movie Tickets

  AMC has announced that presale tickets for the highly anticipated Veronica Mars feature-length flick will go on sale on February 14th via a page for the film on AMC’s web site. AMC is encouraging those interested in seeing the film to bookmark the page and… Read More

Rob Thomas Has More Planned For “Veronica Mars” Comeback

Veronica Mars is on the comeback trail, and not just because of the forthcoming Kickstarter-funded feature-length film. Producer Rob Thomas has just struck an agreement that will result in a Veronica Mars-themed web spinoff… The CW web series: a comedy featuring @HiRyanHansen attempting to put together… Read More

Veronica Mars Movie Trailer Premieres, Grand Kickstarter Experiment To Hit Theaters Soon

Last night during E! News, the movie trailer for Veronica Mars was shown for the first time. The movie is slated to begin appearing in theaters across the United States on March 14th, 2014. There’s something about that big WB that appears in the first ten seconds… Read More

Veronica Mars Film Release Date Set for March 2014

Film crowdfunding super-start Veronica Mars, created by Rob Thomas has announced the Kickstarter hit will be released on March 14, 2014.  One of the largest crowdfunding campaigns ever, the film closed on Kickstarter  this past April having raised over $5.7 Million creating a title wave… Read More

Spoiler Alert: New Veronica Mars Footage, Interviews Released

Rob Thomas and the team behind the new Veronica Mars film have released four minutes of interviews and footage on the new movie. The movie made headlines after raising over $5 million on Kickstarter. The campaign closed in April of this year.

Crowdfunded Film Veronica Mars Releases Trailer, Thanks Kickstarter Backers (Video)

The Veronica Mars Movie Project which raised over $5.7 Million on Kickstarter from over 91 thousand supporters has taken another step in project completion in releasing the movie trailer in conjunction with an appearance at Comic Con. The entire Veronica Mars crew made an appearance… Read More

Veronica Mars Closes on Kickstarter at $5,702,153

The Veronica Mars film crowdfunding saga has been covered extensively in the press, including these pages.  The incredible amount of funds, the high profile of the organizers and the glam of Hollywood have combined to create a compelling crowdfunding odyssey which has come to exemplify… Read More

Rob Thomas Reacts To $5 Million In Funding For Veronica Mars

Rob Thomas shares his reaction to the Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter reaching $5 million dollars. More on the Veronica Mars project on Crowdfund Insider: Veronica Mars Crosses $5 Million With 2 Days To Go Veronica Mars Movie Wants To Be Biggest Kickstarter Movie Ever Veronica… Read More

‘Veronica Mars’ movie Kickstarter crosses $5 million with two days to go

The Kickstarter campaign to fund the“Veronica Mars” movie reached its original $2 million goal in less than 12 hours, and now it has officially passed the $5 million mark with over two days still to go. How high will the crowdfunded budget go? Back when the Kickstarter was at… Read More

Veronica Mars Film Crowdfunding Wants to Be Biggest Ever

The Kickstarter crowdfunding effort launched by Rob Thomas to crowdfund the Veronica Mars film has set a new goal.  Thomas wants their crowdfunding campaign to be the largest ever – in number of supporters. On a recent update posted on their campaign page, Thomas stated,… Read More

Kickstarter Co-Founder Talks Up Veronica Mars, Crowdfunding

The stampede to fund aVeronica Mars movie is “sort of like a perfect storm,” according to Kickstarter co-founder and head of communications Yancey Strickler. Kicking off Engadget Expand here on Saturday, Strickler acknowledged that the Veronica Mars movie is the latest sensation to take Kickstarter by storm, following on the heels of… Read More

Did Veronica Mars Ruin Kickstarter?

It took three days for Veronica Mars to change the way movies are made. Or maybe it didn’t. As the Kickstarter for the Veronica Mars Movie Project sailed past its $2 million goal in a scant 10 hours—as I write, the budget is at $3.3 million and counting—bereft fans of Terriers, Chuck,Pushing Daisies,… Read More

Veronica Mars Crowdfunding Record on Kickstarter

We reported yesterday on the incredible success of the Veronica Mills film on Kickstarter.  As of today the crowdfunding project has raised over $3,000,000 from well over 48,000 supporters.  Wow. In a comment on their project page they note: We were the fastest Kickstarter project… Read More

Veronica Mars Movie Crowdfunds Over $2Million in Less Than One Day

The film crowfunding project started today with a goal of $2 Million to fund the project – Veronica Mars. With 30 days remaining in the campaign to reach the $2 Million goal – those additional days will not be necessary.  Veronica Mars successfully crowdfunded in… Read More

Owen Prell: Movies & Equity Crowdfunding

With equity crowdfunding on the rise, more and more companies from various industries have decided to use the funding method as a way to attract investors. Thanks to Title II (Reg D 506c), III (Reg CF), and IV (Reg A+) of the JOBS Act, accredited… Read More

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