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Andreessen Horowitz Bets Big on Adam Neumann’s Flow with $350 Million Investment

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) has committed $350 million to WeWork founder Adam Neumann’s new startup Flow, which is scheduled to launch in 2023. According to reports, a16z invested the funds in the startup at a $1 billion valuation. In a blog post, a16z outlined the premise… Read More

Aventus Group CEO Becomes Shareholder of Alternative Investment Platform PeerBerry

Andrejus Trofimovas, the CEO of Aventus Group, became a shareholder of PeerBerry. Andrejus Trofimovas acquired “a 50% stake in PeerBerry from former shareholder Igoris Trofimovas, who has been a shareholder of PeerBerry since May 2021.” Andrejus Trofimovas, CEO of Aventus Group, said: “My decision to… Read More

Proptech Stoa Raises $100 Million for Fix & Flip Investors

Stoa, a Proptech that enables real estate investors to purchase, renovate, and sell homes, has raised $100 million, according to a company statement. Underwritten by Cantor Fitzgerald, the $100 million securitization is the second funding managed by Cantor which last completed $100 million securitization in… Read More

UK’s CapitalRise Acquires Additional Funding Line to Support Lending Business

CapitalRise has reportedly acquired another funding line, which the firm states should allow it to take on a larger number of projects based in London as well as Home Counties. The UK-based prime property lender noted that the agreement has been made with a prominent… Read More

Proptech CubiCasa Introduces Scanning Option to Make Digital Floor Plans Standard in the US

CubiCasa, a real estate software firm with head offices in Oulu, Finland, will now be providing a free floor plan option for its mobile floor plan scanning technology in the United States, “available on the App Store and Google Play Store.” Thanks to recent advances… Read More

Real Estate Developer SIB Group has Repaid a Loan of $1.1M to PeerBerry Investors

PeerBerry’s business partner – real estate developer SIB Group – has successfully “closed the residential building project Mo Garden in Vilnius,” the capital of Lithuania. The real estate loan of EUR 1 million, “plus an interest rate of EUR 105 438 (total amount of EUR… Read More

Canada Real Estate: Properly Raises $36 Million

Properly, a Canada-based Proptech, has raised CAD $36 million according to a blog post. The funding round brings Properly’s total raised to CAD $192 million. A valuation was not immediately available. Properly claims to be the “best funded and fastest growing real estate startup in… Read More

Fintech Splitit Brings Installments as a Service to Rental Market via letus Partnership

Splitit (ASX:SPT) announced that letus has selected Splitit to bring its Installments-as-a-Service to its Cloud payment platform “for the property rental market, allowing tenants to pay expenses in several interest-free installments on their credit card.” The collaboration “brings a new payment option to letus’s Cloud… Read More

Roofstock Acquires Screening Firm RentPrep

Roofstock has acquired RentPrep, a firm that offers tenant screening solutions that are said to be currently in use by over 100,000 landlords. Roofstock recently raised $240 million at an almost $2 billion valuation, thus providing capital for more M&A activity. The terms of the… Read More

Fundrise Celebrates 10 Years Since First Ever Regulation A Offering for a Real Estate Investment

Fundrise is the OG of Regulation A for real estate investments. In fact, Fundrise is the OG of all Regulation A offerings as just about no one, ever – anywhere, utilized old Reg A when they did just that back in 2012. As part of… Read More

UK’s Blend Network, a Development Finance Lender, Funds Residential Project in Cambridge

UK’s Blend Network, a specialist development finance lender, has reportedly funded a £4 million residential scheme located in Cambridge, which is focused on developing nine apartments that cover an area of 5,457 sq. ft. As reported by Mortgage Introducer, Blend Network’s management noted that the… Read More

Proptech Opendoor Issues Statement on FTC Settlement

Earlier today, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced it had reached a settlement with Opendoor (NASDAQ:OPEN) that proposed a $62 million settlement from the Proptech firm. Opendoor has agreed to the order. According to the FTC, Opendoor promoted its services by information consumers they could… Read More

GenoCrowd Takes Three Days to Raise First Target on Real Estate Project

GenoCrowd is reporting that it has taken just three days to raise its funding threshold for a real estate project. The “Das Rosenthaler”  property located in Nuremberg and managed by W&L AG, will return 5.5% interest to investors with early backers adding 50 basis points… Read More

Nationwide Invests in Rent-to-Own Fintech to Assist First-Time Buyers

Nationwide has invested in a rent-to-own start-up “helping first-time buyers unable to access typical mortgages get a home by saving a slice of their rent to build the deposit.” The investment in Kettel Homes forms “part of Britain’s biggest building society’s efforts to help its… Read More

TestFit Raises $20 Million for AI Real Estate Service to Determine Which Projects to Pursue

TestFit has raised $20 million in a Series A funding round led by Parkway Venture Capital. This brings total funding to date for the startup to $22 million, according to a company statement. TesetFit is an artificial intelligence (AI) enhanced software platform that aims to… Read More

CrowdStreet CEO Tore Steen on Inflation: “A moderately rising interest rate environment can be good for the commercial real estate industry”

CrowdStreet on the Impact of Inflation. Inflation is hitting multi-decade highs, and the US Federal Reserve is raising interest rates rapidly in a rear guard action aimed at taming what is effectively a hidden tax. While the administration claimed for many months that rising prices… Read More

RealT Joins Security Token Market’s Data Partnership Network


Security Token Market (STM) has announced that the global market “leader” in US real estate tokenization, RealT, has joined the STM data partnership network. RealT was “launched in 2019 and has built a vibrant and growing investor community of over 9,200 active investors from 135… Read More

London’s Residently Acquires £4.5M for Home Rental Marketplace

Residently has secured £4.5 million of funding to finally “bring renting into the modern age.” By digitizing the end-to-end customer experience in a $2 trillion market, Residently will “streamline operations for property owners and renters, reducing costs and delays throughout the full 360 rental experience.”… Read More

Fundrise Announces Innovation Fund Opportunity for Investors as it Pursues New Asset Class

Fundrise, a real estate investment platform that has long leveraged Reg A+ to offer REIT investments, is expanding its pool of offerings according to an email. Fundrise will soon offer the “Fundrise Innovation Fund” aiming to provide access to “high growth, pre-IPO technology companies.” As… Read More

Gulf Investment in UK Real Estate Expected to Increase, According to BLME

New research from Bank of London and The Middle East (BLME) reveals pandemic restrictions had “little impact” on real estate investment from Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) countries into the UK. Based on in-depth interviews with experts from real estate services companies holding more than £60… Read More

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