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FinFair – New York City

July 29, 2015


What is FinFair?

FinFair is the ONLY conference platform to feature the leadership, products and technologies driving the crowd-centric retail alternatives market while simultaneously bridging the information gap between the Wall Street establishment and today’s financial innovators.

What are crowd-centric retail alternatives?

Crowd-centric retail alternatives are a new class of unconventional assets aimed at bringing non-correlated yield and pre-IPO equity growth to mainstream investors’ portfolios. Specific products include funds, managed accounts and online platforms that provide retail access to peer-to-peer, peer-to-business and peer-to-real estate debt as well as JOBS Act inspired equity offerings.


Why are crowd-centric retail alternatives so crucial to American prosperity?

The modern retail investor can no longer rely just on traditional asset classes to grow his nest egg. With interest rates near zero and conventional fixed income asset classes underperforming, savers are actually penalized for saving, and even run the risk of outliving their money. Furthermore, today’s growth companies are deferring IPOs till much later in their lifecycle. As a result, America’s most exciting emerging companies thrive in the hands of VC and PE firms as opposed to appreciating in the retirement portfolios of the investing public. With yields languishing, retail serving as the exit strategy for the financially privileged and social security on the brink of bankruptcy, America is not only experiencing an ever-widening wealth gap, but she is facing a retirement crisis of unimaginable proportions.

Fortunately, ground-breaking technologies, retirement vehicles and savings apps are emerging to give the masses unprecedented access to a broad range of higher-yielding, less correlated crowd-based retail alternative products. As more and more mainstream portfolios become more appropriately diversified, the nation will not only experience a reduction in its harrowing wealth gap, it will make great strides towards thwarting a looming retirement catastrophe.

What is the market potential?

“Alternatives are now migrating from institutional to retail markets, just as the use of asset allocation models did several decades back… The market for retail alternatives is huge, growing and still in its infancy.” – SEI Investments Co.

The demand for alternative assets continues to mushroom – far outpacing the growth rate of traditional asset classes. According to The Alpha Pages, global alternative assets under management (AUM) is currently estimated to be $10 trillion, more than triple what is was a decade ago. And according to McKinsey, alternatives now account for almost 30 percent of total industry revenues, while comprising only 12 percent of industry assets.

SEI Investments Co. and McKinsey both forecast a substantial surge in retail alternative investing. In fact, McKinsey predicts that retail alternatives will be one of the most significant drivers of U.S. retail asset management growth over the next five years, accounting for up to 50 percent of net new retail revenues.

What are some of the types of products you will see at FinFair 2015?

Behind the scenes, a tremendous amount of financial innovation is presently occurring in the crowd-centric retail alternatives space. Particularly over the past year, a number of fund managers and fintech experts have been developing products to support financial advisors and their retail clientele including: new gateways to pre-IPO growth stocks and P2P investment opportunities; vehicles to expedite self-directed IRA investing and platforms for marketing and liquidating alternative assets. Many of these ground-breaking products will be unveiled for the first time at FinFair 2015.

What will be some of the key discussion points at FinFair 2015?

  • How Reg A+ can restore the thriving small cap IPO market of yesteryear
  • Enhancing small cap deal distribution & aftermarket support
  • Meet the next-Gen Broker / Dealers
  • Building vibrant venture exchanges
  • Settling and clearing of crowd-centric retail alternatives
  • Diversifying fixed-income portfolios with P2P, P2B and P2R debt
  • Ensuring integrity in nascent alternative markets
  • Distinguishing between a fintech bubble or a financial revolution



July 29, 2015


IBM Innovation Center – NYC
590 Madison Avenue, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10022 United States
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