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Huge: AngelList Offshoot Republic Moves into Title III Crowdfunding

AngelList, the first equity crowdfunding platform in the US that allowed accredited investors the chance to gain access into early stage companies, is embracing Title III /Reg CF crowdfunding. AngelList is launching a new off-shoot cmopany labeled Republic to allow non-accredited investors the opportunity to… Read More CEO Helman Critiques Title III’s Real Estate Legislation

With Title III of the JOBS Act is set to take effect next week, the crowd is opining.  The legislation intends to bring non-accredited investors into the equity crowdfunding fold and make Title III more workable for real estate; CEO and real estate crowdfunding guru Jilliene… Read More

Sara Hanks: Manageable Chaos on May 16th with Title III Crowdfunding

Sara Hanks is one of the most recognizable and vocal leaders in the investment crowdfunding sector. A securities attorney by training, Hanks has spent many years in and around Capitol Hill working on important policy issues.  Hanks is also a longstanding board member of the… Read More

NextSeed CEO on Being First Approved Title III Crowdfunding Platform

Last week Crowdfund Insider published an article on NextSeed, an investment crowdfunding platform that has been operating in Texas under the state exemption.  NextSeed is the first Reg CF/Title III funding portal to be approved by regulators and is thus ready to launch on May… Read More

OneVest Co-Founder Criticizes Title III Equity Crowdfunding in Open Letter

OneVest co-founder and Executive Chairman Alejandro Cremades has published an open letter criticizing the structure and requirements of Regulation CF under Title III of the JOBS Act.  Cremades notes that while the Act appeared promising back in 2012 when the final rules were announced his… Read More

Report: SEC Has Received 30 Applications for Title III Crowdfunding Portals

Title III crowdfunding will join the other two variants of investment crowdfunding, Title II and Title IV (Reg A+) this coming May to create a more vibrant capital ladder for companies seeking to raise capital using the internet. While no exemption is perfect, both accredited… Read More

Title III Crowdfunding Fix: House Financial Services Committee Schedules Hearing to Build on JOBS Act Success

The House Financial Services Committee, chaired by Representative Hensarling, has scheduled a hearing for Thursday, April 14, at 10AM, for a Capital Markets and Government Sponsored Enterprises Subcommittee gathering to examine four different legislative proposals designed to improve and promote capital formation.  The Committee has… Read More

Crowdfunding Portals or Broker Dealers: Department of Treasury Amends Definition of Broker Dealers to Accommodate Title III Platforms

The US Department of Treasury, via the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), has published a proposed rule change that impacts the definition of a funding portal under Title III of the JOBS Act. This new rule-making would amend some definitions to include funding portals. Specifically,… Read More

Ready to Rock: SeedInvest Expects to Launch First Title III Equity Crowdfunding Offers

SeedInvest, a leading equity crowdfunding platform in the US, is poised to enter into the Title III, retail crowdfunding space and expects to “launch the first live Title III offerings” on May 16th. Small companies may raise up to $1 million using either a broker-dealer… Read More

Contrast: Title III is Significantly More Restrictive than Crowdfunding in the UK

The UK has been the leading country in regards to internet finance as the sector has garnered solid support from not just entrepreneurs but elected and appointed officials. Their simplified “light touch” regulatory approach has created a sector that has experienced rapid growth. In 2015,… Read More

Film Finance Platform Indie Crowd Funder Files with SEC for Title III

Indie Crowd Funder has announced its intent to launch Title III investment crowdfunding specifically for independent filmmaking.  Portal rules and requirements were finalized by both the SEC and FINRA last week opening up the door for platforms to register their intent, and join FINRA, to… Read More

Crowdfunding Portals Prepare for Title III Retail Crowdfunding

Last week both the SEC and FINRA finalized the rules for funding portals to offer securities under Title III of the JOBS Act of 2012.  The journey to get to this place has been long and at times challenging as regulators and industry participants debated… Read More

First Mover: StartEngine Announces Intent to Conduct Title III Equity Crowdfunding Offers

Equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine has released a statement that it has commenced the regulatory process to become a Title III portal by registering with the SEC and FINRA.  StartEngine stated this was a “new era to lift up a diverse set of entrepreneurs” and it… Read More

FINRA Portal Rules for Equity Crowdfunding Under Title III of the JOBS Act

As expected, the funding portal rules operating under Title III of the JOBS Act have hit the pages of the Federal Register.  Platforms intent on leveraging the new exemption to issue securities of up to $1 million are able to start the process of registering… Read More

Title III Retail Crowdfunding Rules (Deck)

If you are looking for a power point presentation on the equity crowdfunding rules under Title III of the JOBS Act here it is. The actual document is hundreds of pages long but this deck does a great job of distilling what you can, and… Read More

Kauffman Predicts Title III, Reg CF Will Be Slow to Gain Traction

Jonathan Ortmans writing for the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation believes Title III investment crowdfunding may start with a bit of a thud. With all the years of pent-up anticipation you may wonder why retail crowdfunding is not expected to jump out of the gate. But… Read More

Doug Ellenoff Reflects on 2015. Sees Opportunity in Reg CF / Title III Crowdfunding

      Doug Ellenoff is one of the most recognizable names in the entire investment crowdfunding space. A founding partner of Manhattan law firm Ellenoff, Grossman & Schole, early on he and his firm staked a claim in the nascent alternative finance sector.  Ellenoff… Read More

Q&A: David Behin, CEO of CityFunders, Talks Title III And Real Estate Crowdfunding

For David Behin, co-founder and CEO of CityFunders, proving real estate investment opportunities for accredited investors, his goal was to help bring real estate investing to the masses. Fast forward to now, and the pool of real estate investors has noticeably increased, with the passage of the JOBS Act, Title III. The… Read More

Title III, Regulation Crowdfunding Simplified. Read the Report

Crowdfund Capital Advisors (CCA) has taken the rather voluminous 668 pages of final rules for Title III retail crowdfunding and distilled them down into a more manageable 43 pages.  The report, embedded below, was created to augment CCA’s book How to Crowdfund book (available on… Read More

Pensco Believes Title III Retail Crowdfunding May Benefit from IRA Money

Pensco Trust Company has always been at the forefront of embracing alternative asset classes for its customers. In a low-interest rate environment the hunt for yield is intense and new asset classes have been able to deliver better returns.  Pensco believes that Title III of… Read More

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