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Title III Retail Crowdfunding Effective 180 Days from November 16th

The final rules for Title III of the JOBS Act that legalize a new securities exemption allowing retail investors to participate in equity crowdfunded offers has hit the pages of the Federal Register. According to the SEC, 180 days after publishing issuers may utilize the… Read More

Sherwood Neiss Explains Title III Equity Crowdfunding (Video)

Sherwood (Woodie) Neiss, one of the early proponents of equity crowdfunding, visited with MSNBC to explain what changed with the advent of final rules under Title III of the JOBS Act. Neiss talked about how technology is changing the capital formation process as you may… Read More

Steve Wallman, Former SEC Commissioner & Founder of Folio Investing, Reflects Upon Title III Equity Crowdfunding Rules

Steve Wallman spent a good portion of the 90’s at the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1994, Wallman’s official bio at the SEC notes that his tenure was marked by the creation of the first Advisory Committee on Capital Formation… Read More

Congress Must Fix Title III Investment Crowdfunding, No Startup Will Touch it Unless Congress Acts

I spent a lovely weekend reading (and re-reading) all 685 pages of the final SEC rules of Title III the Jobs Act. Ah, the joy of memorizing regulations! We helped Congress pass the JOBS Act back in 2012, to help everyone — no matter how wealthy — invest as… Read More

WeFunder to SEC: Title III Critical Flaw Harms Investors

Investment crowdfunding platform WeFunder, a site that has raised over $10 million using Accredited Crowdfunding, sees a serious flaw in final rules of Title III of the JOBS Act.  In a recent open letter to the SEC, WeFunder CEO and co-founder Nicholas Tommarello said while… Read More

Slava Rubin Pens New Article About Equity Crowdfunding: “How Indiegogo and Title III Are Eliminating Gatekeepers”

Offering up an insight on Indiegogo’s equity crowdfunding future, CEO Slava Rubin published a post on Linkedin titled How Indiegogo and Title III Are eliminating Gatekeepers. Rubin shared: “Before we started Indiegogo in early 2008, a select group of elite gatekeepers were responsible for determining which… Read More

Dr. Richard Swart & Sam Guzik to Present in Webcast Series on Title III Equity Crowdfunding

In the wake of final rules of Title III of the JOBS Act, Dr. Richard Swart and Sam Guzik on the rules that allow retail equity crowdfunding. The presentations is organized by NextGen Crowdfunding and is part of a broader online series initiative entitled: “Crowdfunding… Read More

Final Title III Crowdfunding Rules: Five Major Developments

For most people, digesting the 686 pages of the final Title III rules over the weekend would be some sort of Tartarus-like punishment.  Yet for me, after 3 ½ years of waiting, it was the equivalent of unwrapping a present, with each sentence laying out… Read More

Scorecard: Kiran Lingam Grades Title III Crowdfunding Rules

  Kiran Lingam, a securities attorney and Fintech investor, previewed the SEC’s meeting on Title III equity crowdfunding last week.  In an article entitled 11 Big Questions Heading Into Tomorrow’s SEC Crowdfunding Vote, he outlined pressing issues regarding proposed rules and what it meant for issuers and… Read More

Final Crowdfunding Rules Under Title III of the JOBS Act of 2012 (Document)

The Securities and Exchange Commission has published the final rules regarding Title III of the JOBS Act that legalizes retail crowdfunding.  While the Form Funding Portal and updated Form ID will be effective January 29, 2015, these regulations will not become actionable until 180 days… Read More

FundPaaS Unveils Equity/Debt Crowdfunding Product For Funding Portals & Broker Dealers Using Title III “Wisdom”

Alongside yesterday’s SEC’s 3 to 1 vote to approve equity crowdfunding under Title III of the JOBS Act, FundPaaS has unveiled a new product called Wisdom, an application that is said to power any crowdfunding portal or broker dealer seeking to raise capital for issuers online. According… Read More

What the Crowdfunding Opportunity Under Title III Will Mean for Small Businesses

When we showed up in Washington, D.C., Karen Kerrigan, of the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council, became a champion for our cause to legalize debt and equity crowdfunding. Karen, and the SBE Council, is the closest thing small businesses and entrepreneurs have to a lobby… Read More

US Senator Bennet Welcomes Final Rules on Title III, Equity Crowdfunding

The senior Senator from Colorado, Michael Bennet, welcomed the announcement by the SEC today that revealed the regulatory framework for Title III, equity crowdfunding.  According to Senator Bennet, equity  crowdfunding will provide a new avenue for small businesses and startups in Colorado to acquire capital… Read More

StartEngine Welcomes the Finalization of Title III Equity Crowdfunding Rules

On Friday, StartEngine announced its support for the finalized rules of JOBS Act’s Title III that allows non-accredited equity crowdfunding.  Startups and SMEs will soon be able to raise up to $1 million in equity funding. The SEC’s four commissioners voted 3-1 on Friday morning… Read More

Title III Crowdfunding: Talking About a Revolution

What took place this morning is nothing short of revolutionary. For the first time in the history of the Securities and Exchange Commission (82 years), retail investors (ordinary people without income, wealth or sophistication qualifications) will be able to invest in private businesses en mass…. Read More

Indiegogo Preps for Equity Crowdfunding as SEC Reveals Title III Rules

Indiegogo founder and CEO Slava Rubin has consistently expressed interest in shifting his platform to allow securities to be transacted under new exemptions enacted by the JOBS Act of 2012. Today, Rubin reaffirms its intent to allow non-accredited investors to purchase equity in SMEs –… Read More

SEC: Title III, Regulation Crowdfunding Fact Sheet (Document)

Highlights of the proposed rules by the Commission for Title III of the JOBS Act that legalizes retail equity crowdfunding. Companies may raise $1 million during a 12 month period with non-accredited investors able to invest $2000 or 5% of their annual income (whichever is… Read More

CEI’s John Berlau on Forthcoming Title III Rules: SEC will Eliminate Burdensome Requirements

Anticipating the forthcoming vote and final rules on Title III, retail crowdfunding, later today by the SEC, John Berlau from the Competitive  Enterprise Institute believes the Commission will provide much needed regulatory relief; Today’s equity crowdfunding rules from the Securities and Exchange Commission implementing Title… Read More

Brief: Agenda Published for SEC Commission Meeting on Title III Crowdfunding

The SEC has updated their site to reflect a more defined meeting for tomorrow’s meeting of the Commission to reveal Title III, retail crowdfunding final rules.   The SEC will have  representatives of the Division of Corporate Finance in attendance to present information, similar to… Read More

SEC Chair Mary Jo White Talks JOBS Act as Title III, Retail Crowdfunding, Announcement Nears

Chair White Mentions Possible Cases of Fraud Under Title II But Not Widespread SEC Chair Mary Jo White took to the bully pulpit to address the Securities Regulation Institute in New York City this week.  She leveraged the opportunity to talk about building a more… Read More

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