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Neighbor.ly Sees What Could Be The Largest Civic Crowdfunding Project Ever For Kansas City Bike Stations

Ten crowdfunding campaigns. $1,420,000 in funding sought. Six weeks to go. One nonprofit with one goal: to put bike share stations all over Kansas City, Missouri. Civic crowdfunding platform Neighbor.ly is currently hosting ten crowdfunding campaigns that represent ten possible future locations for bike sharing… Read More

Crowdfunding Predicted to Exceed $1 Billion in 2013 for Social Entrepreneurs

From the page of Forbes, Devin Thorpe declares Crowdfunding to play a major role in Social Entrepreneurship for 2013: Crowdfunding will become an integral, ongoing part of managing nonprofits and growing for-profit social enterprises. Crowdfunding for social ventures and nonprofits will exceed $1 billion, representing… Read More

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